Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Guerlain Rouge Automatique 164 Chamade

Guerlain Rouge Automatique ($35) Chamade is one of the 25 new colors that came out this past April and, according to Guerlain, Chamade "sets hearts pounding," which isn't a very helpful color description.

Like its vintage relative created in 1936, the updated lipstick has a sliding a lever instead of a cap. You slide the lever down to push the color up, which is housed inside a rectangular gold tube, hidden beneath a trap door. No cap means nothing to fall off inside your handbag if you tend to carry your lipsticks around loose.

164 Chamade is a mid-toned pinkish red with coral undertones. It is bright but sheer. If it were matte, I would not be able to pull it off. I usually have little problem wearing brights--other than coral ones. I have to be careful with any lipstick that contains even a trace of orange, but this one works--very face brightening.

The texture is incredibly smooth and creamy, almost slippery, and it puts down plenty of shine. Coverage is sheer to medium, and one full application lasts a couple hours, despite being advertised as long wearing. The length of time it lasted does not bother me--it's what I'd expect of a lipstick so silky. Less traction = faster fading. Texture almost feels like the new lipstick/gloss hybrids that seem to be popping up these days.

The packaging is elegant but bulky. I realize it's Guerlain, but for the convenience of brandishing a lipstick like a switchblade, I paid more for less. A tube of Rouge Automatique contains 3.5g of product, compared to 4g found in most department-store lipsticks. The tube is also lighter than it looks like it would be, nowhere near as heavy as Tom Ford lipsticks, but those things could be used as paperweights!

Here is Chamade worn on my skin/lips (click to enlarge).

Swatched on white paper to eliminate undertones.

Bottom line: A pretty cool coral.

All photos mine.


  1. Chamade looks beautiful. It is on my "to get eventually" list :) I have and love Chanel Monte Carlo.

  2. Chamade looks lovely, albeit a bit too coral for me. The streaming lipsticks animation is a charming time-waster.

  3. Martha, I almost love Monte-Carlo. It feels so good, but it sort of disappears on my lips. Lipsticks that make my hit list are the ones that I can wear on an, otherwise, naked face, and feel somewhat finished. I have to be careful with some reds, which pull the red from my face. I don't know what those reds are until I try them on and tend to think it's the reds that have bit of brown or plum that are my best. Reds with orange ... not so much.

  4. Sue, I also feel like it's slightly too coral to be a total winner for me, but every time I think of letting it go, something draws me back in.

    I am trying so hard to pare down to just the essentials, but it's really difficult for me with lipstick.

  5. Thats really pretty, I'll have to make a note of that shade. I really love this formula and its easily one of my favourites :)

  6. Goya, I KNEW that was coming!!

    The answer is I don't know. I bought it before I was paying attention to ingredients. If it's something you are interested in, I will add it to the list of boxes I need to locate. Otherwise, I will assume I'll tire of this lipstick as quickly as I do any other non-HG lipstick and move on. ;D

  7. That is really, really pretty! :) I need it!

  8. Very pretty! I have only one Rouge Automatique (Mitsouko). I like that these are somewhat sheer, so very wearable. Look forward to testing Chamade the next time I'm at the Guerlain counter. :)

  9. Such a lovely color on you! I love sheer and bright lipsticks, will definitely check this one out :-) btw I love the way you swatch lipsticks by leaving your lip print on paper, so cute!

  10. This is gorgeous, how did i miss it? I never paid much attention to the Rouge Automatiques because of their price tag, but then I realized that I happily buy Dior Rouge Serums with no restraint, and they are $34! This is probably a bad realization...those Guerlains will be mine! :D


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