Saturday, May 28, 2011

Edward Bess Platinum Concealer in Ivory Nude

Edward Bess Platinum Concealer ($38) is offered in four shades and is packaged in a short twist-up tube, like a portly lipstick. The black metal packaging is quite nice, though I'd have preferred it to be slimmer so it takes up less room in my bag.

I chose Ivory Nude this time because the color Soft Beige (reviewed here) is too dark, although it is a better color match. Ivory Nude is also too dark, and it has yellow undertones that are not harmonious with my skintone.

The concealer is very soft, which makes it blendable, but that also makes it fragile because if twisted up too high, it could break off at the base with just the slightest pressure. I leave the surface just below the lip and I use my ring finger to swirl around the top. The warmth of my finger softens the concealer and makes it easier to blend into my skin.

This concealer works best under my eyes, where my circles are not too blue, and it also works quite well as a spot concealer to hide freckles or spots. (I use Becca's round point Spot Concealer brush.)

In the photos below, I swatched the concealer heavily to get it to show up.

Unfortunately, Nude Ivory leaves a slightly yellow cast under my eyes and makes me look jaundiced, so I reach much more often for Soft Beige, which although darker, is a better match for my skin with its beige overtones and pink undertones.

Platinum Concealer is fairly long lasting. It applies like a cream and dries down to a powder finish. If your skin is very oily, you might need a setting powder. Coverage is medium and and requires a midday touchup.

Here's a very short video of Edward Bess applying his Platinum Concealer to a model:

Bottom line: A good all-purpose concealer with a ton of product in the tube.

For additional swatches, check out:
Edward Bess products are available at Bergdorf Goodman and select Neiman Marcus stores, as well as at the Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, and Edward Bess online stores. In the UK, Edward Bess is sold exclusively at Zuneta.

All photos mine.


  1. I want a tube concealer, but I'm not sure which one? This will go on my short list for now. Love EB products, I wearing 'French Lace' now.

  2. I agree the Ivory looks very yellow-ish! These remind me of the e.l.f all over cover sticks. :)

  3. Jenn. French Lace is such a pretty milky pink. If you have your heart set on an EB concealer, you might call the Bess counter at Bergdorf's and speak with Susan or Jennifer. They have not steered me wrong yet. (212) 872.8826.

    Vinty, even though it's yellow, it isn't horrid, and some makeup artists (Bobbi Brown) insist that yellow is the only skin-toned color we should wear on our faces. This blends well but it looks best as a face concealer on me, rather than an undereye concealer, where a pink flesh tone looks most natural.

  4. I have it in Soft Beige and while it worked on concealing sun spots, I found that it caked under my eyes.

  5. Edward Bess reminds me of The Vampire Lestat.

  6. I admire you for purchasing base colors online. I want to try Beccas concealer but I just can't bring myself to order it sight unseen :X


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