Sunday, January 1, 2012

My New Year's Evolution

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Resolutions are for my past weenie self. I don't like making overly-ambitious promises I know I won't keep longer than it takes me to click 'submit' (talk about a confidence crusher), but I do like to set smaller, manageable goals. So without further ado, here is my intent for 2012:
  • Maintain a simplified skincare and hair routine. It can't get much simpler than what I am already doing, as I use very few products. I clean my hair with WEN or Revita and occasionally use a clarifying tea tree shampoo. I don't use conditioner. Skincare comprises the fewest products with the fewest ingredients: I currently cleanse with Boscia oil and/or gel, use one serum (Baltic Collagen), and moisturize only when I need it. I use my moisturizer as an eye cream.
  • Release into the beauty ether the makeup I am not regularly using. This includes duplicates of the same basic shade and items I bought on impulse (the lure of pretty colors in pretty packaging) that never looked that good on me. After witnessing with my own eyes the transformative power of the right (and wrong) colors during my recent seasonal color analysis, it will be so much easier to let the bulk of The Great Unused go. Blog sale coming soon!
  • Forget about brown. Brown eyeshadows and rose/red/pink lipsticks with a brown undertone all look ghastly on me, so I am not sure why I tried so hard to make them work. Maybe it was because they looked so pretty in their packaging, but brown makes me look tired, dirty, and older. Good-bye taupe. <sniffle>
  • Keep it cool. As I snatch my hand back from reaching for those brown-based makeup items, I must re-train my eye to consider only those colors coolest in hue. This should not be hard, as my internal cool-seeking missile previously guided my natural instincts back in the days when you could not even force  my corpse to wear brown eyeshadow. No cool is too cool for me, as long as I consider Munsell's color theory and keep value (darkness/lightness) and chroma (saturation) in the middle of the range and stray neither too dark nor too muted and definitely not too warm. Golden browns, for example, are so awful on me, pureed wet lentils would be a better look.
  • Be patient. I feel very smug today after avoiding a near head-on collision with the Bobbi Brown Neon/Nude and Dior Garden Party collections for Spring 2012. I wanted them both so badly I had butterflies in my stomach, along with a sense of panic that if I didn't hurry, they'd be gone forever. But I waited, telling myself it would be helpful to see the first swatches appear on the blogosphere. Within 12 hours the urge had passed. I was able to look more objectively at those collections and acknowledge that I had experienced that all-too-frequent, momentary derangement over pretty packaging and bright, clear colors that would look better on me in clothing than as an eyeshadow. And, yes, Bobbi Brown's Bluebell below would be a spectacular sweater or scarf or coat color for my True/Cool Summer self.
    Google images (Bobbi Brown)
  • Be discriminating. I do not need that seventh version of the newest dusty lavender or softly-shimmering grey eyeshadow when I already have more than one just like it in a different line from a different season/collection. No one is ever going to look at my face and think, "Her eyeshadow is so last season," so there is no need for me to keep up with every new thing that gets released. As fun as it is, I'm not having these things sent to me for free, and I'd rather have that retirement cottage on the ocean than a drawer full of makeup. Seagulls don't care how I look unless I drop dead on a sand dune. 
  • Use something up this year. I really mean it. Really. I can certainly use at least one product in full. It would be nice to stop buying new stuff and use up all of what I currently have, but I just made myself snort at the thought. Remember: goals I can easily achieve, not overarching resolutions I'll break within a matter of weeks the way the gyms fill up in January, only to see membership peter out by March.
  • Focus on skincare and inner health instead of plastering goo on the outside. No amount of pretty makeup will fully conceal a bad diet, poor sleep habits, and a stressful lifestyle. Nuff said.
It's hard to believe I started this blog only 9 months ago, and I admit I have been caught up in product-acquisition fever. Writing only product reviews was never my original intent--at least not the primary one--and I never wanted to be a makeup curator, so I look forward to exploring the many sides of  beauty in 2012. I am setting my intent to have a beautiful year!

Meanwhile, many heartfelt thanks to all of you who follow and actually read what I write. Without you, this blog would not still be active.

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What are your beauty-related goals, plans, or desires for 2012?


  1. Happy new year! I have a lot of the same makeup-related goals as you - to focus on skincare a bit more, and try to stop myself from acquiring things just because of pretty packaging. Sometimes it's worth it, sometimes not. Good luck to both of us! :D

  2. Happy New year zuzu!!!! I love the "focus on the inside instead of plastering goo on the outside" resolution. That definitely brought a smile to my face because 1) the wording and 2) it's so true! I will definitely try to work towards this in the coming year.

