Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What is Everyday Beauty?

Does any of the following sound like you?

  • One day you realized that the tried-and-true cosmetics you'd relied on for the last n years were no longer working—maybe a reformulation was making you look or feel worse. Or maybe you have developed allergies to your old favorites.
  • Your skin, which once tolerated daily scrubs or any cleanser/toner, has suddenly become sensitive, or you've developed a permanent flush on cheeks, nose, chin. 
  • You find the almost-incomprehensible stew of ingredients impossible to decipher (Are parabens really bad? Should I avoid gluten in skincare and makeup? Is this product toxic or is it a victim of scare tactics? )
  • An eye makeup item you've repurchased many times over the years now makes your eyes itchy, watery, red, and on fire.
  • Your lips always feel flaky or cracked no matter how you nurture them. Lipstick and/or gloss and/or balms just seems to make things worse.
  • That sweet sprinkling of freckles that used to emerge when the summer sun kissed your skin not only stopped fading in winter but seemed to multiply ... and merge into brown splotches.
  • As you were using your normal eye crease brush to contour the eye socket, one day you noticed that the skin did not spring back the way it used to. In fact, you could pinch and lift it away from the crease.
  • You skin tone has lost its glow and now looks uneven, dull, splotchy, or one-dimensional.
  • The outer third of your eyebrows has thinned considerably. Or you've noticed diffuse hair loss in eyelashes, brows, and hair.
  • You thought that looking into x10 magnifying mirror was a good idea!
  • Your oily skin, which protected you from wrinkling, has left you with Frankenpores. (See x10 mirror above.)
  • You have lost confidence about which skincare products to use, especially given that advertising targets (and shows images of) women who don't need those products yet.
  • Your hands have begun to show your age; they are not as full, skin looks tissue thin or crinkly, or you saw your first sign of the dreaded "liver spot."
  • You wonder if your best interests are being represented by the cosmetics industry.

If you've thought about, or observed, even one point from the above list, then I hope you find what you're looking for on this blog, as I explore what looks good now and, more importantly, what feels good now, and what you can feel good about using.

This blog is called Everyday Beauty, not because I find beauty ordinary but because I believe that beauty—in all its forms—is something we can and should welcome and embrace every day. Beauty is found in all living creatures. It is ageless, timeless, and never need stop. Everyday Beauty also implies your best everyday look. It does not necessarily mean picture-perfect, pampered, or every hair in place.


  1. This sounds like an exciting new blog and I can't wait to read more.

  2. I definitely related to some of the things you mentioned above. Especially, about the flushing. I just discovered you blog and became a follower because I like what I see. :) ~Jenn


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