Friday, April 22, 2011

Ellis Faas Makeup (How To) Videos

For those of us who are enjoying the newish Ellis Faas brand, I thought I would share her how-to videos, since a moving video is far more fun to watch than reading instructions.

Ellis Faas Holder:

Ellis Faas Skin Veil:

Ellis Faas Concealer:

Ellis Faas Powder:

Ellis Faas Blush:

Ellis Faas Milky Eyes:

Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes:

Ellis Faas Mascara:

Ellis Faas Milky Lips:

And here's a video of Lisa Eldridge testing out her New Ellis Faas canister with products;

I'd love to read comments on what you think about her makeup line. I really like it. A LOT. And will be reviewing some additional colors in the next few days.


  1. I really like Ellis's videos. They show how easy and fuss-free her products are to use. As an aside, I know a New Yorker who met Ellis at the Bergdorf Goodman counter. She said Ellis wore cowboy boots and seemed very shy (apparently she dislikes the whole marketing thing).

  2. Hello Everyday Beauty,
    I am really happy to have found your blog, as our tastes in makeup are similar (fellow E. Bess devotee) as seem to be our ages.
    Thank you for posting these videos. I only own two Milky Lips and one Milky Eyes pens, but the packaging problems have made me go off the line somewhat. However, I hear that they are considering changing the packaging (as they have already done for the Skin Veil), so perhaps it's time to give it another try...
    Have a lovely Easter Holiday!

  3. That's interesting. Based on her videos alone, she seems like she would be comfortable in the spotlight. Maybe she was not prepared for the cult following of her US-based fans. I wonder if she was mobbed that day at BG. I do like the idea of applying makeup mostly with my hands. It brings back the little girl in me.

  4. Hi, Nina, thank you for the compliments. I'm sorry you are having problems with the pens--I haven't had as many issues, possibly because I tend to favor the colors that come with the brush head. I received three new pens this week, so I will be reviewing them soon, along with other Edward Bess products. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. I love her line in terms of textures and longevity on the face (e/s last till you wash them off and even her lip colors last well). I wish she would come up with a better applicator pen and add some pink based colors to her line.

  6. Ammie, I agree totally. I don't generally mind the pens as much as others, but I spent three hours trying to get the new S304 blush to prime this morning. I am certain I clicked at least 1,000 times. Finally it came out and I was happy that it wasn't blobs (no wasted product). I really wish for cooler tones, as well. I have three new EF products to review in upcoming days!


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