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Back Story for Current Blog Sale (and a Big THANK YOU)

Some of the gang, past and present

I thought I might explain why I have not discounted items as deeply as I did in my sale last year. It's not about recouping bits of what I had spent but about giving my local no-kill animal shelter every cent I earn from the proceeds of this sale, because my shelter has already given so much to me and to those I love.

When I was much younger, abandoned or stray pets lived in one of two places--outdoors in misery or at the SPCA. While it is true the SPCA tried to do the right thing (my best friend's mother was executive director of the shelter in my town, so Bitsy and I were able to practice horse whispering and we romped with goats and roosters), these shelters quickly became overrun with intakes. Sadly, when new pets came in, the current residents were usually euthanized, with the assumption that since they hadn't been adopted, they were no longer a worthy investment. Around the same time, most vets would euthanize an animal simply because its owner had tired of it, was moving, or whose child developed an allergy. Again, I am sure the intent was to prevent the needless suffering of an abandoned animal or a pet suffering from neglect (or worse), but it still breaks my heart to think of a perfectly healthy animal being destroyed for no real good reason. Thus, I am so incredibly grateful for the no-kill shelters that have sprung up seemingly everywhere in the last 15 years, as well as for web sites like, who are hopefully putting an end to mass-market pet stores and puppy mills. 

I have had many a pleasant (and also sad) dealings with my local shelter the last 10 years. In late 2003, when the cat I'd had since 1987 was getting old, my new husband and I decided to adopt. I wanted a Maine Coon cat and it was through a colleague that I first heard about, which led me to my local shelter, a place that provides services I had never imagined possible.

We adopted our first shelter cat, Elias, from them in 2003 (all my other pets had previously come from friends), and that was the first time I learned that cats could get AIDS—because the beautiful Maine Coon cat we adopted was FIV positive. And so we began adopting these unwanted boys, and even though most of them have died by now (usually from something else, due to their compromised immune system, like cancer or diabetes or kidney disease), I do not regret for one second the short times they blessed our lives. Also, FIV+ cats can perfectly coexist with non-infected cats; none of our other cats has ever developed the autoimmune disease.

Through our repeated adoption process, I quickly learned that over 90% of the "employees" associated with those shelters are volunteers! And that the adoption fees and donations don't line the pocket of corrupt executives. The money does pay for the 5% of employees who actually do make shelter work their jobs, but the rest of the money goes toward food, bedding, medicine, and even surgery, because (at least at my local shelter) no animal is too wounded or sick to not try to save.

My current blog sale honors Wink, who died peacefully at home this past Christmas. Before we adopted him, he'd been a tomboy living on the city streets, subsisting on the grease from discarded pizza boxes, and probably lots of mice and rats. He never did lose his taste for pizza and he'd go bonkers of potato chips if we let him anywhere near them!

The cat we'd adopted before Wink, whom we named Pig (RIP), also came from the shelter and also had been living in the city. He had obviously been badly injured, likely hit by a car, as when the volunteers discovered him, he was hiding in an abandoned building, dragging his badly broken leg behind him up on the rafters (!) to get away from the kind people who tried to capture him (which they eventually did with a butterfly net, since he became too smart for the food traps).

My shelter adopts hopeless cases, such as my Pig, and sends them to surgery, where altruistic veterinarians give the shelter discounts. With Pig, they put a pin in his leg, kept him warm and happy while he mended, assessed his temperament, and then put him up for adoption, where the fee is a ridiculously low $125.

A few years back, I asked what happened to the cats that were too feral to live in homes. Volunteers capture them, and the vets neuter them, and snip the corner off one ear. The shelters then release these cats back into their colonies, many of which are in wooded areas. The ear snip is done so if volunteers encounter those cats again, they are much more easily identified as already neutered, and they can leave that cat in peace. Cats that aren't quite so wild but which still won't make ideal pets, go to live on farms where they enjoy a life of sleeping on bales of hay in the sunshine and catching mice that would nibble at the grain. The luckiest cats might even get fresh cow's milk.

I apologize for the gushy estrogen spill, but I am so in awe of my shelter, and I adore my cats. Strays really do make the best pets because they are so grateful, and all they want to do is eat, sleep, and cuddle.

Some of our cats developed unusual, highly-amusing personalities, once they'd settled in. Among those oddities:
  • Pig had a blocked tear duct, so he was always dripping over everything. He grunted (thus his name) and we gave him Hollywood, royal, and porn nicknames: Porker Posey, Duke of Pork and Pork Piggler.
  • Winston took exquisite care of his fluffy tail, and his happiest moments were those he spent making bread on it with almost-imperceptible movements, staring out into the distance with extreme concentration. This ritual was A Very Big Deal. I'd pet him, and the moment I stopped, he'd run off and lick his fur back in place.
  • Grendel had terrible balance and would tumble over every time he groomed himself, which was constant because he was quite fluffy. We probably should not have laughed, but you would have too. Had we known his personality earlier, we might have called him Tweedledee or Weeble.
  • Mr. Wenskins is a beautiful-but-vapid supermodel, who is so gentle with us, but when other cats bicker, he races in to bayonet the wounded.
  • Flopsy has his own special fleece pillow that he kneads vigorously while sucking a corner. I guess one day he hopes mama's milk will come out. Click here for an example!
  • We are certain Hannibal had previously been captured by aliens. He always has that spacecraft-butt-probe look, he's psycho around the other cats, and he pees in the tub (which is fine by me; a squirt with cleanser and a quick rinse, and we're good to go—wish he'd teach the other cats).

