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Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadow in Solstice Halcyon and Gracious Arasari

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After reading online reviews, I knew that the first Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadows I purchased would have to be their Long-lasting Eyeshadow in Solstice Halcyon and Gracious Arasari ($34.12, £22.00, €25.95 / 2.4 grams).

I'll be the first to admit these colors don't peg my fun meter when I look at them in the pan, but don't be disappointed by what you see in the following images and swatches. Once applied, these eyeshadows come to life; something magical happens when they warm up on the skin and do their little taupey dance together.

Solstice Halcyon is described as a semi-matte mauve beige. Use with Gracious Arasari for the perfect nude make-up."  When I look at Gracious Arasari, I see beige, but when I look at Solstice Halcyon, I see something more. I see a gleaming cool-neutral pale taupe, a color that would be hard to overdo, even on my pale skin. There are faint undertones of something almost undetectable, maybe plum maybe rose or mauve, like Prescriptives Mushroom, Chanel Sillage, MAC Quarry, Urban Decay Illegal, Shu Uemura M Beige 804, and Bobbi Brown Woodrose. But that, dear reader, is where any comparison stops because the texture of the RBR eyeshadow blows everyone else away.

I don't know why more people aren't talking about this eyeshadow, and I can't help but think that as word of mouth spreads and others start using and writing about Solstice Halcyon, it will earn the same cult status as other sought-after shadows, like MAC Satin Taupe, Shu Uemura ME 945, and Edward Bess Intimate. It's that good and deserves to be in everyone's makeup kit.

Gracious Arasari is described as a semi-matte nude taupe, with the barest whisper of pink, and you will get no argument from me. Almost flesh toned, it is a little darker than my eyelid skin, maybe a bit warmer. Worn on it's own, it's a great choice for those of us who don't like wearing obvious eyeshadow, and it is a really nice everyday look, adding just a bit of polish to an otherwise naked face. The perfect complement to a bold or bright lip.

I was fully prepared to be disappointed by Gracious Arasari, and when I first opened the lid, I did get that sinking feeling. But it has met all my expectations and beyond. It  turns out to be the color I'd hoped MAC's Paint Pot in Painterly would be (which oxidizes on me). Gracious Arasari is similar to Chantecaille Quartz but less pink and not as metallic. Really, Gracious Arasari is unique unto itself, and that is why it is so worth having.

Worn together, Gracious Arasari and Solstice Halcyon are perfectly paired and impart "Le No Makeup" look that can take you from the office to the beach. Both give the eye definition and subtle contouring without looking done. They're a great duo to fish out of your stash when you don't want to think about finding a complementary color for an outfit because they go with everything.

The texture of this eyeshadow is incredibly lightweight, and it is so superfatted it applies like a cream. No powder fallout, and I mean zero. After it has been on for a while and has intermingled with the skin's natural oils, it becomes luminous, all the while maintaining its second-skin effect. In that respect, it reminds me of Chantecaille Shine eyeshadows, but I am finding Rouge Bunny Rouge eyeshadow to be superior in every way to every brand I own.

These eyeshadows are advertised as having extended 8-hour wear that looks just-applied all day. You can also apply them wet and the wear time increases to 12 hours. I had the chance to test these claims this weekend in a totally unexpected way. I applied both eyeshadows, ran an errand, and then came home to spend some time in the gardens. I was transplanting two shrubs and installing three new ones, and just as I had finished digging out the existing holly and hydrangea, it started to rain. And I mean rain. But with the shrubs' roots exposed, I was committed to finishing the job, so I worked in a downpour for several hours, planting, raking, and doing general yard cleanup. I got drenched to the skin, perspired, got a little muddy, and when I finally came inside, my eyeshadow looked perfect! Everything else about me was a sodden, muddy mess, but damn, my eyes looked great. The color lasted through a further face splash (to remove mud) and a nap! In all, these eyeshadows were still on my eyes at 10:00 PM when I washed my face with cleanser, a solid 12 hours after I had applied them and put them through a vigorous workout.

Here are some skin swatches (taken the previous day in better light). Boring, right? Trust when I say that these shadows must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. If I press-roll my fingertips over the finished result, I can make the pearlized particles lie flat, which then capture light for increased luminosity.

Here they are swatched on white paper, not the best medium to show their complexity, but at least my skin tone does not adulterate the colors:

These might be the first eyeshadows I have ever purchased that are also skin treatment. When Birds Are Singing Long-lasting Eyeshadows contain orange-derived flavonoids to "enhance luminosity" (not sure how Vitamin C does that since it isn't a mineral, but oh, well), fight free radicals, and improve blood microcirculation.

And just for fun, here is a 7-minute Zuneta video demonstrating the application of the RBR Long-last Eyeshadows (using different colors from what's reviewed in this post):

Bottom line: *faints*

Rouge Bunny Rouge products are available internationally through the web site.

All photos mine except where noted in caption.


  1. Ooh, I have Solstice Halcyon being sent to me! I picked it from reading other reviews on it. I doubt I will be disappointed once I see it in person, it looks pretty on my computer screen! I am really loving your RBR review BTW, and you make me want to saunter over to right now (must stop....) ;)

  2. Both shades look gorgeous and lasting power sounds absolutely fantastic! Will definitely be getting Solstice Halcyon when I order some RBR goodies!

  3. thanks for the swatches- I need Gracious Arasari for sure. I have and love Solstice Halcyon- such a nice neutral color. Applies like a dream. I did a very simple eye of the day that turned out nice a few months back. I'm getting poorer by the minute with all this RBR banter! x

  4. @Devoted, thanks. I know how you feel. I blame all the online bloggers for MAKING me buy this stuff!

    @Nat, I hope you like it. It Solstice Halcyon isn't exciting in the slightest, but sometimes the most boring colors are the ones in which I hit pan. I don't do that often.

    @Jeanie, Gracious Arasari was really a surprise. I read Grace's review, and I think she was underwhelmed, but I did it anyway. Eeks on a $35 eyeshadow, though. But I was paying $30 for Chanel singles, which are smaller. I'll go look for your EOTD. I am envious of those of you who get your eyeshadow colors to show up in photographs.

  5. Wow these don't look boring at all! I really need to explore this brand and you're reviews are giving me the perfect place to start. I need some good neutrals with a little special touch. Doesn't everyone? ;-)

  6. I love Solstice; it works great as a neutral crease color and looks amazing over Atlas Swallowtail. I was on the fence about Arasari but you may have just tipped me over.

  7. Oh, now I can't decide between Solstice and Atlas Swallowtail. Nice to have choices, though! Gorgeous pictures... these are not boring at all to me...

  8. @PP, I can't argue with that! Most of my makeup is composed of neutrals. If it says "taupe" I gotta have it (except for Bobbi Brown's, which is too warm).

    @Ammie, I never thought of applying Solstice over Atlas. Pretty!

    @Veuve, I have to sneak a Chanel post in tomorrow, but Atlas Swallowtail is going up on Wednesday, so you'll be able to compare the colors. If you remind me tonight, I can upload images to the forum. I'd do it now, but the data is stored on a flash drive at home.

  9. Thats a really great review, I love both these shades.

  10. I need Solstice Halcyon in my life!

  11. No rush on uploading images, Z! I have to settle down and wait for a good Zuneta code...


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