Sunday, April 24, 2011

Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush

You know how Christmas shopping goes: Into the cart goes one for you, and into the cart goes one two three for me. Hopeless. It is at that time of year, more than any other, that I discover all the things I had no idea I wanted. Normally I plod along blissfully ignorant, but shopping for other people really does a number on me. And last year the Christmas Eddie Elves visited my house in droves (thanks to a detailed list I provided for Mr. Petals).

On Christmas morning, I savaged the wrapping paper to get to a small bracelet-or-watch-shaped box that was either from Tiffany's or ... suddenly a familiar shiny black box emerged with the white EB initials. My heart skipped a beat. Screw jewelry, I've got Edward.

As I opened the black lid,  I half expected the hinges of hell to creak and the object to leap out and bite me on the neck. But no, it was just the cutest little brush I ever saw ensconced in its own wee coffin.

Bwuaa haa haaaaa
Thus began my love-at-first-sight affair with the Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush ($56). I had read many great things online about this brush, but I didn't want to make the investment in yet another face brush.

That said, this brush fits the hand perfectly—no long handles to poke the mirror, and I could tuck it into a makeup bag for later, if I were so inclined. (I don't carry brushes that don't have their own carrying pouch.) With its weighted metal base, the bristles are fairly soft, tight, and tapered at the end, so when I use it to apply bronzer or blush, I don't get a big splat of color down the side of my face, and I can apply the perfect amount of product across the bridge of my nose without it going up my nostrils or stabbing my corneas.

Now that spring imminent, I tested this brush with the Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzer in Daydream, which I reviewed last week (here).  

Bottom line: A beautiful presentation and a worthy addition at a semi-steep price, unique in its metal base.

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  1. I agree- I love this brush too. If I want a narrower swipe of color, I'll use the plastic holder to make the brush a little smaller and tighter.

    P.S. Love the nail color!

  2. Good idea about the plastic cover. I am glad I saved it.

  3. Ahhh! You are breaking me quickly with all these EB posts! I'm a brush junkie so this is very tempting! My favorite kabuki is BB's - have you tried that one? Happy Easter! x jeanie

  4. Happy Easter to you, as well. I have not tried the BB brush. I have Tarte's kabuki, the Jane Iredale 'Handi', and Make Up For Ever's. The Edward Brush is a different experience entirely.

  5. "Wee coffin" LOL!! Nice brush. Happy Easter.

  6. Hee hee. Happy Easter to you, as well.

  7. Great post! Do you recommend using this brush for creams or liquid?
    Is it denser than the mac 182?

  8. @Anonymous, because the bristles are natural, I am not sure I'd use it to apply liquid or cream foundation (I'd be afraid it would soak up too much), but I have used it to buff the MUFE F&B foundation into my pores, and it gives an airbrushed finish.

    I don't have the MAC 182, but the EB face brush is about as dense as the MAC 109--except the EB brush head is longer and wider. What I like about the EB is it doesn't splay all over the place, so I have greater control over product. I'll use it for blush, bronzer, and highlight all on the same morning, and then wipe it off on a microfiber cloth. I never wash my brushes more often than once a week (sometimes not even that often) because I don't want to wear them out.

  9. Ok, I just ordered this basely on your rave review. Hehe. I really look forward to receiving this brush, I hope I love it as much as you. ~Jenn

  10. I hope you love it as much, too, Devoted! I've been using it for translucent powder, bronzer, and highlighter every day. And sometimes blush. It's a real workhorse, and I love being able to use one brush for many items.


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