Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ellis Faas Glazed Lips L301 (the other Ellis Red)

I've talked about the Ellis Red lip colors in other posts, and this one, Glazed Lips L301 ($35), is the last in the trio.

Glazed Lips provides an ultra-wet, yet long-lasting burst of color that still allows the natural lip pigment to shine through. I love the Ellis Red concept, and although L101 and L201 are lovely blood red colors, L301 is unlike the others, being more a tomato red (and too warm for me).

As with the other brush dispensers (shown here), you just click to load the pen and apply straight to the lips using the attached brush--though you could certainly use your own lip brush. Color stays put for a few hours, and it fades evenly, leaving behind a light tomato-red stain. 

The Ellis Faas Glazed Lips formulation is unscented and contains hydrating plant seed oils, as well as the antioxidant vitamins C and E, and omega fatty acids (not sure what those are doing for my lips, but it feels nice). The texture of all Ellis Faas lip products is silky, never sticky or goopy. The Glazed Lip formulation feels less like a lip gloss than a liquid lipstick, and despite the moisturizing properties, the color does not seep into lip lines or smear.

Very warm on me

I was not impressed with the coverage. L301 looks patchy on my lips.

I blotted my lips on white tissue paper so you could see L301's true colors without my own mauve-rose pigment getting in the way. You should be able to see this is a warm red, but still very much in keeping with natural colors found within the body.

Here are all three Ellis Red colors together for comparison:

Bottom line: Not feeling the love.

All photos mine


  1. Fantastic comparison swatches, thank you!

  2. I ordered a milky lips pen - L202! I'm really excited to try it out. I agree that L301 seems far warmer than its counterparts, but the glaze formula is very pretty!

  3. All three look amazingly gorgeous. Rats, now I wish I had invested in more reds.

  4. Very helpful. I love the warmth of L301! Now, it looks like L101 is bluer than L201 ... is that right??

  5. Sarasotagirl, I do think L101 is the most blue.

  6. I've seen Ellis Faas on your blog, but I've never seen them anywhere in person. I'm impressed that it makes your top 3.

    All your reds certainly seem like "dangerous" reds (in a good way). Perhaps I mean to say in the femme fatale or blood-red sense? I'm at a lack for effective descriptors today, which is why I'm all over the place! I'm glad you showed the applicators. These brush or sponge type click applicators are still quite foreign to me. I have a Stila one that I got as a Sephora gift a while back, but I rarely use it because of the color.

  7. Dovey, if you ever do get interested, I should tell you that the Ellis Faas reds don't need to be vampy. I apply product heavily so it shows up in the photos, but most of the time I dab it on and blend it in from the center out with my fingertip. I am not a huge fan of the applicators, and the brush heads are quite similar to the Stila lip glazes. I had one of those years ago (in the color Varnish, I think) that was such a great color I put up with the brush-click thing. Because, yes, there is the risk you click out too much, but I just then store it inside the cap for a refresh later.

  8. You can definitely see why she calls them "human colours". L201 and L101 look exactly like blood at different levels of oxidation. Thank you for the lovely swatches.

  9. What are your top 3 brands?

  10. Li Wen, yes, very human! Unfortunately, there are not enough cool colors from which to choose in her collection, so only a few work for me, but the ones that do are outstanding. I'd love to see, for instance, a brighter rose blush, perhaps even a red one. And some grey options for eyeshadows.

  11. Anon, the three brands that have stood the test of time (or at least outlasted collection after collection from other brands) are Chantecaille, Laura Mercier, and Ellis Faas. I love these brands because they offer products in subtle colors that complement my coloring and/or extend the colors already present in my skin.

    As much fun as my earlier experimentation was, I am no longer very interested in the more colorful colors, like bright greens and blues or super shimmery finishes. Give me skin colors in satin textures in colors like alabaster, ivory, beige, petrol, pink, red, rose, grey, and cool browns, and I am in heaven.

  12. I'm so glad you reviewed this. I'm about to make my first Ellis Faas purchase, and of course it will probably center around my lips, lol! Thanks for making the point about it being too warm for you, which means it will be too warm for me as well. You just saved me $35!

    BTW, I hope you are well! I've been struggling to keep up lately, and I've missed our conversations!


  13. Shannon, go for the original L101. The color is scrumptious, a true blood red. It isn't as moisturizing as the L201 (Milky Lips), but it isn't a matte texture, either. More satiny.

    Yes, I am well, just super busy, like you. I also miss our chats and have not been commenting on anyone's blog very often, let alone keeping up with my own blog posts. I do miss making the rounds and hope work calms down soon.

  14. Thank you for the post!:)
    this color looks nice!But it's also to watery

  15. I love the bright red one so I'll go for L201 as it seems that lipstick would gave me a perfect lips for the boys at the upcoming party. I don't think the watery type of lipstick would be nice it's just like a lip with a mouthful of saliva.


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