Friday, May 11, 2012

Chanel Ombre Essentielle 48 Quartz

This is mostly just a pictorial post of one of my favorite eyeshadows. In keeping with my version of spring colors (pink!), I bring you Chanel Ombre Essentielle Soft Touch Eyeshadow 48 Quartz.  I don't mean to taunt with the thing you can't have, as Chanel appears to have discontinued it. I know you can get it out there, still. I bought my backup on

Quartz is a light, clear, cool pink with a satin finish. No yellow, no beige. Just clear pink lightened with white.

I meant to compare Quartz to two eyeshadows that are similar in color with the same finish (Prescriptives Rose Powder and Three Custom Colors Cool Peony), but I could not fine them. Maybe I will update the post later. I definitely will if anyone requests it.

How do you feel about pink eyeshadow. Second skin or lab rabbit?

All photos mine


  1. I saw a lady once wear pink eyeshadow with pink lipstick and pink blush. I think she used the same product on her face because the pink all looked the same tone. All I could think was bunny rabbit!

    I do like pink and it has to be a satin type or pearl type for me. Matte would make me feel like a rabbit and a frost would make me feel like something out of the 60's/70's.

    That Chanel looks like it would go with NARS Gaiety blush.

    1. Bunny rabbit is one reason I don't usually go for those all-in-one products. I want my lips and cheeks to be complementary but not exactly the same.

      I agree about the finish of a pink eyeshadow. Matte is too chalky and the primary reason I no longer still have/use Laura Mercier Morning Dew or Chantecaille Peony. So beautiful on the pan, but just not great on my lids. If it's matte it needs to be more skin toned, so be a cool lavender- or pink-tinged beige.

      Quartz is more pearly than my usual Pink satins, and it looks beautiful with NARS Gaiety and Desire, Shiseido Carnation, Edward Bess Orchid Bloom, and Chanel Pink Explosion and Tumulte. Pink ♥ pink ♥ pink ♥

      Who knew old ladies could be so girly still?


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