Though there have been many other cats and dogs in my life, here are the cats I adopted from the shelter, past and present:

Chloe at left, not adopted (RIP Dec 2005) and Elias at right (RIP March 2004) our first shelter adoption

Grendel the Tumbler (RIP March 2005)

Pig (RIP April 2007)

The following collage deserves a bit of explanation, as the below cat may or may not be dead. Big Gray Al adopted us from the woods behind our house. The shelter loaned us the trap and then we went through them for the adoption process. In the following photos, I had opened the windows from the top because the day after BGA came home after being neutered, he tried to escape, and I was afraid he'd rip the screen. Unfortunately, a mere two weeks after we adopted him, he did manage to break through a screen, and that was that.  :(

BGA was determined to get back outside. Unfortunately he did. Missing since Aug 2006

Wink (RIP Dec 2011)

Happily we still have some healthy cats, alive and well, as we adopted yet more. Because you can never have too many lipsticks or too many cats, you know?

Mopsy (aka Muffin, adopted June 06)

Mr. Wenskins (aka Hey, Supermodel, , adopted June 06)

Hannibal (aka Pee Pud or Psycho Kitty Hosebeast, adopted Jan 06)

While we were working with the shelter on Hannibal's adoption, I noticed the most squee-worthy kitten in the world. I (wrongly!) assumed she'd been adopted--I mean who WOULDN'T race to adopt this cutie? She had been captured from a feral colony, thus the little snip in her ear. While she was recuperating, her foster mom noticed that she wasn't as wild as the other cats from the colony, and that's how India came to live with us.  You could call her an impulse buy. ;)

India (aka Puss Kitten Meow Face)

And then there was the night my husband woke me from a dead sleep to tell me Big Gray Al had come back! It was almost exactly a year after his disappearance, and sure enough, there on our porch was BGA! We worked with the shelter to capture him, and then we took him to the vet for a checkup, since he'd been living wild for more than a year. Imagine our surprise when the vet laughed and told us his testicles had grown back. Not BGA, but almost surely a cat from the same litter.


Oh! And we mediated between the shelter and my parents, who live out of state and wanted to adopt a Bengal stray, rescued after found living in a wild cherry tomato patch.

That's what this blog sale is all about. So a HUGE, heartfelt thank you to those of you who helped make this gift happen.

Friday, August 24, 2012

BLOG SALE: Please be Patient!

I know many of you are wondering if I fell off the face of the earth. I'd actually like to fall into a deep fishbowl of wine, but that will have to wait. I am working my way forward in Gmail from message #1, so even if you haven't heard from me or received an invoice, it is still—and always will be—first come/first served. You will hear from me, whether it's great news or not so great news.

The reason I seem AWOL is because 378 emails poured in the first hour of the sale, and every time I sent an invoice another request came in, so I was treading water for many hours.I am now down to only 144 messages (gaaa), and since it's after work for most of the US, I don't see things slowing down any time soon. In fact, things will likely pick up again.

So please rest assured that I am working my way through the requests, but I probably won't be able to give you a confirmation until I get to your email, and I almost surely won't be able to answer personal emails. Hopefully you will either receive an invoice from me in the next 24 hours or so (assuming the ingress slows down) or you'll be hearing from me via email to notify you what products in your request list are still available. And at some point I am going to have to sleep. And feed the cats. And stuff.

Thank you all so much! This has turned out better than expected, and my charity is going to be so incredibly happy, but there's only me to handle all of these requests. I want to avoid making mistakes, so I am being as methodical as I can, and that takes time.

If you have an urgent request or want to add something to an invoice or cancel an invoice and put the items back into circulation, your best bet is to comment on this post.

OK, back to blog-work I go. :)

BIG Blog Sale

This blog sale is a little different from the last one, where profits went back into the kitty to buy more beauty-related products to review—much of which now appears in the various sections below. This blog sale will also go to the kitty, but a different kind. I will be donating profits the no-kill animal where we adopted Winston the Moose (aka Winky Moo), who died on Christmas Eve. Here he is, enjoying a zen moment with his big, fluffy tail. You can barely see any movement, but trust me, a lot of effort went into grooming that puff. RIP, Wink Stinker!

  • Blog sale items are grouped by brand in alphabetical order, hopefully making brands you're interested in easier to find.
  • Macro photos are included for products to show usage only; please do not rely on these pictures to make a decision on color—I cannot always count on good lighting, and I was in a hurry toward the end. All photos can be clicked to zoom in, even the thumbnails.
  • Items will be sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. No holds, please.
  • I will invoice you in USD currency. Items not paid for within 24 hours of invoice could be cancelled/re-listed without notice, especially if items are in heavy demand. In such cases, I will give the next person who requested the item first refusal; if no one wanted it, the item will be posted.
  • I will ship within 3-5 business days after payment for all flat-rate packages to all countries. 
  • Prices and sales are final. No adjustments, refunds, or returns.
  • Comments for this page are closed. Please email your requests to my Gmail address at theeverydaybeauty with the subject line "Blog Sale" and include the following information:
    • The items(s) you want to purchase and their price.
    • Your Paypal e-mail address for the invoice. (Paypal is the only method of payment accepted.)
    • Full name and address, as it appears in Paypal.
    • Your country—so I know which shipping amount to include in the invoice.
  • Unless I am shipping to someone other than you, your Paypal address must be current and accurately reflect the address I will ship to, including correct name. If it is not current in Paypal, please correct it before I invoice you. I will not have time to cross check differences in addresses between Paypal and something you include in an email. Names changes due to changes in marital status are an exception—as long as the address is current.

All packages (except those that contain items too tall to fit in the box) will ship flat rate with delivery confirmation*. Here's what flat rate costs these days (prices set by USPS, not me!):
  • US – $5.50
  • Canada/Mexico – $12.95
  • International – $16.95
*The post office tells me not all international packages can be tracked

If you buy more than will fit into a single flat-rate box, you must decide if you want to pay for a second label or if you want me to ship it all first class. First class mailings within the US will occur once a week, on Saturday, if they exceed 13 ounces. All international first class packages will be shipped on weekends because my post office keeps craptastic hours.


