Friday, April 22, 2011

Chantecaille Les Pétales Lumière de Rose Highlight

Image from Chantecaille
I originally purchased the limited edition Les Petales Lumière de Rose Highlight ($36) from the Chantecaille Web site because it looked so gorgeous in the promo picture, a soft cool pink. But when I received it, I pouted. The color in the pan was darker and warmer that I thought it would be; in fact it looked like a muddy mid-toned bronzed rose, whereas I was hoping for something along the lines of Becca Pressed Shimmer Powder in Angel. Disappointed, I put it in a drawer, unused, thinking I would return it. But I completely forgot about it until a few weeks ago.

When I rediscovered it, I decided I might as well try it before giving it away, so I swirled the tip of the Make Up For Ever kabuki brush into the pan, applied it to my cheekbones, inspected myself in the mirror, and saw absolutely no difference. I decided I had wasted $36 and went about my day.

An hour or so later, I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror and I did a double take. My cheekbones looked amazing. I've always had a round face and yet suddenly I had cheekbones. And they glowed with warm pink health. The next day I put it over Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzer in Daydream, and I liked it even better. Not giving it away. Nope.

Here is a picture of it in the compact. Not much to look at, eh? Erm ... did Hannibal take a nibble at lower right?

Here's an image swatched (heavily) on my skin. You can see how subtle it is. Or maybe you can't because it's so subtle and my my camera doesn't quite capture its glowiness:

I don't usually mind spending a bit more money on Chantecaille products. The packaging is gorgeous, and I admire their philanthropic pursuits. But at 2.5 g, the highlighter is the exact same size as a Chantecaille eyeshadow compact, which sells for $28. Is the gold rose compact worth another $8? Maybe. I noticed it tarnishes over time, so I leave it in the little blue silky pouch it came in (no box).

It does seem frivolous to spend so much on such a tiny item, but it is worth it. I don't know how Chantecaille does it, but the micronized pigments impart such a fresh, pearly glow to my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, and at the outer edges of my eyes, and I have been wearing it every day. And on no- or low-makeup days, it looks great dabbed on the eyelids.

It lasts all day, too. Unexpected but true.

I like the Chantecaille highlighter so much better than other powder highlighters I have tried (e.g., Becca). Even if I overdo it (and that's hard), nothing grabs onto what are normally invisible blonde facial hairs, so it never looks powdery or sparkly. In fact, there is no powdery fallout because it applies almost like a cream.

Bottom line: Currently, this is the nicest highlighter I own, a great look for summer.

Sold out at Neiman Marcus, it is still available online at, but probably not for much longer.  I am really glad I picked this up and would definitely buy it again if I ever used it up.

Photos mine except where stated in caption


  1. I would have thought the same thing you did when I first opened it. I'm glad you tried it before sending it back.

  2. I am, too, Ammie. It really has become one of my favorite products.


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