Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chanel Rouge Allure 28 Romantic

Chanel Rouge Allure 28 Romantic ($32) is not a new color, but it is new to me. It falls into that deep rose/bordering-on-red category that I love so much.

Nothing but a cool, deep, creamy rose and a wee bit of brown undertone. No orange or yellow and no shimmer.

The mauve undertones in my lips intensify the color, so Romantic is a somewhat vibrant look on me. I just play down my eyes when I wear it, usually a pale wash of base color. In fact, Romantic is one of those lipsticks I can put on during the weekend, with no other makeup, and instantly look ten times better. That is always the true sign that I have found a "keeper," when wearing just the one product makes the rest of my face look like it has some makeup on.

I used to be unable to wear Chanel lipsticks, at least in the Hydrabase formulation. The smell/taste made me gag, and they were quite drying. Rouge Allure formulation is nothing like that; it is silky, smooth, and moisturizing, and though it is reported to have a slight rose scent, I haven't noticed one, so if it is present, it is subtle. One thin layer is enough for even, semi-opaque coverage, and the color wears up to four hours on me, fading evenly all over, not from the center out and no crumbly bits at the corners of my mouth.

Natural light

Even though I must have at least eight (or more!) similar rose lipsticks, I picked only two to compare because I was in a race with fading light: Laura Mercier Healthy Lips, which has warmer red leanings, and Edward Bess Night Romance, another cool rose deepened by brown.

Laura Mercier Healthy Lips, Chanel Romantic, Edward Bess Night Romance

Bottom line: Romantic is a beautiful color for fall and winter, especially because it is so moisturizing.

All photos mine.


  1. Funny, I have this lipstick as well for quite a while already and for me it's a lipstick for Spring-Summer, for winter I prefer deeper shades. For some reason I prefer to this lipstick Rouge d'Armani in 602, it's more clear and fashion forward. Am not such a romantic person :).

  2. Hi Goya! I don't change my makeup colors much for the seasons. I'll go more sheer in spring/summer, but I don't look good in peach, coral, bronze, or warm brown ... so I stick with the roses, cherry reds, plums, navies, greys and very cool taupes.

    I haven't tried Rouge d'Armani in 602 yet, but it's on my list. I love the two Armani lipsticks I have; they feel incredible, and I love the magnetized case. To be fair, Chanel formulation has come a long way in the last few years, but it's not my favorite brand.

  3. Not only I don't look good in peach, coral and other warm colors, I AVOID them. Since I'm a "winter" (darkbrown/black hair and eyes and light complexion) i chose the same scale as you mentioned. Try Chanel Rouge Allure #39 Precious, I LOVE this color for winter.
    As for the quality I agree-it's not the best, demands constant touch ups..

  4. Thanks much for the tip on #39. Since I have to give up the Tom Fords, I could use a more wintry color.

    Speaking of Winter, I am a Summer, but it took nearly 2 decades for me to find out about subseasons. Turns out I am a Soft Summer, which means I am cool-neutral and can wear some of the muted colors of Autumn. I prefer the cools and think I look best in them (misty greys, smoky lilac, teal, rosy browns, winter white, plum), even if I can get away with olive and bittersweet (not on my lips, though--eek).

  5. If you are soft Summer (It might be Spring, no?), I think you'll look good also in Chanel Rouge Coco #21 Rivoly and #23 Rouge Orage. Recently I discovered a new amazing shade: Rouge d'Armani #513, It's a vivid yet sophisticated rosy-red, I get non stop compliments each time I wear it :).

  6. Light Summer leans toward Spring, while Soft Summer leans toward Autumn -- which makes sense because my dad is Winter, and my mother is an Autumn, so they had a mute-ant baby! So roses and reds, but never peaches and corals in both lips and cheeks.

    Thanks for the extra lipstick tips. I have a hard time with the typical makeup recommended for SS's because I wear muted on my eyes but need clear on lips and cheeks. Laura Mercier's Sweet Cherry is outstanding on me. I think I tried Rouge Orage on and liked it; in fact, if memory serves, it was the only color I liked when the Rouge Coco line came out. I need to visit the Chanel counter soon! Thanks for the new recommendations.

  7. You are mostly welcomed!

    It would be really interesting to see how it is Soft Summer :).

    I think indeed Rouge Orage is waiting for you :)

  8. BTW, now when I know your color type-it explains why you use #28 Romantic in winter and I use it in summer :).

  9. Right! About as far off the beaten path I go for summer is a watermelon color. :)

  10. Love this. Rouge Allure is my favourite lipstick formula, and I don't think it gets talked about often enough! Gorgeous colour :)

  11. Pretty colour! I can only hope someone will gift me with Chanel lipsticks since my ban will probably last much longer than I expected, lol.


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