Thursday, April 21, 2011

Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush

Image from Edward Bess
I had been reading great things about the Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush ($40), but I put off my purchase until last November. I thought how special could it be? When the package arrived and I opened the cardboard container, I didn't know what it was at first. I tried to remember if I had purchased a watch or bracelet from Bergdorf Goodman because what I saw inside was a long, slender jewelry-type box.

I am quite certain I have never purchased a brush so elegantly packaged. It would make a perfect gift, sure to delight even your most discriminating friend who already has everything.

The first thing I noticed when I removed the brush from its padded satin bed was its weight. The handle is shiny black metal (like the lipstick tubes), not wood, and it is weighted at the base.

The Luxury Eye Brush's bristles are natural, so they are intended for powder shadows, and that's where they truly shine. Just a quick swipe across any eyeshadow picks up the perfect amount of product. I have also used this brush with cream shadows, and it provides an almost airbrushed finish, though I won't do it often. I am afraid if I wash the brush too frequently, it will wear out more quickly.

This brush is very soft with no prickly feeling. Some reviewers have said the thick head is too fluffy for contouring, and I agree that it is too thick for detailed contouring, but I am able to get the perfect amount into my socket. Since the bristles are hand tied, perhaps they are all shaped a bit differently. My brush has a slightly tapered end, so I can either apply a wider swath of color in the crease or I can direct the tip into the fold for more detailed shading. This is not a brush for packing down color.

If I used the same 2-3 eyeshadow colors every day, I could easily see using just this one brush to apply base/highlighter, lid, and crease color. This is currently my favorite blending brush, and it was totally worth it.

Here's a video (The Edward Bess Day Look) where Bess demonstrates how to use just this brush to apply his Nude, Intimate, and Mystery eyeshadows:

Bottom line: Well worth having, especially because I can use a single brush to do my entire eye.

Edward Bess products are available at Bergdorf Goodman and select Neiman Marcus stores, as well as at the Bergdorg Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Edward Bess online stores. In the UK, Edward Bess is sold at Zuneta.

All photos mine except where noted in the caption.


  1. Edward Bess shows how he uses this brush as a contour in one of his youtube videos. I tried it and it does work both as an e/s applicator and as a contouring brush too.

    Great review!

  2. Thanks, Ammie. Yes, it was a Zuneta video that gave me the idea of using the brush for everything. (I think his model was called Thalia.) Hmmm, maybe I'll embed it in the post above so future readers can see for themselves.

  3. I have to confess that I've never tried Edward Bess' makeup line and after viewing this video, I'm really curious to try one or two of his products to see if I would like them. Thank you for the small peek into Edward Bess' world.

  4. You're welcome, Q. I have more EB reviews coming up this week, including 2 eyeshadows, 2 lipsticks,and 2 lip glosses.

  5. Oh why did I watch this? I can hear the cha-ching of the register just watching this video - hehe. Now, I want his luxury eye brush.


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