Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations Lip Gloss in Coy

I am a lipstick person. I occasionally buy lip gloss because I am captivated by the pretty colors, and Rouge Bunny Rouge Gleaming Temptations Lip Gloss in Coy ($31) was a total impulse buy. I could not resist a product described as "Warm sheer strawberry, glistening with silver, gold, and fuchsia pearls, but I should have.

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I was unable to capture the silver and fuchsia, but you should be able to see the warm strawberry infused with gold.

Swatched on white paper
I was disappointed that Coy muted my rosy-mauve lip pigment. I was hoping the fuchsia particles would play on the blue in my lips and make this a face brightening color, but instead of adding a splash of color, it blends into my skin tone. Not enough contrast for it to be a winner for me. Nevertheless, Coy is a sweet and fresh color for the warmer months. It is not too sticky, and the color and shine last about an hour.

Bottom line: If you like lip gloss, this is a very pretty color that feels smooth on the lips.

All photos mine except where noted.


  1. Well, I am a lip gloss girl and this looks lovely! How much more RBR do you have up your sleeve there, Zuzu? I think you are a magician! ;) I wish I could magically pull RBR from my sleeve - oh what a happy girl I would be!

  2. I'm not a lipgloss person myself either (even though about 5 years ago I didn't even have a proper lipstick). I have only tried the RBR lipgloss in their Decadent Blush-Gloss Duo and I agree with you - they are nice, but I'd much rather go and buy another lipstick from their range. x Klara

  3. Very, very pretty! I hate lip gloss though, haha. After having 60+ lip glosses I realized that.

  4. I have been hearing so much about this brand lately, but haven't tried any of it myself as have limited access to it here. This color looks so pretty, I am a sucker for gold shimmer!

  5. I think that looks fabulous against your skintone. I'm a lipstick girl too but lately I've really been enjoying topping my lipstick with gloss.

  6. I'm not really a fan of lip gloss either, this is a really pretty shade though!

  7. This is a beautiful shade! I love the subtle sparkle in it too. So, Miss Zuzu, do you think I would enjoy this? xx

  8. Jenn, I have several more RBR up my sleeve! I hope to get a few up this week.

    Klara, yep, I have made up my mind to stop buying l/g. It will take me years to use what what I have, so I must wear blinder when all the beauty bloggers review them!

    VM, that hilarious! You should put them all in a shoebox and have a lipgloss funeral.

    productdoctor, thanks for stopping by! My access is just as limited as yours, but I like taking risks, lol. At least you can see Edward Bess and Ellis Faas products in person, if you live where I think you live!

    PP, thanks very much. It looks prettier in person. I have a hard time capturing subtle colors on camera, which is why you never see an EOTD.

    Nat, thanks. :) I suppose I could cave for the right lip gloss. MAC's Rich & Ripe from the Cult of Cherry collection was a HG color for me, but I hated the way it felt on my lips. And I bought around 10 of them when I realized they were LE.

    Jeanie, welcome back! If I recall, you tend to favor lighter lip colors, don't you? Coy is definitely in that range (at least on medium pigmented lips), and it's such a pretty summery color--you could wear it on most shades of lipsticks, too. I think Delicate Hummingbird reviewed Coy.

  9. That looks lovely to me! I love the ease of lipgloss although I must admit that I am growing more and more fond of lipstick.

  10. Oh, no! You'll have to rename your blog.


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