Items are listed with usage and whether original packaging is still available. To simplify this information, I have borrowed abbreviations commonly used on Makeup Alley:
  • BNIB = brand new, in box
  • BNNB = brand new, no box
  • NB = gently used, no box
  • SIB = gently used, still in box
  • HTF = hard to find
Please do not hold me responsible for items that get lost, broken in transit, or are held hostage by Customs. I pack each box as carefully as possible, but I have no control over US postal workers playing Lacrosse with small boxes for fun.

I have cats. Obviously. ;) They do not come in direct contact with my beauty products, but if you have severe dander allergies, you might want to shop elsewhere.

Finally, THANK YOU for helping me contribute to my favorite charity. I hope you find something you like.


I removed the sifter for the following photos and fluffed up the pigment with a pipette so you could better see it. The sifter went back in place immediately after the photo session. Obligatory potato chip disclaimer: Some settling may occur during shipment.

Left to right:
  • SOLD Alima Pure Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow Dream, 1x SIB
  • Alima Pure Satin Matte Eyeliner Pewter, 1x SIB ($10)

Alima Pure Satin Matte Eyeshadow, clockwise from top left:
  • Ash, 90% SIB ($9)
  • SOLD Rain, 90% SIB
  • SOLD Lilac, 90% SIB
  • SOLD Wedgwood, 95% SIB

Alima Pure Pearluster Eyeshadow, from top clockwise:
  • Prosecco, 90% SIB ($9)
  • SOLD Cassis, 90% SIB
  • SOLD Ballerina, 90% SIB

SOLD Alima Pure Satin Matte Blush, Tulip, BNIB

SOLD Alima Pure Satin Matte Concealer Linen, 1x SIB

SOLD Alima Pure Color Balancing Powder in Pistachio, 1x SIB

BOTH SOLD Alima Pure face bushes, top to bottom:
  • 25 Foundation Brush, used one week and washed
  • 21 Buff Brush, used 1-2x and washed


Left to right:
  • SOLD Eight Hour Skin Protectant 1x 
  • Exceptional Lipstick 49 Pink Vibrations, 5x ($12)


Armani Sheer Bronzer #1, 90% NB ($22)


Group photo, from left clockwise:
  • SOLD Fine Pressed Powder, Bisque, 1x, all original packaging, including zippered envelope
  • SOLD Pressed Shimmer Powder, Nymph, 90%, NB 
  • Radiance Primer, 1x ($18)
  • SOLD Luminous Skin Color, Porcelain, 75%
  • SOLD Shimmering Skin Perfector, Pearl, 65%
  • Crème Blush, Wild Orchid, swatched 3x SIB ($15)

ALL SOLD Clockwise from top:
  • SOLD Glossy Lip Tint, Grenadine, 1x SIB ($12)
  • SOLD Beach Tint, Raspberry
  • SOLD Beach Tint, Watermelon

SOLD The Enigma Eye Palette (limited edition), 2x SIB

Becca Eye Tints, left to right:
  • Baroque, 1x SIB ($15)
  • Paracus, 1x SIB ($15)
  • Pewter, 1x SIB ($15)
  • SOLD Lapis, 3x SIB

Brow Powder, Fair, 1x SIB ($13)

ALL SOLD Becca Eyeshadows, various finishes, left to right:
  • SOLD Shimmer Eyeshadow, Tussah, 1x NB
  • SOLD Demi-matte Eyeshadow, Chantilly
  • SOLD Demi-matte Eyeshadow, Chinchilla (small surface nick, see below), 1x SIB
  • SOLD Shimmer Eyeshadow, Lamé, 1x SIB
  • SOLD Demi-matte Eyeshadow, Doeskin, 1x SIB

Left to right (all with boxes):
  • Travel Concealer Brush #17, 1x SIB ($28)
  • Ultra-fine Eyeliner Brush, #6, BNIB ($18)
  • Créme Blush/Bronzer Brush #34, 1x SIB ($32)
  • SOLD Bronze/Shimmer Fan Brush #39, 1x SIB

SOLD #32 Spot Concealer, 1x

Deerskin leather cosmetic case, new ($22)


Creaseless Cream Eyeshadows, left to right:
  • SOLD R.S.V.P., 1x SIB 
  • SOLD Birthday Suit
  • Skinny Jeans 2-3x NB ($13)

Skinny Jeans

Velvet Eyeshadows, left to right:
  • Where There's Smoke, 2-3x SIB ($15)
  • Fawn Over Me, 1-2x NB ($14)


SOLD Besamé Signature Compact with Cashmere Pressed Powder in Porcelain, 1x

Classic Color Lipstick, with original packaging, left to right:
  • Dusty Rose, 2-3x ($17) 
  • SOLD Red Velvet, 1-2x


ALL SOLD  Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Lipsticks in original (superior!) metal packaging:
  • SOLD Forever Yours, 75% SIB 
  • SOLD Night Romance, 90% SIB ($20)
  • SOLD Midnight Bloom
  • SOLD Tender Love 
  • SOLD Tender Love, 75% NB

Edward Bess Luxury Face Brush (all original packaging), like-new condition ($42)

SOLD Edward Bess Luminous Bronzer, Daydream

ALL SOLD Edward Bess Ultra Luminous Eyeshadows, left to right:
  • SOLD Dusk, 2x SIB 
  • SOLD Intimate, 3-5x SIB


Long-wear Cream Eyeshadows, left to right (closeups / usage / $ below):
  • Orchid
  • Galaxy
  • Sand Dollar

#8 Orchid, 5x SIB ($15)

#9 Galaxy, 3x SIB ($17)

ALL SOLD Long-wear Cream Eyeshadows (closeups / usage / $ below):

ALL SOLD Long-wear Gel Eyeliners, clockwise from top left (closeups/usage/$ below):
  • Black Mauve Shimmer
  • Caviar Ink
  • Granite Ink
  • Black Ink

