Thursday, April 21, 2011

Edward Bess Platinum Concealer in Soft Beige

I wish I didn't need concealer. I can sometimes get away with bringing my foundation up underneath my eyes to cover shadows, but since my foundation is powder, this is not always ideal. Plus the area between the inner corner of my eyes and the bridge of my nose needs brightening. It's not a good look for anyone to walk around looking pinched and angry.

I have tried and rejected so many concealers, but when I do shop for a new one, my preference is liquid (tube) or cream (pot) to keep the fragile tissue around my eyes from looking like rumpled sheets. So even though I would never buy a stick foundation, something made me want to try the Edward Bess Platinum Concealer ($38).

The Platinum Concealer comes in only four shades and is housed in a chubby, squat, twist-up case:

I chose the color Soft Beige. The texture is smooth and is easy to blend flawlessly into my skin. It works equally well under my eyes as well as to conceal freckles and the occasional spot that pops up.

In the photos below, I swatched the concealer heavily to get it to show up, but the color blends fairly well into my skin. Soft Beige is a little darker than my skin, but I don't like under-eye concealer that's too pale.

Bottom line: A good all-purpose concealer with a ton of product in a deceptively small tube. So easy to toss in your makeup bag and go.

All photos mine.


  1. Unfortunately, this didn't work under my eyes as it creased on me after awhile.

  2. Does this have a scent? I wonder if this would work for me?? I have numerous concealers and like aspects of them all but not one of them is *the one*.

    I have tried the JI circle delete and it was nice but it was long ago....

    Dior has their Nude one (in a tube) that's decent but doesn't knock my socks off.

    I like RMS beauty (pot form) and philosophy's stick one (has skincare in the center of the lipstick style packaging.

    Another lemming so little time! x jeanie

  3. Jeanie, I just took the sniff test, and there is no obvious odor, like fruit or flowers. Maybe a hint of something waxy, that you might expect from a stick foundation. But I really have to practically shove it up my nose to notice. I agree with you that no ONE is THE One. So far, I still like YSL Touche Eclat the best.

    Ammie, I get zero creasing, but I should hold my tongue until the heat and humidity of summer are here. All bets are off then.


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