Monday, May 30, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011: Vincent Longo Galaxy Dream Collection

Ten years ago I discovered Vincent Long makeup at Barney's and fell head over heels in love with his lip stains and Water Canvas Cream-to-Powder foundation. That foundation was all I wore on my face for years (reviewed here). So I was very sad when his line was pulled from Sephora and, later from Many of his products became hard to find, and I was afraid I'd no longer be able to buy it ever.

Two months ago, I read a post at the Non-Blonde that made me feel so happy I actually started this blog! She said Vincent Longo was making a comeback, and I waited in nervous apprehension as his web site had one huge promo after another, which seemed more like a going-out-of business sale than anything else.

I am extremely happy to report that Vincent Longo has revamped his line, with a focus on improving the formulations in his classics. He also recently launched the new Galaxy Dream collection.What's not to love about space-themed makeup, I ask you?
Pearl X Eyeshadows ($25) are creamy matte powders laced with pearlescent pigment. Each compact include a blend of warm and cool tones in a intricately swirled interstellar pattern. Pearl X comes in five shades:
  • Code 6 Pink (promo picture) contains blends of pearly magenta and gold with matte turquoise, antique rose, and charcoal
  • Novalei imparts an overall silver sheen by combining blue, silver, and deep purple shimmers with matte lavender, blue, and greyed green
  • Destiny Rose combines matte lavender, pink, and green with pearly silver, lavender, blue, and garnet.
  • Etherea blends metallic bronze, copper, gold, and topaz with warm matte brown
  • Luna Beach embroiders brown, grey, peacock blue and purple matte bases with pearlized electric blue, copper, and hot pink strands mixed with tiny flecks of green and gold
Perfect Shine V Gloss ($22) is offered in four colors and contains plumping properties derived from natural Tripeptide. The long-wear formulation is rich, moisturizing, and non sticky, leaving lips that feel like silk.
  • Alpha 7 - fuchsia
  • Carina - coral
  • Ella - mauve
  • Sexty - pink
Perfect Canvas Liquid Concealer ($28) provides long-wearing texture and coverage with cross polymers. The enhanced formula contains peptides that reduce puffiness and Arnica to minimize undereye discoloration. (Arnica is used to heal bruises.) The concealer does not require a setting powder, and the felt-tipped automatic pen makes for an even, streak-free application. (I hope these pens were not made in the same factory as the Ellis Faas pens!). The concealer comes in four shads:
  • Light
  • Medium
  • Amber
  • Tan
See site for the list of ingredients.

Note: His web site is currently offering free shipping on any order. I have already placed mine from the Galaxy Dream collection. What will you get?

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  1. That concealer looks so cool! I like that it contains peptides as well. I will have to go check his site out. Thanks!

  2. Vincent Longo shouldn't disappear, he is such a HANDSOME man!

  3. Jenn, I tend to like concealers like this, a la YSL, even though that's a brush. Jane Iredale has something similar, but I can't get a color match with hers. Probably won't have much better luck with this, since there are only 4 shades, but I have a hard time resisting new concealers, especially if they are also treatment.

    Vinty, aren't the colors gorgeous??

    Olivia, he is indeed a hunk. Broad shoulders, too. I originally had his face as the first image in this post, but I felt embarrassed, lol.

    I would dearly love to see these eyeshadows swatched. The lack did NOT stop me from ordering.

  4. o i'm so glad you love vincent longo too! I loved his original line so much. Excellent concealer, lipgloss and lipsticks :)


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