Bobbi Brown Rich Color Lip Gloss top to bottom:
  • #3 Naked, BNIB ($15) 
  • SOLD #7 Pink Buff, BNIB

Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color Lipsticks SPF 12 (closeup/usage/$ below)

Top to bottom:
  • #6 Nectar 6, 1x SIB ($17)
  • SOLD #11 Rose Blossom, 5x SIB

Nectar, Rose Blossom (usage)

SOLD Treatment Lip Shine #11 Plumberry, 1x SIB

SOLD "Pastel" Lip and Eye Palette

Closeup of Clear Pink usage (right)

SOLD "Basics" Lip and Eye Palette

ALL SOLD Left to right (closeups/usage/$ below):
  • Slopes
  • Pale Pink
  • Nectar

Eyeshadows left to right:
  • SOLD Chrome #2 Pewter Limited Edition/HTF, 2x SIB
  • Metallic #18 Gold Dust, 1x SIB ($8)

ALL SOLD Shimmerwash Eyeshadows left to right:
  • #4 Ash, 2x SIB
  • #18 Rock (discontinued / HTF) 1x SIB

ALL SOLD Matte Eyeshadows left to right:
  • #29 Cement, 60%
  • #6 Grey, 70% 
  • #16 Slate, 75%

Matte Eyeshadows, left to right:
  • #33 Woodrose, 3-5x NB ($10)  
  • #43 Baby Pink, 1x SIB ($12)  
  • SOLD  Heather 80% NB

Top to bottom:
  • SOLD Bronzer Brush 7 1/8", 1x 
  • SOLD Powder Brush 7 1/8", 1x 
  • SOLD Face Blender Brush 
  • Foundation Brush 6 3/4", unused ($15)

SOLD Travel Concealer Brush, 5x

Concealer brush, 1x ($12)

SOLD Eye Contour brush, 3x

SOLD Cream Blending brush, 1x

SOLD Cream Shadow brush, 2x

SOLD Eye Blender

SOLD Eye Definer, 3x ($5)

Eye Liner brushes top to bottom:
  • Vintage, circa 1996. Engraved with Bobbi Brown Essentials, almost never used! ($28)  
  • Regular kind sold now ($12)

Vintage (1996) Eye Shader brush, stamped Bobbi Brown Essentials, 10x ($25).

SOLD Eye Sweep, unused

SOLD Touch Up brush, unused ($11)

Ultra Fine Eyeliner, unused ($16)

Travel Face Brush with faux leather case, never used ($30)


Handbag Holiday Cuticle Oil, 1x two available

  • Tea with the Queen
  • SOLD Aston
  • SOLD Fash Pack

  • Lady Muck, new 
  • SOLD Big Smoke, new

  • All Hail the Queen
  • Yummy Mummy, 1x


Double Perfection Natural Matte Powder Foundation SPF10 20 Soft Beige, 1x, all original packaging, including unused puff, 1x ($39)

Ombre Essentielle 85 Sillage, 3-5x SIB ($22)

SOLD Ombre Essentielle Gris Exquis (limited edition / HTF), 1x SIB

Ombre Essentielle 48 Quartz, 3x, SIB but lost sponge applicator ($18)

Left to right:
  • SOLD Ombre Essentielle 83 Slate  
  • SOLD Ombre Essentielle 58 Lavande
  • Illusion d'Ombre 83 Illusoire, barely swatched 1x ($32)

SOLD Chanel Quadra Eyeshadow, Mystic Eyes, 1x SIB

Lèvres Scintillantes (Glossimers), left to right (all with boxes except Spark):
  • 134 Jupiter, 1x SIB ($25)
  • 129 Cosmos, 1x SIB ($25)
  • 87 Seashell, 1x SIB ($22)
  • Star
  • 03 Glaze, 1x SIB
  • 04 Spark, 2-3x NB ($18)

  • 47 Rose Platine
  • 84 Taupe

SOLD Joues Contraste 64 Pink Explosion (Fall 2010 version)

Rouge Coco Shine left to right (all in boxes):
  • 62 Monte-Carlo, 2x SIB ($25) 
  • 60 Antigone, 3x SIB ($27)  
  • 51 Unique, 1x SIB ($27)
  • NOT SHOWN: 60 Antigone, BNIB ($32)

Lipsticks, top to bottom (with boxes)
  • Rouge Hydrating Creme #21 Rivoli, 1x ($26) 
  • SOLD Rouge Allure #28 Romantic, 95%

ALL SOLD Le Vernis left to right:
  • SOLD 333 Madness, 1x SIB 
  • SOLD 457 Tulipe Noire, 1x NB 
  • SOLD 509 Paradoxa, NB

ALL SOLDLe Vernis left to right:
  • SOLD 367 Trapeze, 1x NB 
  • SOLD 505 Particulière, 1x NB 
  • SOLD 487 Rouge Fatal, new 

ALL SOLD Le Vernis left to right:
  • SOLD 507 Tendresse, 75% NB
  • SOLD 167 Ballerina, BNIB
  • SOLD 495 Mica Rose, BNNB
  • SOLD 517 Mistral, tested on 2 nails only, NB

ALL SOLD Chanel Vernis left to right:
  • SOLD 521 Rose Cache BNIB
  • SOLD 491 Rose Confidentiel, 1x NB
  • SOLD 471 Ming 1x SIB
  • SOLD 535 May BNIB
  • SOLD 489 Rose Insolent 1x

  • SOLD 475 Dragon BNIB 
  • 455 Lotus Rouge BNIB  
  • SOLD 523 April 1x SIB 
  • Ming (oops/already pictured above)

ALL SOLD Chanel Vernis left to right:
  • SOLD 185 Rose Paradise 1x 
  • Ignore Rose Confidentiel already accounted for above.
  • SOLD 481 Fantastic 1x