    I really loved how you addressed the seasons/colors this year. I wasn't aware of the Color me beautiful categorization this year, so it was really interesting for me to read about. I think you are right that we generally gravitate towards the correct color palettes. It's nice to hear that because it justifies the reason I am enthralled with certain color subsets, hehe. I loved reading your experience with the seasonal color system---- I would love to get mine done someday as well.

    Good luck with blogging and life in the coming year!

  3. Happy new year! You have some really good goals there and I think I need to follow them, apart from the brown one as I am unable to give up my taupes ;)
    I laughed at the "momentary derangement" thats something I know all too well :)

  4. Happy New Year! Great list of goals! I also plan to use up some of the products I already have and be more discriminating in my new makeup choices. As I get older I find I really want to simplify just about everything in my life, and this most definitely includes my makeup collection! :)

  5. Hello, super super post! This put me into a complete tail spin and I research color analysis until 4 am! After all of that I believe I am a true summer/cool summer. Different color analysis sites use different names, but are these two basically the same? I am curious about how you overhauled your cosmetics? Do you find that dusty/muted pink blushes do not suit you now? (example: Chanel Rose Ecrin). Also, what will now be your eyeshadow colors of choice? Please continue to repost on this topic and let us know how it is going. Thanks! Tammy

  6. Hi Tammy, yes True and Cool Summer both refer to the same season where they indicate a palette that takes no warmth from its neighboring seasons. Although my second best season is Light Summer (which is informed by Spring's sunny-yellow clarity), I can wear ONLY the cool colors from the Light Summer palette, not the warmer colors that border Light Spring.

    Overhauling my cosmetics has been a dynamic, ongoing process over time, but I already had a good sense for what looked good on me, helped greatly by a long-ago Prescriptives result of Blue/Red. I also stumbled quite organically upon a method of testing colors that really worked for me, almost unfailingly, so I wrote an article about it several months ago: Testing New Makeup Colors.

    Dusty, muted pink blushes have never suited me, and Chanel's rose Ecrin was such an example, as were Rose Dust, Rose Petale, and all the other too-warm or too-muted pink Chanel blushes I tried over the years. Pink Explosion, on the other hand, is outstanding because it is a cool, blue-based pink with silver microshimmers.

    As for culling down my makeup, my PCA helped me choose. (She had asked me to bring it to the consultation.) The blushes she selected, based on a harmonious match or blend with my palette, were Bobbi Brown Pale Pink and Apricot, Rouge Bunny Rouge Gracilis, Shiseido Carnation, and (her favorite) Clinique Iced Lotus.

    My favorite current eyeshadows (some subject to change as I make new discoveries) are Alima Bramble and Daphne; Bobbi Brown Heather, Cement (cream version only) and Slate; Becca Chantilly and the Enigma trio; Chantecaille Agate, Freesia, Meteorite, Mica, and Perle; Laura Mercier Dusk, Plum Smoke, and Sable; RBR Grey-go Away Lourie and Delicate Hummingbird. I love them all, but I'd have to say that Chantecaille wins by a landslide.

    I will definitely continue posting about seasonal color theory and my finds, especially now that I will no longer buy makeup for any other season but my own.

  7. Happy new year! I can't believe it's only been 9 months for Everyday Beauty. Your thoughts hit on the same thoughts I have every day about beauty (haha) and I'll be cheering you on in your endeavours! I also want to focus heavily on improving my skin and acquiring less makeup. It is difficult to do with all the blogs we frequent, though. Still, the battles wages on! x

  8. I just posted a very similar sentiment today! I'm trying to simplify, to cut back a bit, to be more discerning. In addition, I plan to introduce more natural, particularly organic, products into my life. I also hope to get off the merry-go-round of buy, buy, buy all the time even when what I have is working perfectly well for me. Of course, I don't know that the blog will survive all of these changes, but it's something I truly feel the need to do. Hopefully, it will be an uplifting and freeing experience.

  9. Happy new year to you, Liz! I know, it's so strange that this blog isn't even a year old. You guys have all been at it for long time, and then there was a slew of us who started up this past spring.

  10. Shannon, it's hard, eh? We're beauty bloggers, which means we see all the gorgeous new and old products being described and it's hard to resist. But I really do end up feeling overwhelmed, which makes me angry with myself. It's just makeup. As for the blog, I never intended to write reviews!! I wanted to create a blog for women over 40, who face new and unique challenges with skin and hormonal changes, and I ended up getting makeup fevah.

    Our blogs can evolve. Lots do. Since it seems many of us are thinking along the same lines, we can all help support one another. :)

  11. Even when we cave in, lol. As in my recent Hourglass Femme Rouge lipstick purchase. *bangs head*


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