Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color: Hot Raspberry and Cherry Pink

I don't usually have much luck with Bobbi Brown cosmetics, as most colors across the line are too muted or warm, but I was immediately attracted to the new Sheer Lip Color ($25,0.13 oz./3.8g). I chose Cherry Pink, described as a plum rose, and Hot Raspberry, a blue pink.

I like the new packaging style. The round, black metal casing reminds me of Chantecaille and Edward Bess lipstick tubes.

I have read reviews that these lipsticks are not actually sheer. I agree and disagree. Cherry Pink is  quite sheer and layerable, but Hot Raspberry put down more pigment in a single swipe—perhaps because it is higher in chroma. It's quite bright. And pretty!

In texture, the formula feels like a cross between Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and Chantecaille Lip Chic, though that somewhat-heavy petroleum-feeling base present in Lip Chic is absent from Bobbi Brown Sheer Lip Color. One application lasted a couple hours, typical of the other two brands, but the Bobbi Brown formula leaves behind a bit of a stain, which I appreciate. The finish is shiny without shimmer. I like it very much.

Cherry Pink is a muted plum rose, not especially pink, though perhaps if I really built it up on my lips I would see things differently. It looks much darker in the tube. Hot Raspberry is less blue than expected; I detect a hint of yellow that swings it into cool-neutral territory.

Indirect sunlight

Natural, indoor light

I prefer to avoid skin swatches, but I wanted to show that this lipstick is, indeed, on the sheer side, especially compared to other Bobbi Brown lip products.  In the photo below, I swiped the color twice each side.

Double swipe to show chroma: Hot Raspberry, Cherry Pink

Compared to 12 Tone Cool Summer fan

As illustrated below, both lipsticks—though kissing the True Summer palette—seem more harmonious with True Winter; however, because you can wear these lipstick sheer, either by using a single swipe or by dabbing the chiseled end onto your lips, both Light and True Summers might enjoy these colors, especially Hot Raspberry for the Lights. I also wonder if Soft Summers would like the more muted Cherry Pink, which is similar in tone and chroma to NARS Damage.

Lipsticks compared to Light Summer, Cool Summer, and True Winter fans

I am working on a big post for my bright lipsticks, so I couldn't readily put my hands on comparison lipsticks for Hot Raspberry.  Because I'd already done my Plums comparison, it was easy to pull out the lipsticks I thought were most similar to Cherry Pink. (I will also update that post to include Bobbi Brown Cherry Pink.)

In the plum comparison swatches below, if you have Dior Addict Lipstick in Fashion Week, you probably don't also need Cherry Pink, unless you are interested in the packaging and lightweight feel. Both Chanel Bonheur and MAC Plumful seemed less bright compared to Cherry Pink.

Cherry Pink compared to Chanel Bonheur, Dior Fashion Week, and MAC Plumful

Bottom line: A worthy addition to the Bobbi Brown lipstick limeup.

All photos taken by me


  1. You're dangerous! After reading your recent post on plum comparisons, I purchased Nars Damage and am loving it. Now you've got me curious about Cherry Pink... :)

    1. Aw, it's not my fault Bobbi finally gave us something really nice! :) If you're happy with Damage, there should be no reason to be tempted ... unless lipstick is your catnip, as it is with me.

  2. Hi Zuzu, I hadn't seen the new packaging yet, so it was nice to see it for the first time! Both hot raspberry and cherry pink look like pretty, but wearable colors (which I suppose is what Bobbi Brown does best!)

    1. Hi Dovey! These two might even be a little wild for her! Those of us who have wanted her to to brighter and cooler are rejoicing.

  3. OMG the True Winter fan. *drools on keyboard* That 3.x strip is gorgeous.

    I like the look of Hot Raspberry.

    1. I bet Hot Raspberry would look great on you.

      The TW fan was a total surprise. I was expecting a harsh set of jewel tones, and while most of the colors are far more saturated than I can wear, it is, indeed, drool worthy!