SOLD Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Toilette Spray 1.7 oz, 60% remains NB

Showing usage

SOLD Chance Eau Tendre Shimmering Touch 25g (limited edition), 1x NB ($38)

Left to right (all purchased by me at a Chanel counter or at
  • No.19 Body Lotion 6.8 oz., 2-3x NB ($30)  Must ship first class; won't fit in a flat-rate box
  • No.19 Eau de Parfum, 3.4 oz., BNIB ($99) 
  • No.19 Eau de Parfum, 3.4 oz., 70% NB  ($50) 
  • No.5 Eau de Parfum Spray 1.7 oz., BNIB  ($65)

Closeup of partially-used No.19 EDP to show usage

No.5 Pure Parfum 0.25 oz., 75% remains, NB ($75)

Vintage Chanel brushes, 1992, top to bottom:
  • Concealer, 10x ($9)
  • Eye Shader, 10x ($9)
  • OR both for $15


Ma Palette ($38)
Excellent condition, unused brush; some very fine scratches on lid from gentle use (totally unavoidable as Chante metals are soft), but was unable to photograph flaws because of mirrored surface.

SOLD Ma Petite Palette

Pure Brilliance Trio (3 full-sized glosses), each tube 1x  ($38)
Colors are:
  • Crystalline (sheer gold)
  • Glaze (strawberry red)
  • Patina (velvety burgundy)

Les Délices de Roses Lip Gloss Palette (limited edition), unused ($40)

SOLD! Les Dauphins Limited Edition Eye and Cheek Palette, unused and very hard to find

SOLD Tiger in the Wild Limited Edition Eye and Cheek palette, 1-2x

Top to bottom:
  • Le Stylo Eyeliner, Brown, 2x ($23)
  • SOLD Le Stylo Eyeliner, Black, BNIB
  • Le Stylo Eyeliner, Indigo, swatched 1x only ($23)

SOLD Chantecaille La Palette d'Olivia, brush unused, SIB

    ALL SOLD From bottom left clockwise:
    • SOLD Cheek Shade Whisper, 90% NB
    • SOLD Cheek Shade refill, Whisper 
    • SOLD Les Pétales Lumière de Rose Highlight

    SOLD Chantecaille Rêve de Rose Lip Gloss SPF 15, NB

    ALL SOLD Lip Gloss, SPF 15, from top left, clockwise (no boxes for any, all unused):
    • SOLD Campari 
    • SOLD Nougat
    • SOLD Taffy (very hard to find)

    Chantecaille eyeshadow refills from top left, clockwise:
    • SOLD Lasting Eye Shade refill Basalt, 70% 
    • SOLD Lasting Eye Shade refill Basalt, 1x 
    • SOLD Iridescent Eye Shade refill Basalt 
    • Lasting Eye Shade refill Coriander, 2-3x ($13)

    Left to right:
    • Lasting Eye Shade refill, Celestite, 1x ($17) 
    • Shine Eye Shade refill, Mica, 1x ($17)

    ALL SOLD Left to right:
    • SOLD Shine Eye Shade refill, Perle
    • SOLD Shine Eye Shade refill, Quartz, 1x

    Left to right:
    • Lasting Eye Shade refill Nickel, 1x ($17) 
    • SOLD Shine Eye Shade refill, Freesia (no clamshell/depot)

    ALL SOLD Chantecaille various lip products, all with original boxes, top to bottom:
    • SOLD Lipstick Rosewood, 2x SIB ($15)
    • SOLD Lipstick, Rose de Mai, 3-5x SIB
    • SOLD Lip Chic Heirloom, 2-3x SIB


    Boomstick Trio, gently used ($38) includes Glo, Color, Glimmer.

    Completely retracted to show usage
    Left to right: Glo, Glimmer, Color


    Extra Silky Lipstick 112, 1x SIB ($39)


    SOLD Blushing Blush Iced Lotus, 3x

    Long Last Glosswear Kissyfit, 1x ($10)

    Top to bottom: Silvery Moon and Raspberry Glacé

    Long Last Lipstick Silvery Moon, 1x ($11)
    (Almost identical to the long-discontinued Mauve Crystal.)

    Different Lipstick Raspberry Glacé, 3-5x ($9)


    Left to right, all used 1x, no boxes:
    • La Source Age Defying Hand Therapy 100ml/3.4 oz 
    • La Source Hand Therapy 100g/3.5 oz, used once, 1x  
    • La Source Hand Therapy 25g/0.9 oz, used once, 1x


    SOLD 5-Colour Palette 140 Twilight, 3-5x SIB

    5-Colour Palette 539 Iridescent Leather, BNIB ($75) limited edition / extremely HTF
    (Sorry for pricing—it's what I paid, and I never used it.)

    Iridescent Leather

    SOLD Mono Eyeshadow 555 Flirty Brown

    BOTH SOLD Left to right:
    • SOLD Vernis 257 Incognito in group shot below
    • SOLD 319 Addict Extreme Lipstick, BNIB

    Vernis, left to right:
    • 707 Gris Montaigne, 1x NB 
    • SOLD 257 Incognito, 1x SIB 
    • SOLD 797 Bond Street (limited edition / extremely HTF), BNIB
    • SOLD 703 Lemon Balm, BNNB

    Dior Vernis left to right:
    • SOLD 694 Forget Me Not, 1x SIB  
    • SOLD 981 Black Plum, BNIB  
    • 987 Violine Mystique, BNNB  
    • SOLD 908 Tuxedo (Fall 2011 'Blue Tie' collection), BNIB


    Tom Ford Lip Color top to bottom:
    • SOLD Red Smoke, 3x
    • SOLD Bruised Plum, 3x


    Fusion Beauty LipFusion Micro Collagen Lip Plump Color Shine, top to bottom:
    • Bloom, BNIB ($22) 
    • Bloom, 1x NB ($21)
    • Sugar, 1x NB ($21)


