Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow in Nude

Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eyeshadow in Nude ($30) does not get much attention compared to his other eyeshadows. There's nothing special about it in the pan; in fact, it looks like just about any other base eyeshadow color.

Nude is not terribly exciting, but maybe that's the point. Sometimes the plainest colors work best. Nude is beige with cool yellow undertones that goes with everything. Yellow is not a color I would normally be drawn to, but what sets this shadow apart from others of its ilk is that it brightens the eyelid area and make me appear fresh and well rested without adding color. Nude looks like a second skin and makes my eyelids glow with radiant good health. I often wear it by itself on weekends, and it gets a huge amount of use in the summer. In fact, Nude is one of the few eyeshadow I have repurchased.

The finish is somewhere between a matte and shimmer, similar to Laura Mercier Sateen or Becca Demi Matte formulations, and the texture is outstanding. Creamy and superfatted, you could apply it with a fingertip. Nude is less pigmented than Intimate or Dusk, but that is exactly how I would want it to be. I use a big fluff brush to apply from lashes to brow and then press/roll the finish with my fingertips so the extremely fine microparticles lie flat and augment that glowy look. Edward Bess eyeshadows are perfect for maturing eyes.

The following swatches show the eyeshadows in different lighting conditions:

Indoors, natural light--swatched heavily
Outdoors, indirect sunlight

If it appears powdery, that is because I had to swatch heavily to get the pigment to show up. However, this eyeshadow is so finely milled, I can use any brush (even a low quality one), and there is no skipping or dragging. I like to use the Edward Bess Luxury Eye Brush (reviewed here) to apply base, lid, and crease colors for an everyday, neutral Bess eye:
  • Nude from lashes to brows
  • Intimate in the crease
  • Dusk on the outer edge of the lid and then just under the outer third of my lower lash line. 
Blend blend blend, and I can achieve a look that stands up to fluorescent office lighting without screaming EYE MAKEUP!

Bottom line: If you already have a base you're happy with, there's no need to get Nude, but if you are looking for a new base, Nude is a lovely color that provides instant eye brightening. 

All photos mine


  1. SO far I only have Escape but I've been eyeing Nude for a while. Like you I have a lot of base/highlight shades but I was hoping to add a go to shade to my collection that may edge out some of the others. I was hoping for a little more glow though :-( Guess I'll have to give it a try soon.

  2. This does look lovely! I'm trying to decide between this and Storm. What'cha think?

  3. PP, is Escape the deep chocolate brown one or the golden-red brown? I can never remember the difference between Escape and Mystery.

    Jeanie, Nude and Storm look and perform differently. Storm is too frosty for me to wear as an allover wash, whereas Nude serves that purpose perfectly--full eye coverage from lashes to brows. I wear Storm only on the inner corner of my lids, to add light and shine--that is, when I wear it. I don't care for Storm and its high shimmer. I also find it to be powdery, which is why I have not reviewed it. (I tend to focus my blog time on stuff I like.) I much prefer EB's original eyeshadow formulation with the US-manufactured packaging.

  4. The texture and finish sound fantastic. I don't own many base/highlight shades so Nude is a colour I could definitely do with.

  5. Okay, I think this sounds right up my alley. I have so many taupes with high shine/shimmer and I only have a few of these *base* shades. One that I really love is BB Flesh- have you seen this? thanks x

  6. I do, indeed, have BB Flesh, which is almost my skin color, perhaps a bit darker. Because it's completely matte, it doesn't really do anything special, and the beige of it muddies/warms up the colors I put on top (I look best in cools). Nude is a hint lighter than my skin. Maybe it's the same color, but my skin isn't yellow, so that adds an interesting dimension--and with the fine microshimmers ... it just make me look awake. I would have to say that Nude is my favorite non-matte base color. I rarely hit pan on any eyeshadow, let alone use one up, so that speaks volumes about how I feel. Gaia (The Non-Blonde) reviewed it not so long ago: http://bit.ly/ik3Dol

  7. Escape is not the darkest brown, I think that's Mystery. I do have Nude and it is a great highlight or base shade.

  8. I think Mystery is the darker of the two browns. Nude is a very good base and highlight shade.

  9. Nice shade, seems like the perfect all over lid color. :)

  10. Ooh I was hoping you would review this. Great, another eye shadow to add to my never ending wish list! :)

  11. Pushed the button! I'll chock it up to your fab review and I'm weak- actually I have a little flu bug and it made me feel better knowing it's on the way. xx

  12. Thanks for sharing this video here. I watched the whole thing and I'm intrigued. He does make it all sound so easy to apply (which is great!). :)


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