Friday, April 8, 2011

Ellis Faas Natural Colors

A natural (or at least neutral) look is quite easy to achieve with this brand, given the makeup is based on colors that exist in the human body. And what gorgeous colors they are. Here are some swatches of the colors I chose for my look:

Natural light

Indirect sun

Aren't those rich and beautiful colors? Here's some info about them.

Creamy Eyes E107 ($36) – Against my fair, pink-porcelain skin, E107 is almost exactly the same color as my freckles—which you can see in the image below. That means I could gob this stuff on, and I would be incapable of creating drama other than being that girl with the troweled-on eyeshadow. On the back of my hand, E107 is a medium neutral brown with a hint of grey. Because it is not purely a cool color, my eyelids pick up on the warmth and broadcast it. I applied it heavily for the following picture, but it just does not translate because it's such a natural color. But that's the point of this post. 

EOTD with Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes E017 on lids into crease
and Milky Eyes E203 barely pushed into lash line.
I think I forgot to put on mascara.
Because Ellis Faas products are available in the US only at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC, I have tried for nearly a year to duplicate Creamy Eyes E107. I tested it side by side with Becca Sable (I even mixed Sable with Tweed), Julie Hewett Terra mixed with Runway, Laura Mercier Burnished, Bobbi Brown Slate (mixed with Cement), MAC Charcoal Brown, Chantecaille Bois (and Bois blended with Coriander and Granite), Le Metier de Beaute Jojo, Edward Bess Intimate, and probably many more that I have forgotten. No go. This color is unique, which makes it worth having if you like "taupe."

Milky Eyes E203 ($36) – For a color meant to be a wash, this is a surprisingly deep navy. The Milky Eye colors can be tricky to blend, partly because of the applicator, so I generally make tiny dots along the crease and then quickly blend with my fingertip. I was going to do that for today's natural look, but then I changed my mind and used it as eyeliner, which I applied with a synthetic angle brush. Again, this look was more obvious in person than how it translated to film.

Blush S302 ($32) – I'm not going to bother showing the picture of my cheekit's too subtle. S302 is a warm rosy peach that provides a very natural, flushed look. Here's a fairly-accurate picture of the blush in the pen:

And here is a comparison of S301 and 302. They both appear warmer than they really are, though 301 is the warmer of the two, a peachy beige. I'd love to try the S303, which appears more plummy online.

Correction to the image above. The third swatch from left is S322 applied full strength, and the last swatch is S302 blended.

Creamy Lips L101 ($35) – Creamy Lips L101 is known as Ellis Red, a deeply pigmented blood-red color that is said to be universally flattering. I am inherently skeptical of such claims, but L101 complements my light, cool coloring fairly well. Here it is on bare lips with no lip pencil:

L101 applied with Becca lip brush

I often have difficulty finding a red lipstick that doesn't end up wearing me, and L101 is very versatile. I can create a deep red, dramatic look for evening, and I can also achieve a rosy stain for daytime by putting a dot on my fingertip and rubbing it in. You can watch Lisa Eldridge demonstrate this technique in the video below, starting at 07:43:

I wore Ellis Red all last summer, even for trips to the farmer's marketit can be that subtle and natural. As for natural, once I forgot to wipe it off my finger, and later I thought I was bleeding! Once in a while I use a lip pencil that matches my lip pigment to keep everything neat, but I don't tend to wear such "done" lips these days.

The lipsticks in both the Creamy and Milky textures do not bleed or smear, and a single application lasts 4-6 hours on me, with minimal fading. Color is also kiss proof, but it will transfer to a coffee cup if I apply gloss or balm on top, which isn't actually necessary if my lips are well prepped first. (I use a very thin layer of Julie Hewett Camellia Lip Balm.) Though semi-matte, the Creamy Lips formula is not drying in the slightest, and when the color fades, it fades relatively evenly and leaves behind a faint stain. Sometimes I wear it to bed and wake up with great looking lips.

Bottom line: Worth it if you prefer a more natural look that leans a bit warm.

All photos mine.


  1. I think your second pic of E107 shows the color very well. Your eye color is so pretty! Do you think I could assemble your face like a jigsaw puzzle if you keep on doing reviews with just parts of your face:)))))

  2. Gorgeous! I completely understand your reluctance to show any body parts online, but you have done us Ellis fans proud!

  3. Beautiful, both the colors and your features! I can't wait to try Ellis Red.

  4. I'm lusting after a whole set of this beautiful line. If only they weren't soooo expensive...


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