    SOLD Ecrin 4 Couleurs 06 Les Fumes

    SOLD Rouge Automatique 164 Chamade, 90%

    SOLD Rouge Automatique 160 Bal de Mai, 2x

    SOLD Rouge G 66 Gracia, 1-2x

    SOLD Météorites Powder For The Face, #92 Teint Beige


    ALL SOLD Top to bottom:
    • SOLD G527 Powder Brush D (goat/Ototsuho), like new
    • SOLD 210 Blush Brush round (goat/Sokoho) 

    ALL SOLD Top to bottom:
    • SOLD S114 Highlight Brush round and flat (Kazakhstan Squirrel, rare/HTF)
    • SOLD S133 Eye Shadow Brush round and flat (Canada Squirrel)
    • SOLD S142 Eye Shadow Brush round (Blue Squirrel)

    ALL SOLD Top to bottom:
    • SOLD G5522BkSL Eye Shadow Brush pointed (Blue Squirrel/goat/Sokoho)
    • SOLD G5523BkSL Eye Shadow Brush round flat (blue squirrel)
    • SOLD G5533BkSL Eye Shadow Brush round (blue squirrel)
    • SOLD G515 Eye Shadow Brush CM angled (Canada Squirrel) 
    • SOLD B242BkSL Eye Shadow Brush round and flat (weasel/synthetic), 1x

    ALL SOLD Top to bottom:
    • SOLD B533BkSL Eye Shadow Brush pointed (horse)
    • SOLD K007 Eyeliner Brush round (weasel)
    • SOLD G5515BkSL Eye Shadow Brush pointed (horse)

    SOLD K005 Eye Shadow Brush round and flat (weasel), unused

    SOLD H601 Slide (travel) Face Brush round and flat (goat/Sokoho), 2-3x


    ALL SOLD Camellia Lip Balm pots, left to right
    • Ruby, new
    • Rose, new

    Usage photo for the 1x Jacqueline

    Jacqueline Bijou Lipstick, two available:
    • Jacqueline 1x SIB ($18)
    • Jacqueline BNIB ($19)

    Left to right:
    • SOLD Oona Noir Lipstick (sheer formula)
    • SOLD Femme Noir Lipstick (matte formula)
    • Jacqueline Bijou Lipstick (see details in previous photo)

    Julie Hewett Eyeshadow singles (semi matte) left to right:
    • Camisole, 1x, comes in JH compact ($10)
    • SOLD Dolce, 1x, comes in plastic clamshell


    Amazing Base SPF 20 Loose Mineral Powder, Warm Silk, 90% remains, NB ($25)

    Closeup of Light Beige usage

    SOLD PurePressed Base SPF 20 Refill, Light Beige 90%, original packaging with unused puff

    Left to right above:
    • PurePressed Base Compact SPF 20, Warm Silk, 50% in reusable compact NB
    • Disappear Concealer in Light with Green Tea Extract, 1x

    SOLD Limited Edition Mini Matte (0.1 oz), 90%

    Left to right above:
    • SOLD Circle/Delete #1 Yellow, BNIB
    • Circle/Delete #2 Peach, swatched 1x each side, SIB ($22)

    SOLD Dream Tint Moisture Tint SPF15, Light, 70% remains SIB

    PureMoist Lip Colour SPF 18, Brett, 3-5x SIB ($15)

    Complete In-Touch Highlighter, 1x SIB ($22)

    PurePressed (matte) Eyeshadow Duos, left to right:
    • SOLD French Toast/Taupe, 1x SIB
    • Antique Rose/Merlot, 1x SIB ($22)

    PurePressed Eyeshadow singles left to right:
    • Taupe, 95%  SIB ($13)
    • Slate Brown 95% SIB ($13)

    SOLD Eye Contour Brush (travel sized), almost never used

    SOLD Foundation brush, used maybe 1-2x


    SOLD L'Absolu Nu Lipstick 346 Rose Veil, 3-5x

    SOLD Le Lipstique Pencil Sheer Raspberry, 1x


    Chelsea Rose lipstick NB, 3x


    ALL SOLD Top to bottom:
    • Jean Queen Lipstick, unused
    • Jean Queen Lip Gloss, swatched 1x on white paper SIB

    SOLD Sheer Lipstick Medieval


    SOLD Lipstain SPF 15 Cherry, 2-3x

    SOLD Perfect Shine V Gloss Ella (mauve) BNIB

    SOLD Cheek and Lip Stain Baby Boo, BNIB but withdrew wand to show color below

    Perfect Canvas Liquid Concealer, Fair, swatched 1x for review I never got around to (pic below) ($19)

    Closeup of concealer

    SOLD Water Canvas Cream-to-Powder Foundation in Porcelain, BNIB


    All pro-pans sold

    Scene Eyeshadow, 1x SIB ($12)

    All Races Eyeshadow (limited edition, discontinued) no box

    SOLD Paint Pot in Painterly, 1x

    Mineralize Blush Love Thing, 2-3x SIB ($17)
    That is not a dip/dent in the surface, just an odd camera angle. Blush condition like new.

