Friday, April 29, 2011

Ellis Faas Milky Lips L201 (Ellis Red)

This completes the series based on my recent Ellis Faas order. I saved the best for last. Today's post is about Ellis Faas Milky Lips L201 ($35), shown in the center photo below. (See also Creamy Lips L101 and Glazed Lips L301.)

Image from Ellis Faas
Milky Lips L201 is a liquid lipstick dispensed through a sleek, chrome pen. Deeply pigmented, it is smooth and moisturizing without bleeding or feathering. It fades evenly all over the mouth and leaves behind a rosy stain. The color is a hint warmer than the Creamy Lips L101, a true blood (blue) red. Ellis Red lip products do not turn fuchsia the way some other blue reds do (such as Julie Hewett and Besame).

Milky Lips have the brush-end applicator, which I find less problematic than the showerhead, felt-tipped applicators.

Like all the other Ellis Faas products (except for the powder and the new foundation, which is available in a bottle), you have to prime the pen the first time you use it. I own several pens, and I find the initial priming always requires many clicks, sometimes a hundred or more, but the same is true for other click systems, like Yves Saint Laurent's Touche Eclat. So consider priming at a time when you are not in a hurry. That said, I usually go a little click crazy with a new pen, and if too much makeup comes out, I do my best to use it up that day or the next. But if you end up wiping some of it off on a tissue, you're not really wasting that much. I say don't worry about it; just get the product out and things will be easier the next time.

The following image looks less like makeup than a barbeque sauce brush.

An Ellis Faas bonus: No lip pencil is required. The brush is tapered at the edge so it lets me follow the shape of my lips and then bring the color inward. I also like that I can wear this deep red quite naturally, which makes my lips look very flushed, or I can apply it quite strongly for more drama.

Here's Milky Lips L201 blended out to a stain. No lip pencil, no special prep work. And, yes, I used the brush end to achieve this look, but I "finished" the surface with my fingertip:

And here's what the Ellis Red looks like on my lips applied full strength:

If you go for the more dramatic look, make sure your lips are in good condition (flake free), and it might be helpful to tone down the skin around your mouth, because you don't want any facial redness competing with the red of this gorgeous lipstick. You can also clean up your application after with a concealer brush dipped in the barest amount of concealer, so the edges are quite crisp. I did not do any special prep work for the image above, not even lip pencil.

A single application lasts 4-6 hours with minimal fading. The finish is kiss proof, but it will transfer to a coffee cup if I apply gloss or balm on top.

Bottom line: A red you can wear in full summer sun.

As of this writing, Ellis Faas Milky Lips ($35) are exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman and Space NK (€25.00). I purchased mine from the web site.

All photos mine except where noted.


  1. I absolutely love the packaging/pen design. The shade looks gorgeous on you too! I'd not heard of the brand before reading this and your Ellis Faas Natural Look post. It's a real shame the products aren't available here in the UK because they all look lovely!

  2. Nat, this brand is based out of Amsterdam and only recently did she start selling in NYC! In fact, I think UK-based people were getting hold of these products first. If you are interested, I highly recommend ordering from the ellisfaas web site. Shipping is very reasonable, and their customer service is excellent.

  3. Space NK and Liberty both carry Ellis Faas in the UK.

    I do believe L201 is my all-time favorite red lipstick-- very nearly perfect. I have yet to read a bad review of it. I do find it fades unevenly though; maybe I need to try different lip prepping techniques.

  4. I don't really prep. I put on a very thin layer of Julie Hewett Camelia Lip Balm, rub most of it off, and then apply the Ellis Red.

  5. Reds look lovely on you. I got a sample of this in the glazed formula and liked it so much, I bought the full sized. I'm not brave enough yet to try the Milky formula.

  6. I bet you will find that the glazed formula is every bit as pigmented as the other two types. What makes it different is the amount of shine, so it probably fades more quickly. Try it!

  7. That is one bold and intense lip color.... that looks amazing on you! I could never get away with that color- e v e r!

    What do you do to take care of your lips? They are so smooth and line free!

    Once again- lovely post!
    x jeanie

  8. Jeanie, thanks! xx. I have been a lip balm addict since my early teens. I am never without some kind of lip lube, and I suspect I have inadvertently been protecting my lips from the sun for decades by keeping them covered. Lip product is my desert-island thing.

  9. By the way, I bet you COULD wear this. That's what's so wonderful about this color. It really *is* universal, and it cam be applied like a stain, so it looks like you've been biting your lips.

  10. Thank you for letting me know! I'll be checking the brand out next time I'm in Space NK.


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