Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ellis Faas Creamy Lips L102

As part of my recent Ellis Faas order, I received two new lipsticks. This review is for Creamy Lips L102 ($35).

On the Ellis Faas Web site. L102, looks like it might be a black-cherry red, similar to Julie Hewett Sin Noir or perhaps Chanel Rouge Noir 18 (Vamp).


When I tried the S304 blush from the same order (reviewed on Monday), it became disappointingly clear that product swatches are sometimes nothing like they appear online, not even close. So I was very encouraged when the product that emerged from the primed pen was what I'd hoped for.

Deep blackberry looks promising.

Here is is swatched on my skin in natural light on an overcast day. On the left, I applied the color directly from the pen, and on the right I blended it out to a stain.

Here's a swatch in incandescent indoor lighting.

Below I applied the color directly to my lips from the pen and then blotted it down to a stain. I'm not wearing lip pencil, so the edges are quite soft. Even blotted it is still very moist.

I'm quite pleased that L102 is so versatile. I can wear a deep berry, dramatic look for evening, or I can achieve a lighter berry stain for the office by putting a dot on my fingertip and blending it in well. I love that I don't need lip pencil for such a pigmented shade. Try that with one of the Julie Hewett 'Noir' lipsticks! Based on the several Ellis Faas lipsticks I already own, they do not feather or bleed, and a single application lasts up to six hours with minimal fading.

Ellis Faas lipsticks are relatively kiss proof (though I wouldn't go anywhere a white collar), but they will transfer to a coffee cup if I apply a glossy balm on top, which isn't actually necessary if my lips are well prepped first. (I use a very thin layer of Julie Hewett Camellia balm.) Though matte, Creamy Lips are not drying in the slightest, and when the color fades, it fades relatively evenly and leaves behind a faint stain. I even experimented with using it as a blush, and it looked pretty good, but I had to work super fast and use a very light hand.

Bottom line: Finally, a winner for the cool toned!

All photos mine except where noted.


  1. That color is definitely you; you can wear those berry colors so well.

  2. Really, really pretty! It looks like it has the potential to turn pink or even fuchsia when sheered out? Or is that a trick of the lighting? I ask because Sin Noir turned fuchsia on my lips (although as you know I love Film Noir).

  3. Ammie, thanks.

    Veuve, I hadn't notice it turning fuchsia, but I did noht have hot pink issue with Sin Noir or Rouge Noir. It seems that blue reds tusn neon on my lips (e.g, Besame Cosmetics Cherry Red), but purple reds do not. I have no idea why that is so, but that's my experience. L102 is less "natural" appearing when sheered out than L101 or L201. I think this color would look best on Snow White types. It's a shame there is no happy medium in Ellis Faas products for cool-toned people.

  4. That is a very *intense* color and it looks great on your lips. Personally, I love these dark vampy shades and I can wear a few of them if they are in a glossy type formula. I don't think I could carry this one off though because I went lighter with my hair recently. Love reading all your detailed reviews!

  5. It is pretty intense, but don't let light hair stop you. Have you seen pictures of Cate Blanchett wearing bold red lipstick? She looks great!


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