    MAC Tinted Lipglass top to bottom:
    • Avarice (limited edition, discontinued), BNIB ($11)  
    • SOLD Viva Glam VI, BNIB
    • Rich & Ripe (Cult of Cherry limited edition) 1x SIB ($10)

    Beauty Powder Light Sunshine (limited edition, discontinued), 90% remains NB

    SOLD Beauty Powder Chen Man Play it Proper (limited edition, discontinued), 3x SIB

    Cremesheen On Hold, 80% remains SIB ($8)

    SOLD Lustre Viva Glam VI Special Edition (discontinued), 80% remains SIB

    SOLD Pigment Charm Museum Bronze, unused NB
    (No size printed on bottle, which is one inch long)

    Impeccable Brown Pencil Dirty Blonde, 1x (one brow) unsharpened SIB ($12)

    SOLD Lip Pencil Soar, BNIB

    • SOLD 109 Small Contour Brush 
    • SOLD 195 Concealer 
    • SOLD 231 Small Shader Brush like new

    Brushes top to bottom (all have thin layer of clear nail polish over the MAC/# engraving to protect from fading):
    • SOLD 224 Blending, 1 
    • 249 Large Shader Brush ($25)
    • SOLD 219 Pencil
    • SOLD 212 Flat Liner 
    • 266 Angle liner, 5x  

    Closeup of above brush heads


    SOLD Aqua Cream #2 Steel, 1x (barely) SIB

    ALL SOLD Make Up For Ever, left to right, clockwise:
    • SOLD HD Kabuki Brush with soft, zippered case, excellent condition—like new, maybe 1x
    • SOLD High Definition Microfinish Powder, 90% NB 
    • SOLD Face & Body Foundation 38 Pink Porcelain, 90% NB


    SOLD L'Occitaine Dry Hand Creme 10z/30ml, 1x


    Pressed Setting Powder, Translucent, 1x SIB ($25)

    SOLD Crème Lip Colour Bing Cherry, BNIB

    Sheer Lip Colour Healthy Lips, 80% ($10)

    Gel Lip Colour, left to right:
    • Berry Sorbet, 1x ($15) 
    • SOLD Hibiscus Bloom, 1x

    Creme eyeshadows left to right:
    • Metallic Créme Eye Colour Mercury (discontinued / HTF) 90% NB ($15)
    • SOLD Satinée Créme Eye Colour, Stone Suede, discontinued formula/extremely HTF
    • Metallic Créme Eye Colour, Alloy ($12)

    Sateen Eye Colour singles, left to right:
    • SOLD Stellar, 1x SIB
    • Burnished, 1x SIB ($18)

    Eye Colour singles, left to right:
    • Matte Eye Colour Coffee Ground, 1x ($18) 
    • Sateen Eye Colour Sable, 3-5x ($15)

    Eye Colour Singles, left to right:
    • Lustre Eye Colour Dusk, 2x SIB ($18)  
    • Matte Eye Colour Plum Smoke, 3-5x SIB ($15)

    Eye Colour Singles, left to right:
    • Sateen Eye Colour Rose, 3x NB ($10)  
    • SOLD Matte Eye Colour Twilight Grey, 3x NB

    Brow Definer, Warm, 95% SIB ($15)

    Brushes/tools from top to bottom:
    • SOLD Velour Puff, unused
    • SOLD Fan Powder Brush, like new
    • Angled Eye Colour Brush, 1x ($23)  
    • Eye Crease/Travel Brush, 1x ($23)

    ALL SOLD Left to right:
    • Smudge Brush, like new
    • Finishing Eye Brush, 10x

    Closeup of LM eye brushes


    Lip Lacquer Eros, 2x SIB ($18)

    Blush Desire, 1x SIB ($22)

    Velvet Lip Gloss Pencil Baroque, 1x SIB ($20)

    Closeup of Baroque (usage), never sharpened

    Eyeshadow Biarritz, barely swatched ($20)

    SOLD Eyeshadow Lhasa, 2-3x

    SOLD Larger than Life Eyeliner Rue Bonaparte, 2-3x unsharpened NB

    Lip Gloss Bad Education, 1x, ($18)

    NARS Sheer Lipstick top to bottom:
    • SOLD Dolce Vita, 2x SIB 
    • Flamenco, 2x SIB ($18)  
    • SOLD Manhunt, 1x SIB

    PAUL & JOE

    SOLD Palette and eyeshadow:
    • Self Select Eye Color 18 Little Sister refill, 90% (SOLD)  
    • Self Select Eye Color Palette

    Eyeshadow compacts, left to right:
    • 91 Butter and Sugar, 90% SIB ($12)  
    • 09 Sakura, 90% SIB ($12)  
    • 23 Boulevard, 1x SIB ($16)  
    • SOLD 92 Tapestry, 90% NB


    Top to bottom:
    • SOLD Eye Primer Light BNIB
    • Eye Primer Brush, like new ($22) 
    • SOLD Transformer Brush

    (Eye transformer brush, bottom, SOLD)


    SOLD Un-wrinkle Lip Balm SPF 15 Pink Shimmer, unused


    Allover Magic 03 Brightening Radiance, 1x ($19)

    Fairy Light Solo Eyeshadows, left to right:
    • No.1 French Lace, 1x ($11) 
    • No.3 Nude Nouveaux, 1x ($11) 
    • No.5 Boho Bronze, 1x ($11)


    Colorscope Lipcolour Rose Mystique B/R
    • BNIB ($14) two available
    • BNNB ($13) one available

    Colorscope Lipcolour Rouge Social B/R, 3x SIB ($8)

    Lip Pencil Dusty Rose, BNIB, 2 available ($16 ea.)

    SOLD U-Pick Satin Eyeshadow 99 Clove (Cool), new

    U-Pick Satin Eyeshadow 25 Shell (Cool), 2x ($8)

    U-Pick Eyeshadow pans, left to right:
    • SOLD Chiffon Satin (Cool), 1x
    • Plum Smoke Shimmer (Cool), 2x ($8)

    Moonbeam Reflective Eye Colour 03 Heavenly Violet B/R ($7)

    Quick Pick Single Eyeshadows, left to right:
    • Peppermint, 1x NB ($5)  
    • Hyacinth, 2x SIB ($5)

    SOLD Modernista Lipcolour 23 Social B/R, 1x

    Prescriptives-duplicated Lavish Lipstick Cherub, one 1x and the other unused ($28 for 2)

    SOLD Moonbeam Lip Gloss 03 Stellar, swatched 1x NB

    Foundation Brush, new ($21)


