Monday, April 25, 2011

Ellis Faas Blush S304

A couple days ago, I excitedly ripped open the box containing my newest Ellis Faas order. As my friends know, I am a fan, even enough to deal with notorious pen-clog issue. This recent order contained blush in S304, Creamy Lips L102, and Milky Lips L201.

This review is for Ellis Faas Blush S304 ($32). I'll review the other two items at a later date.

I own two other Ellis Faas blushes, S301 and S302. Blush S301 is a warm beige-peach, with an emphasis on beige. It does not flatter my skin tone at all. I feel equally bland about S302, a rosy peach, because it's too warm for me. For months, I have wanted to try S304. Based on the online swatch on the Ellis Faas Web site, it looks cooler than the others. Doesn't the following stock swatch look like a cool-toned berry?
Image from Ellis Faas
I was disappointed that the S304 blush is not a cool anything. In fact, it is the warmest and darkest Ellis Faas blush I now own. I'd call it a russet bronze color. Normally I would not bother to write a review for a product I don't love for color alone, but since I have never seen a review or blog post for S304, I thought I'd put it out there, just in case it helps someone with skin tone similar to mine (fair, pink porcelain). Or maybe this color is exactly what someone is looking for.

Like the other Ellis Faas blushes, S304 has the showerhead applicator. I've never had problems with the blush pen clogging, but I have had issues with Creamy Lips and Milky Eyes pens. (I wrote tips on dealing with clogged pens in the Ellis Faas Products overview I wrote a couple weeks ago.). Here's what a virgin applicator looks like. If you enlarge the photo you can see shadows from the little holes beneath the felt:

The color number is stamped at the base of the pen (the part you twist-click):

Here's what it looks like when the pen is primed and ready to apply (I overdid the clicking just a bit):

And here it is swatched on my hand. On the left, I applied it straight from the pen, and on the right, I blended it out. The texture is smooth and blends very easily. Color lasts all day.

The day I took the pictures, it was overcast so the photos are not shown in the best light, but it's too dark and warm for me to wear as blush, so I tried it on my lips.

Not bad but not ideal. I worry that since it's meant to be worn on the cheeks, it won't be moisturizing.

Ellis Faas colors mirror colors in the body, and while all colors are supposed to be universal, they aren't all necessarily what I would say are my best colors. Or perhaps they are universal for women with warm-toned skin. To date, there is a disappointingly small selection of products for those of us who are almost entirely cool toned with undertones/overtones of blue and pink. I would love to see some blush options in clear pink. Or a rosy blush or even a clear red, you know, the color many skins turns when we really truly blush.

Bottom line: Blush S304 is pretty, but not on me. I am sure someone out there loves this color--perhaps a tawny redhead who tans well.

As far as I know, Ellis Faas products are
exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman and Space NK. I purchased mine from the web site.

All photos mine (except where noted)


  1. I love the textures of Ellis Faas, but the applicators are a nuisance and the shades are definitely nearly all at the warmer end of the spectrum (there are literally a couple of eye and lip shades that are cooler, and that's it). I'd also like to see some clearer colours introduced, and a I think a cooler, clearer pink blush would be a welcome addition to the line.

  2. What a disappointment! I think we all thought as you did- this would be a plummy color that we could wear. Although the color looks beautiful, it's definitely a very warm tone. What about applying a cool toned gloss or sheer lipstick over it?

    I also agree with Grace.

  3. Thank you for reviewing this even though it was not an appropriate color for you. It really helps those of us who cannot see the shades in person.

  4. The only applicator I've ever had any real trouble with is the eyeliner, and they aent me a replacement immediately, so I seem to be charmed in that department.

    Thanks for the review! You can return the blush, no? Also, if you haven't already, you should send Ellis a heartfelt plea for shades more suited to those of us in the blue/pink range-- you say it so well! Your idea of an "Ellis Red" equivalent of blush is brilliant.

  5. Grace, I agree completely and would love to see some clear pinks.

    Ammie, I could probably make it work as a lip product, but I fear it would be very drying.

    Anon, thanks. :)

    Veuve, I agree Ellis Faas customer service is excellent. They are trying so hard, so I won't return the pen just because I don't care for the color. I will, however, send them my constructive feedback. I have done so a couple times already, and Monique always seemed very interested in it. I will definitely request cooler colors!

    I do love this brand, and I could see myself being quite brand loyal if there were more offerings.


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