Saturday, April 16, 2011

Edward Bess Compact Rouge: Guest Review by Marcia

Tonight's guest post is from Marcia of Beauty Info Zone. Read on for Marcia's take on Edward Bess cream blushes.

Cream blush is a personal choice. It seems that either you love it or want nothing to do with it. Now that I’m what would be considered mature makeup wise (not necessarily personality wise though), I find that cream blushes are among my favorite items.

I'm reviewing two (Love Affair and Island Rose) cream rouges (Compact Rouge) by Edward Bess. Each one costs $38 which I think is a little high. After Sunset, the third cream blush in his collection, is a warmer rose tone, and I'm not sure it would suit my very fair cool-toned skin. I've got some criteria that a cream blush must meet before I really love it.

First up is color description and whether the color turns or stays true. Love Affair and Island Rose are in the same color family.

Love Affair is lighter and pinker:

Island Rose, like its name, has a lovely rose tone.

On my very fair cool-toned skin both wear well and never look overdone. They go on creamy and dry but not to a powder finish, they just seem to dry. They last beautifully and I find I still have the same color at the end of long days.

My skin used to be extremely oily so cream blushes couldn’t be a part of my repertoire. With age, my cheeks have dried out but I’ve been left with large pores because of it. When I’m judging a cream blush one of the criteria is how it settles in those pores. One of the pros of using these Edward Bess blushes is that they pass the pore test. I have a 10X mirror that you can either consider my best friend or worst enemy and they make the grade even in this mirror.

Another criterion I have is fragrance, or in my case lack of fragrance. I really dislike fragrance in products. I have found a few I like and some I can tolerate. Edward Bess cream blushes have a fragrance and I don’t like it much but it does dissipate after about an hour (which is a long time), and I put up with it since I like the blush so much. The scent is the same as his lipsticks, very sweet and fruity; I’ve seen it described as a figgy scent. I put up with the fragrance because the colors are so pretty and probably because they are Edward Bess. Most likely if it were another brand, especially a drugstore brand, these never would be used.

While I don’t use them on my lips because of the fragrance, I have tried them and they look absolutely lovely. I can tap my finger in the pan and pick up enough for one cheek or for my lips. So in spite of the high price a little goes a long way.

To summarize:

  • Pros: color, texture, passes the pore test, amount used
  • Cons: fragrance, price
Big Pro: the Edward Bess brand which has class written all over it. I know that’s a high end prejudice but even after I bought my first Edward Bess Compact Rouge and knew of the “cons” I still wanted and got the second one. There’s something about Edward Bess products that make me feel like I’m using the highest quality products.


Edward Bess products are available at Bergdorf Goodman and select Neiman Marcus stores, as well as at the Bergdorg Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Edward Bess online stores. In the UK, Edward Bess is sold at Zuneta.


  1. Thanks Marcia, great review! I bought my first Compact Rouge a few months ago, and I love the color, texture, and how I can apply it and not irritate my skin.

  2. Nice review, Marcia! I have Island Rose and really like it. I love the Edward Bess line, too. I don't usually buy into names of brands (I've got to be one of the least loyal makeup customers out there), but his stuff really is excellent quality and unusual, to boot.

  3. Great review. I have the same problem with makeup settling into pores.

  4. Love the review. I do have Love Affair, and you know me- I never noticed the scent.

  5. There's a scent? I have never noticed it, either.


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