Friday, May 27, 2011

Choosing a BECCA Beach Tint or Cream Blush for Summer

Beach Tint
Screenshot taken from Zuneta YouTube video
Cream Blush
Screenshot taken from Zuneta YouTube video
This time of year I often switch to cream and liquid blushes because I think moist and dewy skin looks nice in summer--especially now that my skin is much less oily than it used to be.

Zuneta has produced a video to help us choose a BECCA Cosmetics Beach Tint ($24) color. Beach Tint is a water-resistant liquid blush that can also be worn on the lips, and it is very natural. 

After the swatches, Zuneta's makeup artist demonstrates Guava, Fig, and Watermelon on the cheeks and lips.

I have Watermelon and Fig, and I like Watermelon. It provides just enough contrast on my lips. Now that I have seen this video, I would like to try Guava as well.

A tip: All Becca tint products need to be shaken well. Shake shake and then shake some more. What comes out should be thick and creamy, not thin and watery. If it's thin, shake again. Sometimes I roll the tube between my fingers.

I also discovered an excellent Zuneta video showing swatches of BECCA Cosmetics Cream Blush ($30). I have Turkish Rose, and it looks as good on the reviewer's arm as it does on me! You can also wear these on the lips.

The Becca cream blushes apply like room-ripened butter and last a long time, especially if you pop a bit of powder over top. The Beach Tint, however, does not require setting powder because it sinks into the skin rather than sit on top. At least I don't need powder, but oilier skins might, and it might also be fun to layer another BECCA product on top, like the Shimmering Powders or the new mineral blushes.

I don't have a retailer nearby that sells BECCA, so I cannot test these colors in person. So videos from Zuneta are extremely useful. I can't think if a single other store who is showing swatches like this, and it's really great customer service.

Bottom line: Summer essentials.


  1. Thank you for posting! Fig and Hyacinth both look gorgeous in the videos.

  2. The Zuneta videos are really excellent, and so helpful. I can't remember that MA's name, but she's based on the Becca counter in House of Fraser and she's absolutely lovely.

  3. PP, do it! You won't be sorry.

    Nat, Hyacinth calls to me, too. The others look like they'd be too warm or beige for me.

    Grace, I agree that Zunata makes really helpful videos, especially about the products US-based people can't see (e.g., RBR), and that MUA is totally captivating. I would love to know what makeup she's wearing in the Beach Tint video! Her bronzed-goddess look is gorgeous.

  4. I've heard loads of good things about these! :)

  5. Like Vintage, I have heard really good things about these as well. I just so wish I could try these out in person.

  6. The MUA is Nicky and she did my makeover when I visited the Becca Boutique in London. I told her how much I appreciated the videos on Zuneta, they're so helpful. I have Fig and Turkish Rose too, I'm very tempted to go for a more striking colour for a bit of change. I'm craving the mineral blushers out with the current collection, I have to admit!
    Jane x

  7. Vint, I first discovered BECCA a couple years ago when I was researching more 'natural' brands of makeup. They always had good ratings on that EWG skindeep database you like, especially the cream and liquid products.

    Jenn, if you write to Becca (using their online form) and fill in your skin tone and hair, etc., they will reply with suggestions. They can also send you a list of anyone who is selling BECCA products near you. You might be pleasantly surprised.

    Jane are you talking about your recent makeover? You lucky duck. And I agree these videos are essential. I also want to try the mineral blushes! I have not been disappointed in a single BECCA product.

  8. Yes, it was the recent makeover when she covered up my....erm.....fuschia face! I can't seem to stop buying Becca now. I'm really hooked :D. The videos are so, so helpful especially as so many of us are buying 'blind' as it were.

  9. Love Guava! I think I have to pick one of these up! Seem better for summer than a traditional cream blush since they are less heavy.

  10. just purchased the guava its gorgeous i also have fig, grapefruit and raspberry. really pleased i discovered your blog its fab, looking forward to reading more!
    amina x

    1. Thanks, Amina! I didn't get Guava, but I recently picked up Raspberry, which eclipses all my other Beach Tints.

  11. yes i just read your post on that - i'm actually not sure if i like that one on me, i think it clashes with my skin a bit!


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