Friday, May 27, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Cheeks in Bloom Blush Wand in Vermeer


Rouge Bunny Rouge Cheeks in  Bloom Blush Wand in Vermeer (around $43) is a soft tea rose that provides a healthy glow. The blush contains a blend of natural oils and spherical powders, providing a cream-to-powder finish. You twist the blush up, like a lipstick, and I love the packaging. Extremely portable and no worries about crumbling compacts.

I have come to appreciate cream blushes for that lit-from-within look, and I really like them in stick form. This blush is very smooth and creamy, not stiff and tacky like some cream blushes can be (MAC), and it comes with a little clear cap to protect it from drying out. It lasts all day and does not settle in pores.

I often wear Vermeer with Rouge Bunny Rouge powder blush in Delicata, which I now wear as a bronzer.

I dot the cream blush onto my fingertips to warm it up, gently blend along my cheekbones, and then follow up with the powder blush in the hollows and across the bridge of my nose. Prettiest combo I have ever used, and I have been anti blush the last 10 years because I always find it so disappointing.

I also like to dot Vermeer on the brow bone over my eye crease for a fresh-faced weekend look. This blush also looks surprisingly decent on my lips, but I prefer a bit more contrast, and I haven't experimented with this look long enough to know if it's drying over time.

Here is Vermeer swatched on my pink-porcelain skin. So subtly soft.

Bottom line: A worthy splurge.

All photos mine.


  1. Looks like you got quite the haul from Zuneta as you are still unveiling! This looks so pretty with your coloring. I am really digging their packaging as well, totally adorable.

  2. Hi Zuzu, I just discovered this blog today after I went to google on RBR product reviews and I am so glad to see your posts on RBR products! :) I have now made up my mind to purchase a few RBR products from I have my eyes on the lipsticks and blushers :)

  3. Jenn, yes it was a mighty big haul! And thank you, this is, indeed, a gorgeous blush for pale people. Not too cool or warm.

    Esther, welcome! I have many more RBR products to review, including powder blushes, sheer lipstick, the matte eyeshadows, a gloss, and the lovely Abyssinian Catbird. If you live in the UK, Zuneta has free shipping this weekend (FREESHIP). Alas, no such luck for those of us across the Atlantic.

  4. I do love this blush. I just apply it from the stick to my cheeks and blend it in. I never thought of warming it up first but I'll give it a try.

  5. Ammie, using my fingers first just melts it a tiny bit, which makes it easier to spread. You'd get the same end result, no matter how you apply it, but I found that warming it up before I blend cuts down on the flush of redness from increased circulation to the skin (caused by blending). It really just means I get a better idea how my blush will look more quickly without having to wait for the redness to subside.

  6. I love this blush too - the texture and colour are sublime. They used to do a warm red version, which was sadly discontinued before Zuneta got the line - would've loved to get my hands on that one!

    Delicata would be a lovely bronzer for a very pale skin. On me, it's a subtle contour - it doesn't add much in the way of colour, it just adds the slightest of definition to my face. I love it with bright lips.

  7. Oh, I would have loved a red blush! My face turns red naturally, leaning toward fuchsia if I am very hot or very very angry (or overconsume red wine). I do not blush a delicate pink. It all clicked for me the day I tried on Bobbi Brown Pale Pink (which, as most people know, is not pale--more like a hot pink).

    Grace, I thought I would love RBR Gracilis, and I was actually disappointed when I opened Delicata, but I find myself reaching for it every day.

  8. This is so lovely!! I want to haul RBR so bad but I'm terrified of what tax and duty nightmare Canada customs may bestow on me. One day I'll have to give Zuneta a shot ;-)

  9. I do really love this, I keep meaning to pick up another shade but can never make my mind up which one to get ;)

  10. It does seem pricey for a cream blush, but gorg nonetheless!

  11. I've had this on my wishlist for such a long time. You've re-ignited my interest in this one. As a cream blush fiend and RBR fan, I really need to get it!
    Jane x

  12. I guess this needs to go on my lust list! Oh my how it's growing with every post I read! xx


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