Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzer

I know the blogoshpere is raving about Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Bronzer ($48) but it was a miss for me.

The packaging is minimalist (no tiny brush) and sturdy with a full-sized mirror. The powder texture is silky, and I love that the shape is round for ease of access. It comes with a velveteen pouch, which protects the case from scratches and provides a little bit of padding to keep the innards from shattering if you are rough on handbags.

Early last winter, I finally purchased this bronzer in the color Daydream, but I did not try it on until recently. Who wears bronzer in the Northeast in winter? Plus, I could not get past what seemed like an overly warm color in the pan, a yellow-gold brown, and my skin doesn't do well with gold. I had read reviews by people as fair as I, but most of the reviewers were warm-toned. My skin is a milky porcelain pink color, like strawberry skimmed milk. I was afraid Daydream would turn into a nightmare on my skin, but I finally swiped some across my cheekbones and at the hairline, and it wasn't terrible.

Of course it's warm—a sun tan is usually warm. In fact, the color is nearly a perfect match for the tiny sprinkling of freckles that emerge across the bridge of my nose in summer. Even still, I still think this bronzer sits too golden on top of my skin. I also think some of us were just not meant to wear bronzer.

I see no obvious shimmer, but the powder is not a flat matte, more of a satin finish with not one sparkle or fleck. Applied properly, it should look natural outdoors at high noon during the Summer Solstice.

Out of curiosity, I compared Bess Daydream to Armani Beauty Sheer Bronzer in shade #1, the only other bronzer I own. How different they are. Edward Bess is a satiny warm golden brown, while Armani is a shimmering warm rosy brown. I applied the swatches quite heavily below, and I never realized how shimmery Armani was until I heaped it on.

Here's a Zuneta video that shows Edward Bess applying his bronzer to a model:

For application, I used the Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush (reviewed here), a decent tool for applying bronzer to my face because of its dense, tapered end, but the density might also deposit too much color.  I prefer using the Make Up For Ever HD (synthetic) brush, which applies any product in an extremely sheer layer. 

Bottom line: A beautiful bronzer that performs well, just not a love for me.

Be sure to read The Unknown Beauty Blogger's excellent tutorial on How to Put on Bronzer.

All photos mine.


  1. This is one bronzer I can wear too. Your pics are wonderful.

  2. Ahhhh.... another rave for this.... I still may yet break under the pressure! I have a *few* I can wear but my favorite right now (this very moment and that could change rather quickly) is by Korres in the lightest shade. It's not orangey on me at all and the shimmer is minimal.
    I'm totally lemming the new Dior summer one but it's not available anywhere!

    Remember about square lipsticks??? I just received from a friend 2 of those from EB- and one is a HG color. Will be posting about it soon. x

  3. Thanks, Ammie!

    MM, I am also really interested in the Dior bronzer, though I wonder if it might be too peachy. What a nice friend to send you two of the new EB lipsticks! Which color is HG? I loved them all equally in the tube, but the Blush Allure and Rose Demure were both too pastel on my lips, and Demi Buff was too brown. I really really really wanted Rose Demure to be The One, too. *pout* I can't wait to read your review.


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