Friday, May 6, 2011

Besame Cosmetics (Red Lipstick) Sample Sets Now Available

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Good news! Vintage lipstick lovers can now test the Besame Cosmetics red lipstick line before you buy.

Besame is offering six handmade samples from the Classic Color Lipstick line. Each lipstick retails for $22, but the sample set of six is only $8, including shipping and a coupon for 20% off your next order.

Each lipstick sample has enough product for four full applications and can be applied using the chiseled tip or with a brush. The trial set includes the following colors:
  • Bésame Red – True Red, cool base, not warm. Like a navy red, bright and vibrant.
  • Cherry Red – Deep rich dark cherry shade. Can be worn as a stain, gives a nice rose color. Cool deep ripe cherry color very flattering to medium and olive skin tones.
  • Red Velvet – Deep, rich red flattering on most skin tones. Great for office wear or everyday red, neutral and not too bright.
  • Red Hot Red – Bright and bold, a bit warmer than Besame red, and Marilyn's favorite.
  • Carmine – Orange red color, changes depending on skintone. Semi-matte, vibrant, more neutral orange, not too yellow.  A red-orange that is very becoming on warm and olive skin-tones.
  • Merlot – Brown red color, semi-matte. Great neutral red for daily wear. Subdued brick red.

Bottom line: A sweet deal not to be missed if you are into red lipsticks.

You can order your sample pack from the Besame Cosmetics web site. Note that Besame is currently mailing these samples USPS first class with signature required. I did receive the 20% coupon, but it is time sensitive (2 week expiration date).

Besame lipsticks are paraben free.


  1. Gah! Why did I look? I like cute things like those!

  2. I'll have to check these out, thanks for posting they look lovely!

  3. I wish the sample set had been online when I placed my order, but I bought one this morning anyway. $8 and free shipping is too good a deal ... even though I already have/had every one of those colors and then some. As is typical of fickle me, I'm feeling remorse over the ones I let get away, and this is the perfect chance to see if my decision was the right one. :)


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