Sunday, August 7, 2011

What's in My Summer Bag

I have stopped buying luxury leather goods. They don't reflect my lifestyle anymore, and most of what I purchase or which has been handed down is still perfectly serviceable. I sometimes miss the days when I dressed better for work, but I do prefer the easier classic, sporty life. A friend calls me "preppy with edge," and while I am still not sure how I feel about that observation, I like to laugh at myself and think about renaming the blog Patagonia and Pearls. I work in high tech, so I would stand out like a Belisha beacon if I carried anything logo'd to an office where our CEO wears shorts and Keen sandals on a daily basis.

But a girl needs a handbag. So I could not resist this summery bag when I spotted it at a recent Kate Spade sale. Made of canvas with leather trim, this nautical bag has navy and soft white stripes and it is quite roomy.

I don't carry a lot. Aside from keys, I carry the basics: wallet, sunglasses, phone, music, book (tablet or eReader), and makeup.

This is pretty much it. Filofax/wallet hybrid, makeup bag, sunglasses, iPod, Luddite flip phone.

Because I work in technology, I intentionally avoid gadgets in my personal life, at least as much as possible. I still like to write things down, which is why I prefer my paper-based Filofax over an electronic calendar. The style of this old Filofax (Cavendish) has a zippered change slot on the back, and the top has an envelope for paper money and receipts. Calendar, contacts, credit cards, money ... all in one place.

My beloved Ray-Ban Dekko sunglasses are bordering on vintage, purchased in 1991. Or is 20 years considered antique?

I have many other sunglasses, but these are my favorites. I love how the temples are wide, so they completely block the sun, and yes, I have a backup pair. 

As for the contents of my makeup bag, it is fairly utilitarian without too much excess.

Lipstick, retractable lip brush, thumb drive, hair elastic, liquid eyeliner, highlighter, an old Besame Cosmetics Boudoir Rouge compact that I emptied out and now use as a pill case, mascara, eyeshadow, sunscreen, lip pencil, fragrance, oil blotting papers.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my bag.


  1. Loved this post! I am such a voyeuse.

  2. I did! We're kind of similar. I also love my Kate Spade bags (love the bright, cheerful colours and that it's lightweight) and still haven't upgraded to a smartphone. Carrying a sunscreen sample is brilliant! I'm always looking for ways to reduce baggage, so that's great.

  3. Love your kate spade bag! You'll like the iphone I think. I don't use a lot of apps but my favorite is Shazam, where you can "tag" music that's playing over a speaker, and purchase (if available) via itunes.

    I'm mostly over my designer bag fetish, but still carry my LV Damier speedy and a couple of my under-the-radar Chanel's regularly. I like the Longchamp nylon "Pliage" bags for lightweight, casual wear, but have to add a purse organizer so I can find things without digging. I don't carry much makeup with me, just lipstick, lipbalm and powder.

  4. I love Kate spade, the brand is chic yet everyday casual. Not to mention, non-leather bags tend to be more light weight!

  5. I truly enjoyed this post! I *love* that bag! I'm a big fan of Kate's bags because they are lightweight and clean up easily! Too funny that yesterday I changed from my (ubber heavy) Black Burberry satchel to my KS black nylon Stevie.

    I think you would *heart* an Iphone. I can do so many things with it (Ireader- I have nook and kindle apps), camera/video, calender,email, shopping....the list goes on an on! I would *die* without mine.

  6. Love the Kate Spade bag! I wanted to buy one this summer, but held out! This is such a fun post :) Your sunglasses are fantastic!

  7. love these posts!! question, were the LM gel lipsticks LE because I can't find them anywhere anymore *boo*

  8. Christina, you almost gave me a heart attack. They're still available here:

  9. ZP, that bag is lovely. The perfect crisp accent.

  10. Love the bag too! I haven't upgraded to a smart phone yet either, I'm just not ready yet :) Great post.

  11. Oh, and I thought I was the only one left who hasn't got a smartphone. :P I probably shouldn't be saying this (as it's really embarrassing!), my mobile is 5 years old. Ain't that funny? To be honest, I'm tired of staying connected all the time. I'm still clinging on to life as it used to be before social media engagement became the norm. It's good that you love Twitter (I read your post on 'What Is Beauty To You'). I'm in it but I'm not getting it. I have more than enough on my plate, as it is. It must be an age thing. :D

  12. Did I say I loved Twitter? I must have been drunk. It might have been interesting at first, but I find it too disjointed and peripatetic to be of much use to me. Like you, I am desperately clinging to my 3D world. My flip phone is 4 years old. ;)

  13. I love that you have an iPod Classic. I thought I was the only one still clinging to mine.

    1. Sandra it's the only device that holds our extensive music library, a backup if you will. I hope it never dies.


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