Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Laura Mercier Crème Lip Colour in Bing Cherry

After contemplating for many months whether I wanted to try the Laura Mercier Crème Lip Colour in Bing Cherry ($22)--one in a trio of online exclusives--I finally made a purchase, and I am sorry I waited. Described as a "creme rich burned red" on the Laura Mercier web site, Bing Cherry is supposed to be the red that looks good on everyone. It is also Laura's current favorite shade.

Laura Mercier's cream lipstick formulation is among the best out there. Pigmented, silky-smooth, and at least moderately moisturizing (as in it doesn't suck every water molecule form my lips the way MAC and NARS do), Bing Cherry delivers on all fronts. Among its ingredients are shea butter, grapeseed oil, evening primrose oil, and a lip-plumping "Maxi-Lip peptide complex" that is probably just window dressing. My lips feel just as good at the end of the day as they do at the beginning.
Burned red connotes unpretty images of brown, but what I see is a deep red with plum undertones and only a hint of brown. It is possible I see plum because I have a fair amount of blue in my lips, but Bing is the most unique red I own, being neither too blue nor too true, and I love it. It looks exactly like a ripe Bing cherry, and when the fades from my lips, it leaves behind a plum berry stain, not a fuchsia pink stain.

If memory serves, Bing Cherry reminds me of Julie Hewett's Coco Noir and Besame Cosmetics' Merlot. Unfortunately, I no longer have those two lipsticks for comparison, but the following image shows Bing Cherry on the right, compared to my two Edward Bess red lipsticks, Midnight Bloom and Eternal Passion. You can see how much deeper the Laura Mercier lipstick is adjacent to the Popsicle red Eternal Passion and the cooler, more navied Midnight Bloom:

Indirect sunlight

Natural light no flash

I used to think Chantecaille Lip chic in Dahlia was my best red, but now I have a new love. Their formulations are completely different. Lip Chics are sheer and glossy, while Bing Cherry has a satin, almost semi-matte finish, and Bing has suddenly become my favorite red lipstick. Depending on your skin tone + lip pigment, Bing could be a dramatic red. Despite the fact that I am too fickle to have a favorite makeup product, let alone a signature color, I could almost contemplate making Bing Cherry a signature color, certainly for fall/winter. I'd die of happiness if this were offered in a sheer formulation, as well, so I could wear it on a hot summer day.

Here's how it looks on my mauve medium-pigmented lips. (Apologies for the blur effect--macro photography often makes invisible upper lip hair look like a gnarly forest.)

I did not use lip pencil in these photos, but if I did, I'd choose one that matched my lip pigment, and I'd outline just the top edges, along the cupid's bow.

I tried to capture the plum undertones in the following image. Definitely not your typical blue-red lipstick.

Bottom line: Red berry love and (as far as I can tell) unique.

Bing Cherry ($22) is available exclusively at

All photos mine.


  1. It looks beautiful on you. I wish I could wear those colors fearlessly as you do.

  2. Bing Cherry looks fantastic on you. Holy Grail status.

  3. Nice review, ZZ!

    This color does look divine on you.

    It looks like a garnet color in the tube (in the top photo). In the third picture of you wearing it, it looks warmer - was that one shot in incandescescent light? I am thinking this could be universally flattering! Can't wait to see it in person.

  4. Thanks, ladies! Ammie, I always think back to Poppy King's advice on wearing red lipstick: wear it around the house so you get used to yourself with it on. Then you can wear it proudly and fearlessly out in public.

    Emma Peel, it really is HG status. I hate to throw that term around, knowing how fickle I can be, but this lipstick is one of those colors that EVERY time I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I think "Wow." Not so much, "Wow, great color," but "Wow, I look good today." This lipstick makes the rest of my makeup look good, and I believe you know exactly what I mean by that.

    Ten Bells, the third picture of me was taken in the same room at the same time of day but on a different (sunny) day. The other difference was that I had applied lip gloss over top, so Bing Cherry was really sheered out. It's interesting that it looks warm (and I agree) because the gloss, Laura Mercier Plum Noir, is decidedly cool--in a 1920s Flapper-cool way. I chalk the discrepancies up to my inexperience taking photographs of product on my skin. It's much harder to get it to translate than you would think! I hope my picture taking improves over time.

  5. Oh, very nice! Now the big question: how does the color compare to Ellis Faas Ellis Red?

    (I love JH's Coco Noir but I never wear it any more because it's matte.)

  6. Ha! I knew someone would ask about Ellis Faas--in fact, I was kicking myself for not adding a swatch. Veuve, I will do a red lipstick series and compare all the reds I have, probably within the next couple days--as soon as the sun comes back out. It's hard to get good pictures with this grey gloom.


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