Saturday, May 14, 2011

While Blogger was Down

I haven't been blogging for much more than a month, so things are still relatively new to me. When I began to notice odd behavior and server-related error messages on my blog a few days ago, I poked around the help forums and realized that Blogger's latest update had caused some issues. Apparently some big ones because posts and comments were rolled back a day, and Blogger was put in read-only mode for nearly 24 hours.

Suddenly all the stuff I wanted to upload was put on hold. I felt lost. What would I do? Oh, dear, problems on the Internet. Maybe Wikipedia would have the answer.

I consoled myself by remembering that I'd somehow managed to have a full and rich life before online socializing. so I took the day off. Not literally; I had to work at my day job, but I did a bit of gardening late Thursday afternoon and spent the night doing something really old fashioned. I read a book. Quaint.

I'm familiar with bugs, as I work in high tech, but I was really taken aback by the panic and anger expressed by many bloggers, which I read on various help pages. I completely understood how annoying it was, but it's a free service, and I am fairly certain those Blogger engineers were pulling an all-nighter to put things right. I am actually quite thankful that there are people working very hard behind the scenes so I can have this great place to hang out, express my opinions, and meet new people.

I missed everyone, and I am glad Blogger is back, but if it ever happens again (and it will because servers occasionally fail and code contains bugs), I'll trust the Blogger engineers to be on top of things, and I will do just what I did on Thursday. Take the day off and do some old fashioned stuff ... like engage with some 3D people.

What did you do while Blogger was down?


  1. Hi there

    I was sad it was down but like you have *things* to do ;O)

    I spent the day with Mr. M looking for a new grill (found a nice smallish Weber), ate a small Coldstone banana ice cream and had a Starbucks latte! I also finally got a chance to sit and watch the Kings Speech.

    Glad you had a nice day x

  2. Like you, I enjoyed time with 3D people :D We watched old seasons of Numb3rs!

  3. It was strange not blogging, but at the same time it was nice having a break! :)

  4. I agree that Blogger is such a great free service. I also love taking the day off. One day a few weeks ago I had the day at home, and actually asked my husband to take my laptop into work with him (we work together and have a laptop each). I knew if it was on the table I would look up a recipe and half an hour later still be browsing. I got so much done and enjoyed a relaxing day and a spotless and stylish home as a result.


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