Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Hues of Enchantment Colorburst Lipstick in Word of Mouth (013)

Today I am writing about Rouge Bunny Rouge's Hues of Enchantment Colorburst Lipstick in Word of Mouth 013 (£22.00, €25.95, $34.12 / 3.8 grams). Word of Mouth is described as a "... cool cherry syrup."

Cherry isn't the first color that comes to mind, as the red is very subtle. I see rose with no obvious blue, and no brown. 

Word of Mouth should appeal most to cool-toned people, but if your lip pigmentation is pale, it will be a bright color on you. Maybe it would, indeed, look like a cherry red.

My pink-porcelain skin tone affects how the color appears, so I like to swatch product on white paper so you can look for undertones. Word of Mouth is a clear rose cream.

Of all the Rouge Bunny Rouge lipsticks I recently purchased, Word of Mouth is the one I like most.. It's almost cool toned enough on my medium rosy-mauve pigmented lips. The creamy and formula are excellent. For a full-coverage lipstick, the Colorburst lipsticks are very soothing. Hydrating and enriched with Vitamin E, this lipstick glides on like softened butter, does not dry my lips after a long day, and a single application, gently blotted, lasts around 4 hours before it begins to fade.

This lipstick is scented. It reminds me of warm spices like clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg, as well as vanilla. Figgy pudding for the lips.

Bottom line: Great everyday shade with a little something extra, and comfortable enough to wear all day as though it were lip balm.

All photos mine except where noted in caption.


  1. That is so pretty on you! Loves it

  2. I agree with Vintage Makeup above, this looks lovely on you. It's one of my most frequently used BRB shades and, even though, my skin is warm-toned, it rather suits me.
    Have a great Sunday :)

  3. Your comparison to the Edward Bess lipstick made me realize I need this! I love Forever Yours and want Night Romance so this sounds perfect!

  4. I have a sample of this and it's a tad too cool toned for me. It looks lovely on you. I think one of the Zuneta vid's combined it with Coy.

  5. Thanks much Vinty, Sweets, and PP. :)

    Ammie did they really pair it with Coy? *Happy.* I'll go look for it. Coy is the one lip gloss I purchased. I'll try to get that one up on the blog soon.

    It's going to be a rough week for posts. I have a deadline Friday, and I am actually working today, so no time for new pictures. It's also back to raining again, to the light is terrible.

  6. Hi

    That is a gorgeous shade- do you think it would pull dark pink on me? Decisions, decisions....

    All these posts are KILLING ME! xx

  7. Jeanie, it might be dark if your lips are pale? My lips are fairly pigmented, so this is definitely a MLLB shade. Check out these other reviews (swatches), both of which helped me decide:

    And don't forget KarlaSugar (I should just have a permanent link to her in my banner, lol)

  8. gah! RBR needs to come to the US immediately! :)

  9. This looks like a lovely MLBB shade. I'm always so drawn to colors like these and with a description of "figgy pudding", who can say no? Thanks for the beautiful swatches.

  10. No, you wouldn't want to discover that you already have this colour in your collection. That's the whole point of buying more lipsticks! :D This shade looks like it's been made for you. MLBMMB - much much better!


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