Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Monte-Carlo #62

My first purchase in the new Rouge Coco Shine formula, Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Monte-Carlo ($32) is a strawberry pink-red that contains subtle pink and gold microshimmers.

Perhaps the lipstick was named after Coco Chanel's first encounter with Hugh Grosvenor, second Duke of Westminster.


Monte-Carlo applies very smoothly and imparts a translucent, high-shine finish, but the glossy finish lasts only about an hour. That said, it leaves behind a lovely stain, and the texture feels exceptionally weightless, almost gel-like and lip balmy. The fact that I need to reapply often is not such a terrible thing, considering how many lipsticks I have. If I actually use one up, an angel will get her wings.

Natural daylight, no sun, no flash

Indirect sun

The Rouge Coco Shine colors appear deeply pigmented in their tubes, but they apply and wear quite sheerly, even if I layer. Unfortunately, Monte-Carlo was too neutral in tone to lift my complexion, and if it contained more pigment, I'd be unable to pull it off because of the yellow undertones. But it really is a pretty lipstick.

Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks are smaller than other lipsticks in the Chanel line. They weigh 0.10 ounces, compared for example to 0.12 ounces in the Rouge Allure formula, but they cost the same.

Bottom line: Rouge Coco Shine offers a gorgeous formula, with a finish that borders on lip gloss. Very comfortable and easy to wear. I'll be interested in trying other colors.

All photos mine except the first promo shot from Chanel and the one of Coco and the duke


  1. I love this color. An angel gets her wings- LOL!

  2. I really like some of the Rouge Coco shine colors (Boy, Aventure) but if you want something that color that's sheer and stays on a bit longer, try Dior Serum in #675 (Passionate Pink). It's my "red" these days.

  3. Thanks for the tip, deja pseu! I bet I could even confidently buy a recommendation from you sight unseen, since we are so close in coloring. :) Laura Mercier's Sweet Cherry is still a great red for me, but it's my only red now, and I am always on the lookout, especially for something sheer but with good staying power.

  4. The close up looks like a yummy popsicle! I really have to check out Chanel lipsticks, hadn't had one since the late 80's! Yikes!

  5. You're in for a treat. I could not stand Chanel lipsticks in the 80s. Drying and the smell made me literally gag. Now the textures and formulas are so much better.

  6. i was regretting not picking this up but now i feel a little better ^^ i actually do like the rouge coco shine formula but i do agree that i can see myself using it up very quickly and that makes me like it a little less xD


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