Friday, July 15, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Original Skin Blush in Delicata: The Accidental Bronzer

Left to right: Delicata, Gracilis (click to enlarge)
In May I placed a Zuneta order so I could try my first Rouge Bunny Rouge products. For weeks, I'd been irresistibly tantalized by RBR blog reviews, mostly based in the UK My order included For Love of Roses Original Skin Blush (£25.00) in Gracilis. If you want to know what I think about the texture, pigment, and finish of Rouge Bunny Rouge powder blush formulation, please read my review.

As soon as I placed that order, I came across reviews by London Makeup Girl, Modesty Brown, and Lipstick Rules and realized I should have ordered Delicata, as well. So I did.

Left to right: Delicata, Gracilis (click to enlarge)
I love Gracilis, and I am so glad it was my first experience with RBR blushes because I won't lie to you. When I first opened the lid on Delicata and saw that nude color winking up at me in the pan, my reaction was YUCK. This is blush? Described as nude beige-rose with the barest hint of peach, I knew I'd be taking a risk with the peach part, because my skin does not naturally blush peach or any warm color. In fact, if get very angry or flushed I blush a furious fuchsia red. The color peach does not suit me in blush or eyeshadow, lipstick, or apparel of any kind.

Delicata disappointed me on sight because it was so ... well, beige. If I scrutinized the color in the pan and turned it every which way, I could almost make myself believe I was seeing a cool pink beige, but it was not a color I thought of as a blush for someone with pink-porcelain skin like mine. I assumed it would look gorgeous on that lovely, pale Irish peaches-and-cream complexion, but I don't know anyone with that coloring, so I tossed Delicata in the the back of a drawer, unused. Had I seen Delicata at a makeup counter, I doubt I would have even tried it on.

Help meeeeeee ... I am NUUUUUUDE!
And so Delicata sat around, unwanted, until one day I realized what a brat I was being, that I might as well try it since I was stuck with it. I halfheartedly swept some into the hollows of my cheekbones and along the top of my forehead, sat back and took a look, and I suddenly realized I had accidentally discovered the first  "bronzer" that my skin could handle! Let's call it a blonzer because it's a bronzer for cool blondes.

Because I am so fair, ALL bronzers look unnatural on me, even the ones I hang onto out of sheer stubbornness (e.g., Edward Bess and Armani). Though supposedly suitable for pale faces, those bronzers are still either too dark or too golden. So I pulled out the Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush and swept it across the nudey-pink pan and buffed Delicata over my cheekbones, across my forehead and the bridge of my nose, finishing with a light dusting on my chin. Instant love. In fact, the result was exactly what I'd hoped Bobbi Brown Illuminating Bronzing Powder in Antigua would be, which turned out to be a disappointment, as it was really just another rosy blush.

Here is Delicata compared to Gracilis. Since I love cool blushes, you can imagine my surprise when I saw that beige color in the pan.

Bottom line: The day I decided to give this a try, an angel got her wings. Delicata imparts a very subtle glow, rather than a true blush, and it does not highlight areas of pinkness from mild rosacea. The fact that Delicata pulls double duty as a bronzer makes this one worth every penny.

All photos mine.


  1. Mine will be here in a couple days- I can't wait! Loving Rouge Bunny Rouge.

  2. That does look like the perfect bronzer! I haven't wore any of my bronzers in almost 2 weeks now. I must be bronzer depressed LOL

  3. Martha, I can't wait to read your review. I'll be especially interested in how you like the beigeness of it.

  4. Peep, I bet Delicata would look gorgeous on you, especially as you can get away with wearing warmer-looking colors. I also go through love-hate relationship with my bronzers. Mostly I am just too lazy to add yet another step to my morning routine. I'd love to see your take on this blush, though.

  5. "The day I decided to give this a try, an angel got her wings"

    Hahaha so fitting! :)


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