      I tried to comment on your eyeshadow post, because your BW grey strips made me slobbed, too. But iPad is funky with comments and I couldn't enter any text. So off I go to do so now!

  4. Just found your blog, and I agree with the comment above, you are dangerous! I am loving Hot Raspberry!

    1. Do check them out, Romila Marie. I have been testing these for over a week now and I like them better each day. My lips feel full and moisturized, not dry/cracked at the corners they way they can after a week of wearing MAC's Luster formula. I even wore Cherry Pink to bed last night and my lips felt fantastic this morning.

  5. Yes we would like the Cherry Pink! We miss our Nars Damage!

  6. It hurts to see the paper swatch! And great to see wht someone with preferences for cool colors go for as I am mostly warm.

  7. Hi ! I miss your posts.....I just love all your good makeup info. I was wondering if all of the Clinique Chubby Sticks are suitable for a True Summer? Thanks!

    1. Hi Nicole, thanks! I have so many blog ideas bashing around my brain, but work and home life have been so busy! I promise I will resume soon.

      Are you asking about the Chubby Sticks for lips or eyes? I am going to assume lips, since this is a lipstick post.

      From Clinique's original formula, I love Pudgy Peony, which packs the most color punch of all the shades I tried in this formula. Because the pigment is layerable (more intense with more lip swiping), PP might also be a good choice for Light Summers, but probably not ideal for True Summers that lean Soft. I am a true True Summer, with no leanings (unless you consider Winter!) and although PP is a fantastic color for me, I still have to be careful not to apply to much. But I like brighter lipsticks on me, and PP gave me the most bang for the buck.

      I also like Voluptuous Violet, not quite as pigmented as Pudgy Peony, but a totally different color, so it was worth having. Woppin' Watermelon was a bit light for me—as in, why bother paying $16 for something that doesn't add color to my lips, which are pigmented, so YMMV. I do think WW is cool enough. All other possible TSu contenders, at least on the surface (e.g., Chunky Cherry, Curvy Candy, and Super Strawberry) were too warm and/or light on me, but they might be worth testing, as my tone is absolutely coolest of the cool; also, I am a higher-contrasting Summer than others, because of my dark ashy brows, pigmented lips, and very fair skin (NW15 MAC / Ivory Jane Iredale / Cool 1 Alima).

      I found much less joy with Clinique's *intense* Chubbies for lips, but I tried only Broadest Berry (too brown) and Roomiest Rose (warm). I received Plushest Puch as a gift from another blogger, and really liked it, but if I were to be brutally honest with myself, it's too intense and slightly too warm (cool-leaning coral), so it might best suit a Bright Spring or Bright Winter. In all, I think this formula has too high a chroma for Summers, unless dabbed on.

      I know these get a lot of love, but Clinique's Chubby Sticks is a line I'm taking a pass on. I infinitely prefer the Revlon® Just Bitten Kissable™ Balm Stains. I tried Sweetheart, Smitten, Honey, Cherish, Crush, Lovesick, and Darling. None is really suitable for TSu (and I gave Honey to my Autumn mother), but I could not stop myself from keeping Smitten, Crush, and Lovesick. These are an incredible value because I can dab the color on my lips in the morning, as sheerly as possible, and then freshen up my lips with clear or barely-tinted lip balm throughout the day. The Revlon sticks really DO stain, so unless you have very high contrast, don't layer these! Lovesick and Smitten are my favorites; I have to be super careful applying Crush.

      Another tinted-balm product I adore is Burt's Bees. Not the Lip Shimmers, which have some pretty colors, but irritate my lips with the mint or whatever they put in there. The shimmers also make my mouth feel cracked over time. I'm talking about the newer lip balms that come in a round cardboard tube (making you think you're getting something larger than a typical Chapstick-sized tube). They recently came out with some new colors, and I adore Sweet Violet, which leaves behind a touch of color. That "touch" is more worth $6.99 retail than the $16 Clinique asks for.

  8. Raspberry is a nice shade :)
    ~Pauline @Kallony


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