Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back to the Future: Guest Review by Carrie Bradshaw

Today's blog is from Carrie Bradshaw who was overjoyed to find an old friend in her recent Clinique Gift With Purchase. 

When I was in my early twenties, Clinique was the first high-end makeup line I used. I was loyal to Clinique and owned several products (New Clover blush, Navied Plum cake eyeliner, Naturally Glossy mascara, Different Grape and Raspberry Glacé lipsticks, Raspberry pot gloss, Silversmoke Fawn eye shadow, eye makeup remover, Balanced makeup base, and and Pore Minimizer foundation.) Those items, and two additional products, made up my entire makeup collection that sat perched on a shelf in my tiny bathroom. The two additional products were eye shadows in Twilight Mauve and Brandied Plum. I loved the sliding mirrored silver box that encased the shadows. Those two colors were magic on my brown eyes. My makeup routine was simple and fun. My skin was still youthful as were my features.

Somewhere between my twenties and my fifties I discovered about a hundred other brands of makeup and probably managed to try them all. My collection grew so I'd periodically go through and weed out the old to make room for the new. During that time, I think Clinique may have discontinued those two iconic shadows at some point and then brought them back in the new Color Surge formulation.

Until about a week ago, I had completely forgotten about them. I had been purchasing Clinique eye makeup remover a couple of times a year to take advantage of their lovely gift with purchase. (I especially love the Trina Turk-designed makeup bags.) Wouldn't you know, the gift included a duo of Twilight Mauve and Brandied Plum eye shadow!?

I fell in love all over again with this combination of colors; they are simply unique. The Twilight Mauve is a silvery grey-plum with only a hint of shimmer, no sparkle or glitter. The Brandied Plum is a deeper, although not too dark, matte plummy grey. Together they complement each other and make my eyes sparkle. I think this combination would be superb on all eye colors. Although they are not neutrals in the traditional sense, they are not too colorful and are subtle enough for an everyday look.

The eyeshadow duo was housed in a compact along with Smoldering Plum Blushing Blush (heathered purple), and the GWP also included a dual-ended lip product: Different Lipstick in Shy (a mid-toned violet) and Long Last Glosswear in Mystic (bluish purple with silver shimmer). All five products are shown here on NW20 skin:


  1. I also used Twilight Mauve and Brandied Plum in my early 20s. They looked great with my blue-green-grey eyes and they complemented Clinique's Mauve Crystal lipstick, also long discontinued. And I ADORED Pore Minimizing Makeup. If I recall New Ivory was my color--I'd love to see that one make a comeback.

  2. There is nothing like re-uniting with old friends.

  3. I wore Clinique Mauve Crystal lipstick for years. I absolutely loved it. Twilight Mauve and Brandied Plum look beautiful. Enjoy your old buddies.

  4. Marcia, Clinique Customer Service told me today that Long Last Lipstick in Silvery Moon is very close in color to Mauve Crystal. I might have to try it.


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