Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Model for Excellent Customer Service

What, you might ask, does the web's most popular shoe store have to do with a beauty blog? Did you know they have been selling cosmetics for a while now?

Last year I ordered what appeared to be the last set on earth of the Became Cosmetics Enchanting Lipstick Set in Pink (below image is for the red set).

I was disappointed when I discovered that two of the lipsticks had little bubbles on the surface. I called Zappos customer service and--without question--they immediately sent me a new set, next day delivery (which, as it turns out, WAS the last pink set on earth). I was also told I could keep the defective set! I was quite pleasantly surprised and assumed I'd caught the young man with whom I spoke on a good day.

Fast forward a year. I ordered two london BUTTER nail polishes, and when the polishes arrived the bottles and their caps were covered in a wide paper sticker, the kind that won't peel off without a blowtorch. Normally, I'd have dealt with the disappointment and used some kind of solvent to remove the stickers, but now that I take pictures for blogging, I felt annoyed and inconvenienced. I didn't want a bottle covered with glue residue and/or scratch marks from my attempt to remove the label.

Not planning to do much more than provide feedback to Zappos, I called their customer service department and had the most pleasant experience. Not only did the woman sympathize with me (she apparently hates dealing with those nasty stickers on the surface of a new mirror or picture frame), she declared that given technology, one would think that all warehouses would be using the easy peel-off labels.

It felt like having a cathartic gripe session with a girlfriend, so no one was more surprised than I when she said she would refund the cost of both polishes and that I did not have to send them back. Happy was I!. But you cannot imagine my surprise when I received a hand-written thank you note from the customer service rep with a happy little illustration drawn on the inside.

I've been ordering shoes and other leather accessories from Zappos for years, and I have always been pleased with the service I receive, but they have gone beyond what was necessary to resolve my issue. I am now a customer for life. They really DO focus on the customer in customer service. When I compare that to my experience with Chanel online service, there is simply no comparison. Zappos treats its customers with dignity and respect.


  1. Wow that is AMAZING! I love buying makeup from Zappos because of the free shipping & great customer service. :)

  2. It is always so nice to hear of companies that have great customer service!

  3. Zappos is great! I used to love ordering a pr of shoes and having them show up the next day!

    Good CS is not dead! Yea!

  4. That is the best customer service!

  5. I had read quite a bit about Zappos before and the impression that I got back then was that great customer service is deeply ingrained in the company culture. That obviously has to come from the very top. Reading about your experience here just confirms it. I'm VERY impressed. I wish more companies on this side of the pond were like this.

  6. I really love to hear about experiences like this. It seems so many companies have ditched customer service practices so its always nice to hear about one who still practices them well. I feel the same way about Le Metier de Beaute, so I have been switching to them from being a loyal Chantecaille devotee because Chante service is really shotty. I'll have to look more into zappos :)


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