Friday, April 15, 2011

Favorite Makeup Brands for Maturing Skin

I recently ran a poll on the EDB forum that asked people to choose their favorite brands for maturing skin. The most-loved brands were relatively newcomer Edward Bess with Chantecaille and Laura Mercier tied for second place. Runners up were Armani Beauty and Trish McEvoy, with both Ellis Faas and Jane Iredale getting an  honorable mention. Here's a summary of what people had to say:
  • "What I like about Edward Bess is his simple approach to makeup.  Not a lot of wild, vibrant colors—just soft, natural shades with supremely blendable textures. I love the textures of his lipsticks and glosses, too, though the wild fig scent is very strong. His lip pencil is neutral and soft so it blends easily into just about any lip color."
  • "I also like Edward Bess's well-edited color offerings, but I agree that the line could benefit from expansion, especially into cooler colors for lips and eyes. The foundation range is also narrow. I loved his concealer, but it dried out quickly in the tube. If the packaging were improved, I would consider repurchasing."
  • "I think Laura Mercier has the best textures in lipsticks, shadows, and foundations for mature skin. She also has a large  assortment. Ditto for Chantecaille."
  • "I agree about the texture of Laura Mercier lipsticks. It's a brand I have liked for a while, especially now that I am older. She also has a well-edited eyeshadow line (barring the sparkle range), but I have found that it is starting to look powdery on my skin. I switched to cream shadows, but then I rediscovered Chantecaille. I don't know how they do it, but those powder shadows look amazing on lids. The color melts right into the skin without any harsh edges or sparkle."
    • "Ellis Faas is an emerging brand to watch, but I wish she would fix the  applicator pens and add pink to her selection.  Her concealer is one of my favorites, as it blends but doesn't crease or cake."
    • "I also love what Ellis Faas is doing, but the line, overall, is too warm for me."
    • "Bobbi Brown's foundations are too yellow and I don't like how quickly she discontinues what seems like excellent, basic items.  She also seems to have moved from her original love of natural beauty. She once claimed she would never do shimmer."
    • "I'd have happily stuck with Bobbi Brown if everything weren't so murky. The pigmentation and staying power are incredible, but there simply aren't enough colors suitable for my skin tone. I also dismiss her claim that we all need to wear yellow foundation, because yellow does not work for me. I do adore the custom compact system, the sleekness of the black compacts, and how easily they stack.
    • "I've been wearing Jane Iredale for 12+ years. Her mineral foundations are stunning and look so natural on the skin—yes, even powder on maturing skin. The eyeshadows are beautiful, come in a range of colors and finishes, and are easy to blend and create complete looks, from the most natural to the most dramatic. Jane Iredale might be the only brand today offering pressed minerals throughout her entire line."
    So as we age, the people in this poll seem to gravitate toward colors that are an extension of our own coloring. Some like a bit of shimmer, but no one liked frost or sparkle. Many enjoy a hint of lip drama, but for every day, a "my lips but better" shade seems to be the one most reached for.

    If anyone happens across this post, I'd love to read your comments.

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    1. That's so interesting about how we change our color preferences as we mature.


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