Monday, June 6, 2011

Clinique Long-last Lipstick in Silvery Moon (Mauve Crystal near dupe)

Clinique Different Lipstick in Mauve Crystal was the first department store lipstick I purchased. For someone who had previously worn only lip balm, lipstick was uncharted territory. Mauve Crystal was the perfect introduction, as it was a sheer rosy mauve with light shimmer. Clinique discontinued this shade many years ago, and I have missed it.

I thought MAC Syrup (lustre) might be a suitable replica, but Syrup is quite muted, and it made my lips look dusky, as if I'd been swimming in the frigid waters in coastal Maine. MAC Sweetie is another contender, but I no longer have Mauve Crystal to compare. So I called Clinique customer service.

Enter Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Silvery Moon ($14).

Silvery Moon is a soft, silky, shimmering, silvery-mauve. A pretty, natural lip topper for fair, cool-toned ladies. It looked so promising when I fist saw it, my heart soared. Sadly, I was somewhat disappointed. Whereas Mauve Crystal was sheer, adding a hint of color without changing my own lip pigment, Silvery Moon has an opaque base that lightens my lip pigment. Instead of melting into my lips, it sits on top.

Indirect sun

Natural indoor light

Bottom line: Silvery Moon wasn't exactly finding a long-lost friend, but it was like meeting her cousin.

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  1. Mauve Crystal was my very favorite lipstick for years. Almost the only one I wore. Next time a gwp comes up I'll have to pick up Silvery Moon.

  2. The only lipstick I'm about to finish since finishing off MACs in my early 20s is a Clinique. It's not a glamorous lipstick but I love the formula and the range of pretty and natural colours in the line!

  3. My very first lipstick was from Clinique too! I haven't actually bought anything from the brand for quite a while now, I really need to check out some of their stuff again. They make some lovely lip and eye colours and their new chubby stick lip pencils look nice too. Silvery Moon looks really pretty in your swatches!

  4. Mauve Crystal was the first lipstick I ever owned, purchased for me by my mother when I turned 13. It was subtle enough for a makeup newbie to use risk-free and so delicately shimmery.

    I also got Clinique pink clover blush at the same time, and I still use it.

    1. The main difference between Mauve Crystal and Silvery Moon is the former was in the Different formula, and the latter is Long Last, so Silvery Moon is not sheer.

      I remember Clover blush! I'm certain that was my first department store, blush, too, although I think mine was called New Clover. It came in a green compact in those days.

    This company has tons of discontinued shades archived and can make your long lost love! It's not cheap, but....

  6. Thanks, I was looking for Mauve Crystal too!


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