Monday, August 1, 2011

Ellis Faas Glazed Lips L303

Ellis Faas Glazed Lips ($35) are advertised as providing an ultra-wet, yet long-lasting burst of color that still allows the natural lip pigment to shine through.

As with the other brush dispensers (shown here), click to load the pen and apply straight to the lips using the attached brush. Color stays put for a few hours, and it fades evenly, leaving behind a berry stain. 

The Glazed Lips formulation is unscented and contains plant seed oils for hydration, as well as Vitamins E and C for antioxidant properties, and omega fatty acids (not sure what those are doing for my lips, but it feels nice). The texture is silky, never sticky or goopy. It feels less like a lip gloss than a liquid lipstick, and despite the moisturizing properties, the color does not seep into lip lines.

Here is L303 swatched on my skin.

Ellis Faas Glazed Lips in L303
The next image compares Glazed Lips L303 to the the Milky Lips version, L203.

L303, L203

As you can see above, L303 is more clear and sheer, compared to L203, which is more opaque and contains much more brown.

To achieve a more subtle, stained look, I either apply a dot to the center of my lips and blend out with a fingertip or I blot. I prefer the former method, as it wastes less product.

Bottom line: Another Ellis Faas winner.

All pictures mine


  1. This color is beautiful, and I love the finish. I hate clicky pens with brushes like this, though! I'm such fail with them :(

  2. Yes, and these pens are notorious for intermittent problems, but I haven't been bothered enough to stop purchasing, since the colors and textures are so worth it. And that pen is awfully pretty, too.

  3. Such beautiful colors and textures.

  4. Beautiful shade! I love colours like that :) Not a fan of the brush applicators though.

  5. Your lips look amazing, like you've just eaten berries!

  6. I really have to try some Ellis Faas. I can't believe I haven't tried even a single item from her line yet! This one looks like a great place to start, too...the color is absolutely gorgeous on you!

    Thanks for the pictures and review!!

  7. Vintage, the brush application works quite well with the lip products. I never have a problem with the brushes, and only occasionally am bothered by the 'showerhead' applicators.

    Anonymous, thanks so much!

    Shannon, Total Beauty ( not affiliated) is selling a 50% off voucher to try an Ellis Faas lip product. I just used it to pick up L301, so now I will have the gorgeous "Ellis Red" in all it's formulations.

    Once you make your purchase via Total Beauty, the page returns a coupon code that you use on the Ellis Faas web site. Shipping is currently only $1, so now is the time to try. I bet you would love the Ellis Red Creamy Lips L101, a "Snow White" blood red.

    FYI the Ellis Faas payment page can get a bit wonky (even though they take credit cards, I have never had much luck using anything besides paypal), but their customer service is excellent, and they will take care of you if you need to contact them.

  8. That looks incredible on you! I've been interested in this line for quite a while yet but I fear being addicted to another brand if I ever try it! LOL

  9. I know what you mean, PP. I almost got hooked in to LMdB, but I saved myself just in time. I have a few products, but I will leave well enough alone.

    As for Ellis Faas, it is in my top 3 brands and remains there, growing stronger each time I rethink my favorites.

  10. This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm thinking I might need to break down and buy some EF product some day soon! Thanks for the review and great pics!

  11. It's funny how you go back and forth with EF but these do look like shades you'd enjoy.

  12. Elvira, DO IT!

    Marcia, do I go back and forth with EF? I thought my love was pretty steady, and although I don't always use her products every day, I really do love the ones where the colors work for me. Are you perhaps thinking of my fickleness for another E initial, as in EB? ;)

  13. Damn... another item to lust after. Looks gorgeous!

  14. I agree, it does look absolutely gorgeous on your lips!

  15. Wow, I really love the look of this. such a beautiful shade!


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