Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge: Beyond the Looking Glass

The Beyond the Looking Glass release, which is part of the Portrait of Grace series, includes two new FIRE DROPS Loose Glitter Pigment colors that look like they were made for each other because they combine so beautifully in the video (shown at the end of this article).

Caress of Mink is a medium taupe brown with pewter-plum highlights. I don't know about you, but this one seems too beautiful to resist:

Embrace of Cashmere is a light gold champagne:

Here are some application tips for FIRE DROPS, directly from Rouge Bunny Rouge:
  • For a richly-gleaming look apply the Loose Glitter Pigments with its sponge applicator and blend it with the RBR Large Shader Brush 003. Dust on the pigment with the RBR Large Shader Brush 003 for a more transparent glimmer.
  • To achieve a mirror-like sparkle buff FIRE DROPS with your fingertips over your eyelid.
    Dust over the WHEN BIRDS ARE SINGING Long-lasting Eye Shadows with the RBR Crease Brush 011 for a 3D look and to create your own rainbow of colors.
Here's the excellent video of the look being applied:

I have to admit when I saw the video I could not turn my eyes away.  The model's makeup seems to capture the most beautiful light, which would really be a spectacular and festive look for the holiday season. Her face looks like candlelight.

To create this look, the Rouge Bunny Rouge makeup artists selected from among products with the lightest textures (primer and concealer), which they combined with the two new Loose Glitter Pigment shades to create the most subtle smoky eye looking out from a glowing, dewy face.

Products used in this look:
  • METAMORPHOSES Mattifying Primer for a suede glow. 
  • NAKED DISGUISE Glide Concealer to lay a flawless veil over the skin
  • FINE-SPUN LIGHT Luminous Skin Wand to brighten and balances skin tone. It can also give brows a slightly bleached appearance, as seen on runway shows. 
  • AS IF IT WERE SUMMER STILL Bronzing Glow Powder to add an illuminating flush of warmth.
  • SILK AETHER Long-lasting Cream Eye Shadow in Brocade Skipper to act as primer and coat the eyelids with a hint of champagne cream
  • FIRE DROPS Loose Glitter Pigments in the two new shades to brighten the eyes with a golden dust in the inner corners and give the smoky look in the crease. 
  • SEAS OF ILLUMINATION Highlighting Liquid in Sea of Showers applied to the inner corners of the eye, mixed with the two new Loose Glitter Pigments. 
  • FELINE GAZE Eye Long-Lasting Eye Pencil and Eye Kohl in Lola to add light copper reflections to upper and lower lashes. 
  • WITCHERY Modelling Mascara applied in multiple light layers.
  • SUCCULENCE OF DEW Sheer Lipstick in Dark Juices.
 Here's a group shot of all the products used in the Beyond the Looking Glass look:

Buying this look won't make me look 19 again, but I wouldn't mind adding a bit of  candlelit glow to my skin.

All products are available on Zuneta (, and to make it even more tempting, Zuneta is having a worldwide sale of 20% off your entire order until Monday. Use code ROUGEXMAS. I noticed a free shipping code, as well, but I doubt you can use more than one code. If you order enough you get free shipping anyway (cackle).

Photo credits: Rouge Bunny Rouge


  1. I really like the bronze eye and neutral lip. The glitters are super pigmented too, Ive got wishing for wings

  2. Ah, very pretty! I'm telling myself there's too much sparkle in these pigments. That's my story and I'm sticking to it, Zuzu.

  3. Imo, I don't have any of these yet. Are they super glittery or can they be tamed down to more of a glowy sheen?

    Veuve, yep, that's my fear, too.

  4. I just ordered some RBR from the sale this weekend! I got the Caress of Mink pigment! Can't wait til it comes in the mail!

  5. Excellent, LauraJean! I look forward to reading your review.

  6. Grouped together, these colors seem like a slightly taupe-d au natural like set. The beyond the looking glass model has such bright ember-y eyes. Very pretty.

  7. Dovey, I agree the set could provide a beautiful minimalist/natural look. I have only the primer, but I suddenly need to be extremely cautious about ingredients. After a lifetime of acne-free good genes and luck, suddenly everything seems to make me break out.

    In any case, I got distracted this weekend and missed the 20% sale. :(


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