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MAC Blogger's Obsession Collection

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I will always remember my first experience with MAC. I was living up in Bar Harbor one cold winter in the early 90s, just me, the cats, the snow, the fireplace, and a stack of fashion magazines. I think it was in Allure where I read about this new, must-have, Editor's-choice universal lip pencil in the color Spice, by a company I'd never heard of before: M.A.C.

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I'm not even sure MAC had retail counters in the US in 1993, and they sure didn't near Acadia National Park. I had to call Canada and ask the woman on the other end of the line to help me choose. Based on what I told her about my coloring, she selected Wedge eyeshadow and Prism blush, and of course I added Spice lip pencil. I still have Wedge and Prism in my makeup jungle (obviously not the ones from 1993), even though they are both  bit too warm for me, but I no longer care for Spice, which seems more orange now than it did then. (I remember a deep rosy beige.)

Anyway, I digress. Over the last few years, I have drifted away from MAC, not because I don't like it--there are many items that I will never be without. I just found keeping up with the collections exhausting, so I stopped trying and usually just replenish the basics.

But I really perked up when this promotional e-mail hit my in box. Now that I am a blogger, I simply had to show my support for the recent collection, which was designed by people who started writing about beauty products just like the rest of us. In appreciation for these beauty bloggers' honest feedback, MAC gave these bloggers access to MAC's lab where they had the opportunity to create their own eyeshadow or or Lipglass.

Photo from MAC promotional e-mail

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I must be on the slow loop because I received my mail blast from MAC at 11:23 AM and went promptly to the web site. I was quite surprised that Temptalia's Jealous Wake was already sold out. I wasn't distraught because "seething emerald green" isn't a color I could ever get away with, but I quickly snapped up the two grey eyeshadows, Parisian Skies, a muted grey-blue and Hocus Pocus, a dark sooty grey with silver pearl. I'll post pictures and swatches as soon as they come in.

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Is anyone else going to partake?

See also Older Girl Beauty's post.

The Blogger's Obsession Collection is sold exclusively online and ships to North America only.

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  1. Hey Zuzu, great choice of eyeshadows! :) I do not think MAC will release this internationally? Anyway, enjoy the items :)

  2. I understand why it is only available online, but seems they should ship everywhere? Bloggers readers' are all over the place!

  3. Esther, thanks! Unfortunately, I think you are right. :(

    pd, I wish I knew MAC's reasoning. Perhaps it had to do with limited production. Maybe they did not realize how far the reach of some of these amazing blogsgers and didn't produce enough of each color. I was not familiar with all of the bloggers, but I am guessing they are US or Canada based, so perhaps MAC did not expand the blogger search internationally because it would have cost too much to fly overseas bloggers to the MAC lab. They still could have opened the collection up internationally once it was online.

    It could be any reason, really, but I agree it's a shame. MAC tried to do a good thing, but I think they were a bit narrow minded and sadly risk losing customers.

    I bet a lot of these end up on eBay, but I have the feeling they will be prohibitively expensive--like Jealousy Wakes, which probably sold out in minutes.

  4. It's really cool that they made this collection! Though I'm not very into MAC :)

  5. I bought Parisian Skies, too, as well as Sonoran Rain. I wore the latter yesterday even though it didn't coordinate with my outfit at all, and I was very impressed with its staying power. :)

  6. Vintage, I've been away from MAC for a while, but they do have an amazing selection of colors. There's something for everyone.

  7. Dia, I am so glad to hear it. Do you find the Parisian Skies to be as blue as it appears on KarlaSugar's arm? That worries me just a tad, since my eyes are blue, but I can grey it down if needed.

  8. I've only swatched it quickly, but it looks darker with more gray than what I see on Karla's arm. My only hope was that it wouldn't emphasize my undereye circles, and it seems to have just enough blue to do that (but I need to play with it further- my circles are may-jah.) I'm guessing Parisian Skies will be very pretty with blue eyes!


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