Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Metamorphoses Mattifying Primer

I tested Rouge Bunny Rouge Metamorphoses Mattifying Primer ($68.57) for a few weeks before I wrote this review. Given the ingredients, I considered this product to border on skincare, so I wanted to give my skin a chance to react, if it was going to do so. Happily, it did not.

This primer (29 ml/about an ounce) comes out of a pump dispense. At first I worried that it would be heavy and greasy, but it practically melted under my touch and blended away quickly to transparent nothing.

Despite what it might look like in my photos, this primer has a featherweight texture, and unlike some other primers, it does not ball up. I used Metamorphoses Mattifying Primer as intended--a moisturizer/primer hybrid (over Baltic Collagen Face and Neck Gel), and a couple times I wore it on its own to see if it would improve the appearance of my skin tone. The primer served well as a skin moisturizer in that is smoothed over my pores and let my makeup glide on easily, but it did not actually add any moisture, despite containing oils. It also did NOT make my partly oily skin look oily. In fact, it did exactly what it was supposed to do, provide a satiny matte canvas without dulling the complexion.

I tested the primer under Missha BB Cream, but I most often wore it under my favorite foundation, Jane Iredale PurePressed Base. The primer definitely improved the appearance of my foundation's finish, making it look like a second skin. It gave my skin a velvety-matte glow (which seems like a juxtaposition) that kept shine at bay all day. My skin tone looked more even and luminous without looking shiny. I did not use a blotting tissue the entire time I tested this product.

After one month of use, I am happy to say that this primer has caused neither breakouts nor milia.

Metamorphoses Mattifying Primer contains soothing active ingredients, such as allantoin and meadowfoam seed oil. It also contains Vitamin E to fight free radicals and other antioxidant and anti-aging properties. I do not get that dreaded, tight egg-white finish that some primers leave. In fact I don't feel anything on my skin at all. The primer is weightless.

The ingredients list is relatively short, but for those of you sensitive to parabens, this product does contain them.

Bottom line: Love!

All photos mine
This product is a PR sample


  1. It's great to hear that this actually works, and for a mattifying primer that doesn't dull out your skin it's perfect. I have compiled a list of RBR products I'd love to try might add this to it.

  2. Perfect, I am in need of a new primer! Now I just have to wait for Zuneta to have another sale code...

  3. I requested a sample pot of this with my last order so I have it here to test out. Now I'm anxious to do so!

  4. I hope Zuneta is more generous with their primer than they are with the cream blush. It was enough for one cheek, really. Here's to hoping they give you more than a singled pump. They need to take a lesson from the SAs of Sephora who understand what is required to test a product--especially one so $$$!

    Anyway, I will be interested to read about what you think.

  5. I never even considered buying this until now. It was dangerous for me to read this review.

  6. This does sound interesting and something I would love to try but I'm hesitant because of the price.... Thanks for the review- three thumbs up is pretty darn good! xx

  7. I've never been into skin primers (like you, before). I'm pretty paranoid about having skin reactions, so I stick to what's familiar (ie. JI foundation, no primer). I agree with MarciaF - it was dangerous to read this review. Haha! I could do with an even skin tone and some luminosity.


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