Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sonnet on a Teak Rose

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Despite my appreciation for Chanel and Dior nail polish, I thought it high time that I bow down to the humble little Revlon Teak Rose 161 Nail Enamel ($4.79).

I've been wearing this color (a mid toned rose with a whisper of brown) since the mid 90s, and I have repurchased it at least a half dozen times in the ensuing years. Every time I wear it, I get compliments. You know that one color that just complements your skin tone so well? That's what Teak Rose does for me. (On my nails. Teak Rose lipstick is too warm and bright.)

I thought I'd write a love poem to honor it, borrowing heavily from the bard with the beard.

Sonnet on a Teak Rose

Shall I compare thee to a pink-tongued cat?
Thou art more shiny and more delicate.
Wet sands do chip my glossy rose-toned tips,
And top coat's layer hath all too short a stay.
Sometimes too fast the product line may change,
And often is my pink complexion trounced;
And every product from brand sometimes may range,
By chance ... or Marketing's changing research bounced;
But thy eternal beauty shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that gloss thou ow'st;
Nor shall break the perfect ten thou hath made;
When in eternal days to wait thou grow'st:
So long as women breathe and nails do click,
So long lives this and this gives joy to me.

Revlon nail varnish applies smoothly and lasts as long as my favorite high-end brands. I get 2-4 weeks of wear on my toes if I am not spending an inordinate time walking barefoot in the sand.

I love rosy nails. butter LONDON's nail polish in Dahling (reviewed here) is nipping at Teak Rose's heels for also being a gorgeous rose shade, but only just barely. Teak Rose never fails to flatter.

What is your ONE favorite nail polish color?


  1. Wow, great poem!!

    Teak Rose is such a beautiful shade. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Penelope! You should see the way I adulterate/rewrite song lyrics, hee!

  3. Thanks for the head's up on this color! Haven't gotten my hands on Dahling yet but Teak Rose will do it, methinks. And you are too funny, Z!

  4. Love the poem and Teak Rose is really pretty! I don't think I've tried any Revlon nail colours, do they apply/wear well?

  5. Veuve, I think you might prefer Teak Rose because, as the name implies, there's a hint of brown in it.

  6. Nat, I got so caught up in the fun of reworking a sonnet I forgot to write a real review! Revlon nail enamel has come a long way in the last decade or two. It applies smoothly with a big brush and (if my nails are in good shape--not weak or peeling), I get a solid 5 days of wear.

  7. Of the three I prefer the Chanel one. :) I don't have an all time fave polish.

  8. Amazing sonnet! I actually saw your Teak Rose in person today at Wallyworld. It's a very lovely shade. I don't know if I have a favorite polish or not, but I could probably muster a list of ten I love though.

  9. Vintage, I like Chanel, too. Of the three, it's the more subtle and beige.

  10. Jeanie, thanks! I do like to poke fun at myself. I'd love to see your post of nail faves.

  11. I can't believe how similar those colors are to one another!

  12. Yes, m'dear, and that is my plight! Because I have favorite colors that look best on me, I am drawn to them when I shop--and all rational flies out the window when I don't even consider if I have something at home just like it. So I end up with eleventy billion rose nail polishes and/or true/blue-red lipsticks! The reason I am soon rolling out a big blog sale!

    To be fair, the photo doesn't show the differences well, and they *are* different enough to make it worth owning them all (she rationalizes). Madison Mauvenue is much deeper with faint undertones of red and brown. Teak Rose is a mid-toned , berry with just a touch of brown, and Confidentiel is light-medium with nude overcasts, and is the warmest of the trio. I am giving the finger to my favorite. ;)


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