Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chantecaille Les Délices de Roses Lip Gloss Palette

The limited edition Chantecaille Les Délices de Roses Palette ($52) was introduced last fall, along with the new lipstick formula, Hydra Chic. Like Les Dauphins palettes, this compact comes in a pinkish-beige, satin-like, drawstring bag (no box).

The mirrored palette contains three full-sized pans of lip gloss, all in shades of neutral/warm pink and all of which contain subtle gold shimmers. Unfortunately, there are no pin holes on the bottom of the palette, so it isn't reusable, like the limited edition eye/cheek quads are (or like Chantecaille's Ma Petite Palette). Of course you could probably use a drill and alcohol to loosen the glue, but it would take much patience, and I know I'd probably botch it up. Chantecaille sells the unfilled 3-well compact for $42, so the lack of reuse in this one is an egregious (petty) design flaw.

Unlike Chantecaille's 5-pan gloss palettes, none of the colors in this trio has a name. The gloss at far left is a very sheer light pink with yellow undertones; the middle gloss is warm mauve pink; and the gloss on the right is a slightly deeper coral pink.

Nail polish is Chanel Morning Rose 557
Mr. Wenskins wonders if he's pretty enough
Indoors, natural light
In indirect sunlight (below), you can see the gold shimmers just a little.

Indirect sunlight

After Flopsy finishes his cookie (crumbs on the windowsill) he wonders what all the fuss is about.

Does this pink make me look fat?

Bottom line: Very pretty but horrifically overpriced, given each gloss looks sheer on the lips and that the palette cannot be reused.

All photos mine.


  1. I am BEYOND jealous right now! I've always wanted something from Chantecaille. :)

  2. What a gorgeous palette! All the shades are lovely, the pinky coral colour is really pretty though.

    Love the photos of your cats! (and their names):) x

  3. Hi Vintage, given your love of natural makeup, I am fairly certain Chantecaille gets low (safe) marks on the skindeep database (EWG). And they are philanthropic with some of their profits, too. If you like, I can do more posts with swatches. Chante has been in my top 3 for a long time.

    Nat, the pinky coral one is my favorite, too. In fact, this palette is so pretty I didn't use it for a long time ... until I realized it was my *duty* as a blogger to swatch it, lol.

    About the cats, I usually shoo them away, but I began to notice pets in other blogs, so I let them hang out this time. :)

  4. I think your cats are adorable! And that palette has such beautiful pinks.

  5. Yea! for kitties in photos! I L O V E the shades in that compact but am not into lip palettes. Thank goodness! lol

  6. Ammie, thanks. My kittehs are the center of the universe.

    Jeanie, I am not much into lip palettes, either. I have the Les Sorbets palette that I rarely reach for, even though the reds in it (and my favorite, discontinued Taffy) are gorgeous. I don't know why I ordered the one--sucked in by the colors, I guess. I will force myself to use them by the end of summer.

  7. Ok, I thought I already posted this but must not have...you have the most lust-worthy collection of any blog I read. Everyday it is featuring some wonderfully decadent makeup item that I want. Keep it up!

  8. Heh, if not for MUA and blogs, I'd still be quite content with the same makeup by Prescriptives, Dior, Shu Uemura, and Chantecaille I'd been wearing for years! ;)

  9. yes i love the cat i got 2 cats my self and their love for me is out of this world That why i love them.I was trying to learn more about Lips Palettes



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