Saturday, May 14, 2011

My First Rouge Bunny Rouge Purchase!

I finally ordered my first Rouge Bunny Rouge products, and I am sorry I waited as long as I did. RBR is not a new brand, but it is new to me, perhaps because it isn't sold at retail counters in the US, so I rely on reviews and swatches posted by other bloggers and reviewers.

In 2004, Rouge Bunny Rouge was conceived in London by a team of four people from Finland, Great Britain and Iceland. They began production in March 2005, and RBR was launched in Russia in December, opening its first store in Moscow in March, 2006.

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According to the Rouge Bunny Rouge official web site, their packaging is designed to be:
Boxes of magic that are accessories in themselves; must-have artifacts and objets d’art; keep-sake items that are enclosed in their own private floral bliss. The brand is using an easily identifiable visual style to add a sense of fun and wit.
Well .... I like nice packaging, but I don't go for all that fairy-tale stuff being a woman over 14. It's what's inside that counts.

I am going to start a series of posts describing my RBR purchase, so stay tuned. The entire purchase is not shown above, so there will be a lot of separate reviews. The posts might be intermingled with other brands just so no one thinks I've gone down the mystical Victorian/Tsarist rabbit hole. I also don't want to rush into a review until I have had a chance to wear each product for at least a few days, preferably a few weeks.

Meanwhile, if you have not seen the Rouge Bunny Rouge official web site, take a look. It makes me feel like I have stepped into Frances Hodgson Burnett's Secret Garden, if that garden were designed by Tim Burton.

Rouge Bunny Rouge products are available at retail counters across Europe and internationally through the web site.

Photos mine except where noted.


  1. Ooh, I will be eagerly awaiting your reviews on these items. Like you, living in the States we don't have access to this brand so I don't own any items yet. I will be anticipating your reviews and swatches on what you got. It all looks very enticing!

  2. I'll look forward to your reviews, I can't get enough of RBR ;)

  3. The packaging looks lovely, really pretty. I haven't tried anything from RBR yet but have been reading lots about the products recently and they sound and look fantastic. Really looking forward to your reviews and swatches!

    Off to look at the website now :)

  4. Isn't that box adorable? I can't wait to read this series of reviews so I can want more RBR.

  5. I love everything I have from this line- it's all exceedingly excellent. Can't wait to read your reviews x

  6. I love their logo, can't wait to see more about this brand!

  7. Oh, I like the background story. I've heard a lot about RBR but have yet to dive in. The line looks absolutely divine! (splurge alert, splurge alert) ;D


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