Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Laura Mercier Baked Eye Colour in Ballet Pink and Black Karat

I'd had my eye on the Laura Mercier Baked Eye Color ($22) in Ballet Pink and Black Karat ever since I received the e-mail promo from Advertised as smudge-proof and lightweight, the color is supposed to last all day, and it does. The packaging is less sturdy than her other eyeshadow compacts; the lid reminds me of the covers on MAC eyeshadow quads, which can crack.

This baked formulation is easy to blend, and you can apply it dry for a sheer wash of shimmering color or wet for heavy metal eyes. These shadows are not as glittery as I'd feared, but they do not impart a natural look. They're shiny  Period.

Ballet Pink is a warm peachy pink with a bit too much shine for me to wear comfortably up to the browbone. I tried it on the movable lid as an eye brightener. There it looks completely unexceptional, rather flesh toned and bland without any eye-brightening benefits.

Black Karat is black softened with gold pearl. It almost has a greyed khaki finish. Definitely not a stark black. Pigmented and very pretty, but rather too dark for me to wear in the crease, and too glimmery to wear as eyeliner, even if used wet (which only augments the glimmer).

I wondered how closely Ballet Pink might match Laura Mercier Sateen Eye Colour in Sandstone, a color I like. Sandstone is brighter and has a satin finish, whereas Ballet Pink is more sheer and shimmery when applied dry. 

Bottom line: Meh. Ballet Pink is the more versatile of the two but less pretty than Black Karat. I prefer the original Laura Mercier eyeshadow formulations.

Does anyone own these? What do you think?

All photos mine.


  1. I don't own these, but appreciate your honesty in the review!

  2. I wanted Black Karat after seeing it on a blog but once I tested it at Sephora I had so much glitter on my hand that I knew I couldn't buy it. The color is so pretty though.

  3. OMG you're like a mind reader! :) I was just looking at these on their website, and wanting them, haha It's too bad you didn't love 'em.

    Ballet pink doesn't look pink to me..strange!

    Thanks for the swatches & review!!

  4. Jenn, you're welcome. :)

    Marcia, I didn't find them that glittery. Hmm.

    Vintage, the color could be a combo of my photography skills and monitor settings, but in person, the eyeshadow looked more golden peach then pink.

  5. It's a shame the shades don't really work for you. Black Karat looks lovely in your photo and swatches. Lasting power sounds pretty good too, just a shame they're so shimmery!

  6. Thanks for the post and swatches! The colours look pretty. Sorry to hear the shades didn't work for you x

  7. Thanks for the honest review. I appreciate it. I find that some of these baked formulas can be hit or miss.

    PS so excited my LG spinners have shipped!

  8. I have Black Karat and admit I don't use it so much as just to stare at in the pan due to its prettiness. But I'm not much of a shadow user in the first place and it being a dark colour, it'll come in handier in the fall/winter. But I love Laura Mercier to death and am convinced I *needed* this shadow!

  9. I have Black Karat and it is the best color ever. I use it to smoke and also I use it in combination with MAC CHAMPALE collection and it works magically. Black Karat is a awesome color I use it wet then set it dry... Gorgeous.


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