Thursday, May 26, 2011

Laura Mercier Gel Lip Colour in Sweet Cherry

It seems that new Laura Mercier products are introduced quietly, without much fanfare. I had heard of her new gel lipsticks, but I was hesitant to buy one, as the colors looked lurid online, almost neon. At the recommendation of a trusted friend, however, I decided to purchase Laura Mercier Gel Lip Colour in Sweet Cherry ($22).

The Laura Mercier web site claims that this "innovative gel-based lipstick will cushion your lips in soft-comfort colour with a shine finish. The clear lip colour base allows for a bold bullet with pure colour registration while the super smooth formula leaves lips with a soft colour payoff."

I guess that means colorful but sheer. All I know is that this lipstick is wonderful.

Sheer and shiny, if you are a lip gloss lover, consider trying this lipstick formula. Though similar in finish, this formula does not fade as quickly as the Chanel Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks do.

Outdoors, indirect sun
Inside, natural cool light
The gel formulation feels so comfortable and smooth on the lips. I don't think a lip balm could feel any nicer than this, and it blows Chantecaille Lip Chic out of the water, which I now find to be more sticky, with a heavy petroleum feel. For such a silky-sheer product, the color lasts an impressive 3 hours on me. When it fades, it fades evenly. No smearing or feathering, and I do not use a lip pencil because I want to keep it natural looking.

I could not love this lipstick any more than I do. It makes my lips look juicy. So I will tuck away Laura Mercier Bing Cherry (reviewed here) for fall/winter wear, and wear Sweet Cherry all spring and summer.

I don't currently own many sheer red lipsticks. Below are swatches of Sweet Cherry compared to Lipstick Queen Medieval and Chantecaille Lip Chic in Dahlia. Medieval is really sheer (barely a tint of color) and Chantecaille is more warm, so I guess I won't be wearing that anymore.

I have heard people complain about a scent, and there is something fruity about it. It fades pretty quickly, but if you have an aversion to scented products, you might want to test this one first.

Bottom line: I have found my absolute perfect hot summer love. ♥ If you are interested in exploring red lips but feel intimidated by red's POWAH, get thee to tester and try this on. Stat.

UPDATE: A few months after I posted this review, I had a Sci\ART seasonal color analysis where I was asked to bring all my makeup. At the end of the session, when we'd arrived at my season (True/Cool Summer), Sweet Cherry was the analyst's absolute favorite for people with my coloring. I have since the used it up and bought my second tube.

All photos mine.


  1. Yay!! Aren't they amazing?! I'm so ready to order the rest of the colours but for some explicable reason Neiman Marcus's duty charges are thru the roof right now so my order is sitting in my cart :-(

  2. Jenn, thanks!

    PP, I keep forgetting you aren't in the US. How disappointing. What about the LM web site? Too bad they aren't $25 apiece--then you could buy two and get free shipping. *rationalize only when absolutely necessary*

  3. LM website doesn't ship to Canada. NONE of the cosmetics companies websites do. Blows my mind.

  4. I haven't even gotten Bing Cherry yet, and now I want this! lol.

  5. Ammie, thanks! This could be the red for you to try.

    Veuve, I know what you mean! I feel like such a fickle pickle for waxing ecstatic about this new lipstick so closely after raving about Bing Cherry. I love them both--I might even prefer the color in Bing, but like I said, Sweet Cherry will be my summer lipstick and Bing Cherry will be for Winter. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. ;D

  6. That's a really beautiful shade! I'm normally afraid of red lip colours so Sweet Cherry looks like it would be a good option for me. Thank you for the review and swatches! :)

  7. The red looks amazing on you. I completely agree that these were released without much fan fare. They are pigmented, glossy, and costs much lower compared to the new sheer lipsticks from other lines. Beautiful swatches as usual!

  8. Nat, this is a very wearable red, but you might want to try it on if you're not as big a fan of red lipstick as I am!

    Kristie, thanks so much. Did you review these, as well? I'll pop right over for a look. I do love that $22 price tag.

  9. I LOVE the glossy shine it gives! I've been thinking about getting a LM lippie :)

  10. that looks lovely! I need to try one of those.

  11. I absolutely love that colour and the finish. Beautiful! x

  12. I must try these! How did I miss them? So pretty!


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