Thursday, May 19, 2011

butter LONDON Dahling

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butter LONDON's Dahling ($14) might be one of the most traditional colors in the collection; there is not much that's edgy or trendy about it. A cool-toned, deep-rose cream, Dahling is a color suitable for any time of year for just about any occasion.

Roses, such as Dahling, are the colors I love the most. As much as I like paler colors on other people, mid-toned colors looks best on my very pale (pink) skin, as I find that most nudes, and certainly any color with gold or yellow, can give me the dreaded lobster hands.

This color is fantastic, but I am hopeless at manicures, especially when I spend 20+ hours a week in the gardens. Anyway, this blog is called Everyday Beauty, not Pampered Beauty.

The color looks a bit washed out above. It's actually deeper and so pretty on I might have to buy a backup, and I almost never do that with nail polish (except for Revlon Teak Rose).

Application is very smooth, and I achieved opaque coverage in two thin coats. Wear is average, around 5 days before it begins to fray from the edges of my nails. No chipping over Orly Bonder base coat with a single top coat of Seche Vite.

Bottom line: A sophisticated, ladylike rose that goes with everything and is a good substitute for reds.

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  1. That's such a classically pretty color.

  2. Ammie, I love it. It's one of those colors where I look at my hands and sigh. The above photo makes it look more pink than it is. This is really a beautiful deep rose color.

  3. That looks so much like Undercover by Wet n Wild!

  4. Ha! I'll have to check it out, since W&W is so cheap. Do you know if a W&W manicure lasts at least 3 days? That's my limit.

  5. It's a safe but lovely wearable shade. It shouldn't be but I'd have to say it looks almost sweet! You're right. It's perfect for all seasons and all ocassions, really. :)

  6. It *is* sweet. It makes me feel really girly, as opposed to butter LONDON Fash Pack, which I am wearing today, and which makes me feel like a dirty girl.


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