Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Silk Aether Long-lasting Cream Eyeshadow in Atlas Swallowtail

Today I am reviewing Rouge Bunny Rouge Silk Aether Long-lasting Cream Eyeshadow in Atlas Swallowtail ($40.32, £26.00, €30.66), which is described as a "satin wash of nude taupe with pewter reflections; buildable to darker, more opaque and metallic greyish hue of the same colour."  I agree with the description. The subtle pewter undertones, which deepen on layering, keep this color from being just another safe, sandy brown.

This cream shadow comes in a lip gloss-styled tube with a doe foot applicator, and it applies in a silken swath. 

I dot the wand in the center of the movable lid and then blend it about with my fingertip. It looks pretty on its own (a perfectly natural day look, one you could wear at a summer picnic without raising eyebrows), and it also makes a wonderful eye base, adding dimension to whatever shadow you put on top. Here is Atlas Swallowtail swatched heavily on my skin. The pewter lends a moss undertone.

The texture is semi-matte with a slightly luminous finish. The first time I wore this eyeshadow, I put some on the back of my hand and left it on all day, turning my hand back and forth as I moved from indoors to out, and as the sun moved in the sky. Sometimes Atlas Swallowtail looked golden brown; at other times it looked like a soft stone-taupe with a whisper of lichen. There is no visible shimmer, but the entire effect was that it glowed.

Zero creasing, and the color lasted all day. In fact, it looked exactly the same at 10PM as it did at 8AM, but my lids are not nearly as oily as they once were, so it might wear differently on you.

I wondered how Atlas Swallowtail compared to some of my other creamy favorites, so in the following images you'll see it swatched next to Laura Mercier Metallic Cream Shadow in Alloy, Becca Eye Tint in Baroque, Ellis Faas Creamy Eyes E107, and Laura Mercier Cream Eyeshadow in Stone Suede.

Atlas Swallowtail is warmer than both Laura Mercier shadows and is most like Ellis Faas E107--but a hint lighter and less grey. The texture is also more silky and doesn't dry as quickly.

The Silk Aether Long-lasting Cream Eyeshadows contain Para Cress Flower extract (aka the Toothache Plant), to stimulate natural skin-lifting capabilities, and coffee extract to boost collagen and elastin production. I'm highly skeptical about makeup that positions itself as skin treatment, but I'm just reporting the RBR claims.

See the following links for reviews, swatches, and comparisons of the Silk Aether Long-lasting Cream Eyeshadow:

Bottom line: It can be difficult to find quality cream eyeshadows. Look no further.

All photos mine


  1. I *love* this as a base for other eyeshadows. It's a fantastic colour, and the lasting power is great. I'm planning on getting the beige shade too.

  2. Goodness, first Modesty Brown reviews this and now you?! Is there a plot out there to get me to buy RBR and have this in my life? I'm beginning to sense a conspiracy among beauty bloggers (hehe). As always, a terrific review!

  3. These sound excellent and the colour looks lovely in your swatches. I normally have problems with cream shadows creasing because I have slightly oily lids but lasting power sounds fantastic with these!

    Thank you for the comparison swatches too. I've had my eye on a couple of Becca eye tints for a while now. Baroque looks lovely but I think I prefer Atlas Swallowtail and also prefer the RBR lipgloss style packaging.

  4. @Grace, your review was the one that helped me decide on this color--especially because you compared it to my beloved E107. I meant to link back to you, and I have just edited the post to do so now!

    @Devoted, I don't know whether it's New Car Syndrome (you buy a ___ and suddenly that's all you see on the road!) or if it's just power of suggestion turned into a little friendly competition, but the good thing about this kind of competition is it makes hard-to-find products more available to people who can't see them in person. Eventually you will submit, hee. :)

    @Nat, I agree the lip gloss tube dispenser is a lot easier to use than Becca's squeeze tubes (which you have to shake until your head falls off). Also the silicone in the RBR makes it more like an eye primer, so if your lids are just a little oily, you might find this formulation lasts very well.

  5. GULP! I'm in so much trouble now! This seems like the little *gem* I must be missing in my meager RBR collection! I don't know if I should thank you or ???? x

  6. @Jeanie, it's a crazy splurge for what amounts to the size of a *sample*/GWP mascara! But since it is new, I have no idea how long it lasts ... it could be one of those products that seems to last forever. I just know it's really purty.

  7. I love this color. In fact, I ordered the Grayling next and am contemplating more colors in the future, near future-lol. Your swatches and comparisons are terrific.

  8. GORGEOUS! Seems everyone is obsessed with this brand lately. :) I will have to get something.

  9. These are such a pleasure to use and they do seem to be popular with all who try them! Great review :)

  10. Great post! I already have Becca's Baroque so I think I probably don't need the Atlas Swallowtail... maybe :)


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