    ALL SOLD Rescue Beauty Lounge nail polish (all limited edition or no longer available), left to right:
    • SOLD Om, BNNB
    • SOLD Insouciant, 1x SIB 
    • SOLD Recherché, 1x SIB
    • SOLD Dead Calm, BNIB

    SOLD Teal, 1x SIB

    SOLD Bruised, 1x SIB


    Saturate Eyeshadow, left to right, all with their original wee "hat" boxes:
    • Ciggy, 3-5x SIB ($10) 
    • SOLD Revenge
    • SOLD Diffused, 1x SIB



    SOLD Highlighting Powder 006 Sweet to Touch, 3x ($35) 

    ALL SOLD Left to right:
    • SOLD Milk Aquarelle Liquid Foundation 040 Coconut Milk Parfait, BNIB  
    • SOLD Highlighting Liquid 008 Sea of Tranquility, BNIB 
    • SOLD Highlighting Liquid 010 Sea of Clouds, BNIB

    SOLD Long-Lasting Eye Shadow 017 Delicate Hummingbird

    SOLD Long-Lasting Eye Shadow 020 Capricous Nightingale

    SOLD Long-Lasting Eye Shadow 043 Chestnut Napped Apalis, 1x

    SOLD Long-Lasting Eye Shadow 015 Abyssinian Catbird

    Long-Lasting Eye Shadow 070 Bashful Flamingo, 5x ($18)

    SOLD Long-Lasting Eye Shadow 009 Gracious Arasari, 80% remains ($15)

    SOLD Long-Lasting Eye Shadow 045 Blackpepper Jay, 2x

    SOLD Long-Lasting Eye Shadow 044 Grey Go-Away Lourie, 5x

    Long-Lasting Eye Shadow 010 Alabaster Starling, 2x ($22)

    Long-Lasting Eye Shadow 071 Sweet Dust Seriema, 2x ($22)

    SOLD Long-Lasting Eye Shadow 027 Solstice Halcyon, 10x, depotted

    ALL SOLD For Love of Roses Original Skin Blush: Delicata, Gracilis, Florita

    SOLD Blush Wand 017 Vermeer

    SOLD Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick 005 Tongue Tickles

    SOLD Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick 008 Dissolved in Dreams, 1x

    SOLD Hues Of Enchantment Color Burst Lipstick 013 Word of Mouth, 5

    SOLD Hues Of Enchantment Color Burst Lipstick Got Rid of the Man, 2x

    SOLD Succulence of Dew Sheer Lipstick 007 Murmurings

    Silk Aether Long-Lasting Cream Eye Shadow, left to right:
    • 056 Atlas Swallowtail, 1x ($28) 
    • 054 Batiste Grayling, 1x ($28)


    Top to bottom:
    • Stage Performer Instant-Glow Radiance Skin Perfecting Cream (e.g., primer), 1x ($38)  
    • Stage Performer Signs-Off Instant Replenishing Line Smoother (e.g., eye primer), 1x ($33)  
    • SOLD Hard Formula Brow Pencil #2 Seal Brown, brand new 

    SOLD Hard Formula Brow Pencil #5 Stone Grey, 1x

    ALL SOLD Matte eyeshadows left to right:
    • M Beige 800, 1x
    • M Beige 804, BNIB

    Clockwise from top left:
    • M Brown 860, 1x ($17)  
    • SOLD ME Brown 850, 1x 
    • SOLD ME Brown 851, 90% remains, NB 
    • SOLD M Grey 960 (used to be M Grey 943), BNIB

    M Brown 860; SOLD ME Brown 850 (usage)

    BOTH SOLD Top to bottom:
    • #10 Natural (Kolinsky) eyeshadow brush
    • #10 Natural (Kolinsky) travel brush (no longer sold)


    SOLD Smashbox #21 Eyeliner brush, 3x


    Stila Eyeshadow Palettes, left to right, sold as is (yes, I will throw in those eyeshadows / write me if you want to know what the colors are—I think they are Chinois, Grace x2, Espresso, Ecru, Boquet, Kamet and ?):
    • Six-well palette $22 
    • Four-well palette $15 


    Top to bottom
    • SOLD Cheek brush, like new in box 
    • SOLD Eyeshadow Brush L, 1x in box


    Cream Concealer/Foundation Fair, unused ($18)

    Closeup of concealer (condensation because day was VERY humid/otherwise surface untouched)

    Note: Sold as as is/trio

    SOLD Refillable "Green Eyes" Eyeshadow Palette with unused brush. Colors left to right:
    • Cool Peony 3x  
    • Warm Lilac 1x  
    • Warm Aubergine 1x

    (Mentioned/shown in Prescriptives section above). Custom-blend Lipstick. Discontinued Prescriptives Lavish Lipstick in Cherub ($28 for 2)

    One tube tried 1x, the other unused

    Eyeshadow singles (all satin formula), left to right:
    • Cool Camel, 1x ($12)  
    • Cool Pebble, 3x ($11)

    Closeup of Cool Camel (usage)

    Closeup of Cool Pebble (usage)

    Eyeshadow singles (all satin formula), left to right:
    • Greige, 3x ($11)  
    • Stone, 3x ($11)

    Closeup of Greige (usage)

    Closeup of Stone (usage)


    SOLD Honeysuckle palette (new style), never used

    SOLD Lavender palette (new style), never used

    SOLD Black palette (old style), used once


    Vintage Eyeshadow Illegal, 1x ($15)

    ALL SOLD 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil, left to right:
    • Rockstar, 2-3x, unsharpened SIB
    • Underground, sharpened 1x, NB


    SOLD YSL Touche Eclat #1 Luminous Radiance, BNIB

    Rouge Pur Couture 5 Beige Etrusque, 1x ($22)

    Rouge Volupté 20 Spicy Pink, 2x ($21)

    THE END!